Raise your hand if vacuum lines make you happy

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You know you’re an adult when . . . crisp, smooth lines left from a vacuum cleaner on new carpet make your heart flutter.

We replaced the carpet on our second floor about a month ago and it has completely changed the whole feel of the spaces up there. We chose a soft, dense carpet with the thickest pad possible, and went up about 2 shades from the color that the original carpet was.

I love the lighter tone of the carpet, but I will admit it shows cat hair, fuzz, and other little pieces of debris much more clearly than the original carpet. So I find myself wanting to vacuum a bit more than usual, not only to keep the cat hair picked up, but to keep the carpet looking clean and fresh.

I’ve been a Dyson owner for years, and bought a cordless Dyson, the Dyson SV07 V6 HEPA Cordless Vacuum, last year to keep on the first floor. It may be one of the best purchases I’ve made for our home, and I’m not exaggerating.

So you can imagine my excitement to find this Dyson UP14 Cinetic Big Ball Multi Floor Pro Upright Vacuum on eBay for a seriously good deal. I compared it to other retailers and ended up saving over $200 by buying it on eBay versus another retailer! Plus, did you know that 81% of all merchandise sold on eBay is new? No bidding necessary!


With two cats and a husband who has developed an allergy to one of them, I try to keep the cat hair under control as best I can. Both cats sleep on our bed, one during the day and the other during the night, so the comforter is usually covered in cat hair. So I was pleased to see a nice wide attachment on the Dyson UP14 Cinetic Big Ball Multi Floor Pro Upright Vacuum for vacuuming the bed. The suction is so powerful it was lifting the comforter up from the sheets! I’m hoping this will help Justin sleep a bit more comfortably instead of waking up with allergy side effects.

I found similar items to my bedroom furniture on eBay, find them linked below!

Check out the huge variety of Dyson vacuums on eBay, and click this link for a 20% off Dyson Coupon on $25+ using code PSTARTEARLY!

This post was sponsored by eBay, all opinions are my own.


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 03.03.18

I had no idea Dyson made vacuums now! If my current one weren’t so good (it’s more than ten years old and basically alleviated my severe asthma symptoms after we started using it when I was a kid), I’d totally try it out. 🙂

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Allison says · 03.03.18

I adore my cordless Dyson—total game-changer! Could you share the paint color in your bedroom? It’s perfection!

Michele says · 03.03.18

We upgraded to a dyson last year and I wish I could say it was a game changer (like all of the bridal and housewarming checklists say it is), but at the end of the day I found it to just be a nice vacuum. We just got ourselves a roomba to keep up with the daily dog hair and are happier with that. Plus, I found that the attachments I had to buy for the dyson are super pricey. However I do agree, I bought the dyson on eBay and saved a bunch of money. I do debate if the dyson name has become more of a status symbol than quality, despite the pivoting ball being pretty nifty.

Yay for new flooring!!!

Felicity says · 03.03.18

I love this! With two cats, I’ve debated getting a Dyson Animal for a while now. It definitely seems like a great investment.

Felicity | http://oliverandmoose.com

Jaime says · 03.03.18

Forget the vacuum … where did you get your DRESSER?!

Katie says · 03.04.18

Yaaass, my thoughts exactly!

Julia says · 03.06.18

I have the same dresser! It is from the Paula Deen Down Home Collection by Universal Furniture. It’s called “Bubba’s Chest.” I got mine from a local furniture store. I don’t see it as part of the collection anymore on the Universal Furniture website, though, so I don’t know if they still make it.

Jaime says · 03.06.18

Thanks, Julia! I’ll look to see if I can hunt one down.

Sarah says · 03.03.18

I love that bed!

Rebecca says · 03.04.18

PLEASE share where you got that tall dresser with the small drawers in the middle?? I adore it.

Joanna says · 03.05.18

I was going to ask the same question. That dresser is amazing!

Ashley says · 03.05.18

Love Dyson!

P.S. What paint color is on your wall? Thanks!

Diane says · 03.05.18

This is awesome! I had no idea Dyson had an outlet unit I saw your post and one other blogger’s post this week. I have been craving a cordless in our new bigger house and I just pulled the trigger! 🙂

Jennifer Kamaleson says · 03.05.18

I need the dresser! Where can we find it!?

Michelle says · 03.06.18

Love both of my Dysons, but the cordless is hands down a game changer for me. I whip it out multiple times a day and can’t imagine being without it now. We gifted one to my mother in law for Christmas and she legit cried!!!! Over a vacuum!

Lee Ann says · 03.06.18

The 20% off must have only been for the day you posted this. It is over. 🙁

Arlene says · 03.06.18

I love my central vac! My Dyson pales in comparison. The only thing with the central vac you have to lug out the hose, but boy does it clean well. I had to resort to shaving the cat to deal with allergies. 😕

Tanya says · 03.06.18

I’ve had one cat in the past, but I’m thinking about getting two this time around so that they can be companions for each other when we’re not home. Any tips on having two? Do yours use the same litter box?

Elizabeth says · 03.06.18

Hi Kate!

I was wondering if you’ve reviewed any vacuums similiar to the roomba? We have a dog but our bedroom is so tiny that taking apart the bed to vacuum is getting old. We are considering a roomba to reach under the bed. What have you heard or experienced with vacuums like that?

Thanks for your help!

Kate says · 03.07.18

I’ve tried a similar brand but it didn’t work with my shag rugs so I returned it!

MARSHA says · 04.23.18

I absolutely love you bedding! Could you share where your purchased your bedspread?

Kate says · 04.23.18


Alisha says · 06.11.18

May I ask your bedroom paint colour:)

Amanda says · 06.14.18

I just came back to read this post again because we are in need of a new vacuum and are going to try a Dyson. Do you think a cordless Dyson could serve as the main vacuum or would an upright still be necessary? We have mostly carpet now and will still have carpeted bedrooms when we move soon. We also have a cat and dog inside. Thanks!

Kate says · 06.14.18

The cordless may be a little frustrating as the main vacuum because it only has 20 minutes of full power. I’d say you’d still want a regular upright!

Lindsay Kovach says · 10.28.18

Do you happen to remember where you purchased that exact bed. I know you posted a similar bed, but I am curious about the bed in your room I have found similar ones on Macy’s site and on Wayfair. Its beautiful. Also, is it well made?

Henry N says · 11.19.18

A pregnant mom doing chores with such a big stuff…you are really tough! Awesome girl! But I do think a lighter design could be more helpful.