Love Story / Part 3


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Circa 2007, in our dating years

I sent an AIM message to the girl who was interested in him saying I needed to talk to her. These details are a big foggy but we spoke about what her interested level was and I mentioned that he expressed interest in me earlier that evening. She immediately assured me that her crush wasn’t very serious and said it was okay for me and him to start down the path of dating.

I can’t remember when I told Justin, I imagine it was that next day when I saw him on campus, but what I do remember from that conversation was me telling him I wanted to move slow.

I had just gotten out of a long term relationship and didn’t want to jump into another one too quickly. It basically killed me inside to say this, because I was so smitten with him, but I felt it was the right thing to do.

As only young people would do, we decided we would come up with a “term” to denote when I was ready to call him my boyfriend. We decided that when I was ready, I would tell him by telling him that I wanted to get pizza. (recalling this memory is so hilarious because it would make so much more sense to just shoot the man straight but for some reason we decided this was the way to do it!)

We were spending time together, almost daily like we had been beforehand, and on a random Friday night I was genuinely craving pizza. I didn’t mean “let’s be boyfriend/girlfriend pizza”, I just wanted regular pizza. I said something to him about getting pizza and his eyes lit up. I remember thinking, “Well, I mean, this was inevitable, let’s just go for it” since we were practically acting like a dating couple already with all the time we were spending together.

We got pizza and agreed that we were dating.

We dated for about 24 hours before I dumped him. We met at the park and I told him this was too fast, I needed more time. He was great with it and emphasized that I could take as much time as I needed and he would wait. I appreciated his kindness and understanding in this time.

I think I waited about a week before I was ready again, and then it was officially official. We were a couple. I believe the same day we decided to become a couple I was at his apartment that he shared with a few guy friends doing laundry and I found myself humming Mendelssohn’s wedding march. He noticed and I laughed, a little bit embarrassed. I guess it was just a subconscious feeling about the future or something.

Dating him was a joy. We stayed out so late talking in his Nissan Xterra. And when I mean late, I’m talking until 5:00 in the morning or so. We just couldn’t get enough of each other. He was deeply romantic and sweet, I fell pretty hard pretty fast.

We saw each other weekly in philosophy class, passing notes the entire time. Neither of us paid attention in class and studying at the library was pretty ineffective. We just talked the entire time. Justin is a good student and he’s smart but also applies himself and works very hard to achieve good grades. I was a pretty big distraction to him in that class which led him to getting his worst grade in college. I’m pretty sure I ended up with a “B” and he got a “C”. We laugh about this now saying we are happier with the result of that class being our relationship versus good grades.

About a month or so after we had started dating, we were sitting in his Xterra and he said he had something to tell me. He was holding my face in his hands and looked right into my eyes. I asked, “What is it?”

He gave me a half smile and said to me, “How do you not know?

Part 4 coming soon! 




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  1. Elizabeth says
    Posted February 14, 2018

    You’re killing me, Kate! 😜❤️

  2. Erika says
    Posted February 14, 2018

    Kaaaaate! I’m loving these updates!

  3. Posted February 14, 2018

    Why you do this?

    No more cliffhangers!! lol . You are figuratively killing me.

  4. Sarah says
    Posted February 14, 2018

    KATE you’re killing me! Lol I am so into this post and it ends 😫! Please don’t make Part 4 soon!! Lol

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  5. Posted February 14, 2018

    Can’t believe I never read part 1 and 2 of your love story! Need to go back and read them right now, so sweet! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  6. Chloe Meisner says
    Posted February 14, 2018

    Awww he’s going to say he loves you! Love hearing your love story!

  7. Allicia Shingledecker says
    Posted February 14, 2018

    This is absolutely adorable 🙂

  8. Julia says
    Posted February 14, 2018

    I can’t get over how much I LOVE your short hair! And the story of course, but the hair is great!

    • Kate says
      Posted February 14, 2018

      haha, I had my hair that length for SO many years!

  9. Sherry says
    Posted February 14, 2018

    Love this…..but the cliffhanger……uugghh.
    Way to make us wanting more, just like the show “This is Us”, do you watch?
    Also, love the hair, this is the hair you had when I started following your blog so many years ago….but no matter what your hair length is, it’s always fabulous.

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your fellas and that little one in the tummy.
    Hope we don’t have to wait till next Valentine’s Day for the next installment.

  10. Katlyn Huff says
    Posted February 14, 2018

    Y’all are too sweet! Love these snippets into yalls love story!!

  11. Elizabeth says
    Posted February 14, 2018

    Kate! You’re killing me with the cliff hangers! ❤️

  12. Melody says
    Posted February 14, 2018

    GIRL YOU ARE KILLING ME! I need the whole story!

  13. Mary Anna says
    Posted February 14, 2018

    The suspense is killing me!! I can’t believe I haven’t read parts 1 and 2 before now, but I need 4 to come soon!!

  14. Rebecca says
    Posted February 14, 2018

    LOVE this and yall! Oh my goodness, I can’t believe how similar our stories are!! My husband and I have been married 8 yrs, as of next month, and met at college in Greenville SC back in 2006, started dating in 2007 and graduated college in 2009. We went to a small, Christian university there in Greenville, you can probably guess which one it was, lol!! The downtown area of Greenville was so fun, I still miss that area! We could have bumped into yall some night down there or at Spill the Beans and not known it then, wow!! 🙂

    • Rebecca says
      Posted February 14, 2018

      Just realized that you must have meant Greenville, NC, didn’t even realize there was a Greenville there too, lol!! North Carolina is a beautiful state too! One of our favorite places to go to while dating was the Biltmore Estate. 🙂

      • Kate says
        Posted February 14, 2018

        Yes, Greenville NC!

  15. Allie says
    Posted February 14, 2018

    Happy Valentine’s Day! The love pours out of your story, it’s so wonderful to read! xAllie

  16. Jodi says
    Posted February 14, 2018

    I hope It comes REAL soon!!!!

  17. Katie Jones says
    Posted February 14, 2018


  18. January says
    Posted February 14, 2018

    You look a little like Kelly Ripa here, with the short blond hair!

  19. Posted February 14, 2018

    Couple goals. Ya’ll are just too cute!

    Please please hurry and write Part 4!!!

  20. Kim says
    Posted February 14, 2018

    That cliffhanger! Haha this is so sweet. I love it!

    Kim .. How to be invited to NYFW & a Non-Cliche Valentine’s outfit!

  21. Posted February 14, 2018

    I cannot get enough of your story! It’s so sweet! Thank you so much for sharing it with us 🙂

    Chelsey Nelson

  22. Katie says
    Posted February 14, 2018

    This is so great!!! I reread part one and two! So fun! Can’t wait for part 4.

  23. Deanna says
    Posted February 14, 2018

    Such a sweet love story! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  24. Anne says
    Posted February 14, 2018

    OMG, stop, this is adorable!! You guys are the best, I have been following you for years and must have totally missed these posts. Just read all three. LOVE THEM. Thanks for always sharing your story. 🙂

    • Kate says
      Posted February 14, 2018

      thank you!! 🙂

  25. Anja says
    Posted February 14, 2018

    Absolutely and unconditionally falling in love with your love story 😍

    I’m sure it’ll never end. You are a real role model to all of us on how “perfect” is 💑

    • Kate says
      Posted February 14, 2018

      Very very far from perfect but very happily married to my man!

  26. Whitney says
    Posted February 14, 2018

    Love this! Don’t make us wait too long!!!! 🙂

  27. BGreen says
    Posted February 14, 2018

    Oh man not fair I was hooked line and sinker. Lollllll

  28. Dani says
    Posted February 14, 2018

    Noooooo! We have to wait another year for the next part 😩

  29. Audra says
    Posted February 14, 2018

    Ughhhhh it’s like waiting for the next book in a series 😂😂😅

  30. Heather says
    Posted February 14, 2018

    Oh my gosh you CANNOT make us wait for the next part! So cute!

  31. Diane says
    Posted February 14, 2018

    So awesome to post the story on Valentine’s Day! Long live love!

  32. izzy says
    Posted February 14, 2018

    it took so long to get to part 3! I hope part 4 comes soon! 🙂

  33. Kyra says
    Posted February 16, 2018

    the sweetest cliffhanger in history! Love your love for each other!

  34. Posted February 18, 2018

    How cah-ute! I’m loving these installments! How funny things are when we’re young in love. Can’t wait for more! Btw, I think I know what he’s gonna say, but what a sweet way to say it. ♥️

  35. Paige says
    Posted February 18, 2018

    Just caught up on parts 1 and 2 before reading this one, such a fun series of posts! 💗

  36. Mae says
    Posted February 18, 2018

    Um. Part 4 better be coming soon! This is torture! Who cares if it is a long post! I’ll read it!

  37. Ruth says
    Posted February 19, 2018

    This is so good! Can’t wait for part 4!!

  38. Mary Kay says
    Posted February 19, 2018

    At the risk of sounding like a stalker, I recall two schools in Justin’s story – one in Durham and one in Raleigh (having family there and a history there makes those easy to remember). So this was a third educational adventure? Lots of studying in his life story!!

  39. Leah says
    Posted February 21, 2018

    CanNOT wait for Part 4!!!

  40. Sara says
    Posted February 23, 2018

    Uggh….the suspense!!

  41. . says
    Posted February 23, 2018

    I like this story (as I like all love stories, who doesn’t?) but I’m really, honestly annoyed with it because it’s taking SO LONG for all the parts to be posted. I’m happy that it’s broken down into parts so it’s an easier read, but goodness it’s been going on for far too long. Hoping part 4 actually does come soon and that its the final part.

  42. K says
    Posted April 11, 2018

    Where’s part 4? 🙁

  43. Posted April 20, 2018

    Awesome love story. Spend a lovely moment together.

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  44. Samantha says
    Posted May 3, 2018

    Was Part 4 posted yet? I can’t seem to find it on your blog! Thanks!

  45. Posted May 15, 2018

    Nice blog. I like your love story blog. Good grades for your relationship. After reading this blog feel like sweet & romantic.

  46. JANET BORDERS says
    Posted July 5, 2018

    I can’t wait for Part 4 – I hope I haven’t missed it. You and Justin are adorable and it seems like a God thing that you met. The suspense is killing me!

  47. Jenn says
    Posted January 9, 2019

    Love love love your story so far!! I’ve been following your blog for years and years but just came across this today from your Instagram stories!! I am so happy for you and Justin and your family together ❤️

  48. Shauna says
    Posted January 9, 2019

    Where is part 4? 😍

  49. Callie says
    Posted January 14, 2019

    OK – maybe last week on your story you linked to Part 1 – I finally found time to ‘catch up’ on your Love Story, parts 1, 2, and 3 only to find out that Part 4 was ‘coming soon’?!?! I mean, I know you were probably busy having a baby, being a business owner, a mom, and a wife, between then and now, but you’re killing me! Over here “patiently” waiting for Part 4!

  50. Kaitlyn says
    Posted February 28, 2019

    You’re killing me! Where is part 4?!

  51. Leslie says
    Posted November 18, 2019

    I don’t know how I missed all of this (I think I’ve been following you since 2012), I’ll blame having babies, but man, this is the sweetest!! You’ve been torturing people with a Part 4 for almost 2 years?! What a beautiful story.

    I know your first date was at the library, but I first met my husband at the UConn library. When you know, you know.

  52. Mae says
    Posted February 11, 2021

    I love how pizza is a common thread in your life. 😂 🍕 #getpizza #Mainesausage #ChicagoPizza.

  53. M. A. says
    Posted February 12, 2021

    Aww!!! Love your love story and can’t wait to ready the rest. You both build up a beautiful family. Much love and success to you 💗