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Now that I’m nearing my third trimester, I should spill the beans on what basics I’ve been living in! It’s funny, each one of my pregnancies has gone by faster and faster and I don’t think about it nearly as much as I thought I would. Nonetheless, I’ve found some great basics that have gotten me through most of my second trimester and will carry on through the third trimester as well!

The best leggings, by FAR, are Ingrid & Isabel active leggings. The thickness is perfect, the ankles have little zippers on the outside, and I swear you could dress them up for a business setting with the right top and shoes. I wear these so much that I actually got another pair of black ones to add into the mix! So between two black pairs and one grey pair, if you were to stop by my house at anytime you’re probably going to find me wearing these. I tried Blanqi leggings, and a Spanx version as well and both were so thin that I felt like I was wearing only nylons. I wore one pair to the gym one day but felt pretty uncomfortable because they were so thin!

As far as basic tees go, I bought a few colors of this simple crew neck long sleeve top from Gap. It runs small, but I love wearing it under sweaters or vests. I also found some great simple v-neck and scoop neck tees at Target from their Ingrid & Isabel line that have washed well and been very comfortable to wear.

Most recently, I found a lot of spring options at Old Navy, including this perfect tunic length maternity tee with a boat neck. It fits like a dream and I’m sure this will be in the weekly rotation as soon as the temperatures warm up!

Overall, I’ve found the most success shopping at for maternity wear at ASOS, Ingrid & Isabel, Old Navy, and Gap. I found a few things on Pink Blush Maternity but the quality is pretty questionable for the price.

Where is your favorite place to buy maternity clothes? 

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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 01.30.18

I’m not a mother myself but these are very cute picks – they look super comfy too! Would look great on any woman! ❤️

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Valerie says · 01.30.18

Thanks for the recommemdations! Do you feel the Ingrid & Isabel leggings are true to size? I am usually a medium prep pregnancy, but feel my bottom is running a bit bigger this pregnancy 🙂 Thanks!

Shanea Kerns says · 01.30.18

Thanks for sharing Kate! I’ve noticed that good maternity clothes are hard to find, especially at a reasonable price (considering you’re not wearing them for too long). I’m currently pregnant with my first, going on 25 weeks! My sister and I both LOVE the online boutique Wren and Ivory. Their clothes are great quality and they are maternity friendly, so you can wear them pre- and post-natal. The material is super comfy and their dresses are adorable.

Meagan says · 01.30.18

Seconded! I love Wren and Ivory! Softest dress I’ve ever owned and the quality is great for the price.

Amy says · 01.30.18

These are great suggestions! How do you think the Target Ingrid and Isabel tees fit? Are they true to size? Should you size up?

Kate says · 01.30.18

I would say true to size!

Amy says · 01.30.18

Great, thanks! Do you mind me asking what size you got? 🙂

Rena says · 01.30.18

TheThese basics are really great!
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

Darcy says · 01.30.18

Old Navy & Target do a great job with affordable, wearable & comfortable maternity wear! I was thankful to have their options when I was pregnant too. 🙂

Jen says · 01.30.18

Unrelated but I am curious if you are still using the Bare Minerals foundation. If so, could you do a tutorial on how you use it? It looked so light and natural when you posted about it in your Sweat Friendly post. I loved that you could see your freckles through it. I am considering purchasing it and the brush that you mentioned in that post, I’m just not sure if I’d apply it correctly. If you’re not using it anymore, any suggestions for a lighter coverage option that feels like nothing?

Kylie says · 01.30.18

Love these ideas. When I was pregnant (now 2 years ago) all of the clothes available were so frumpy.

Beth says · 01.30.18

Kate- looking for a great Mascara that is affordable and can hold up to my two little ones under four. I work part-time so something i can wear for work and play. I loved your suggestions on Neutrogena Hydroboost and have used it every day. I love all your make-up tips.

Chelsea says · 06.26.19

Hi I am wondering if you found the ASOS maternity clothes true to size?

Kate says · 06.26.19

I did, yes!