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Christmas Cut-Out Cookies

We celebrated my sons 4th birthday this week! HOW IS HE FOUR?! We had a few friends over to play, ate pizza, and had ice cream cake. I think David had an absolute blast, which was all I wanted for him. Sweet Luke was a little jealous of all the attention and the new gifts that David got, but I’m glad his turn is right around the corner! I know that can be confusing for kids.

Did you catch my cookie recipe this week?

This looks like such a cozy jacket!

Cute winter booties!

I picked up this palette earlier in the weekend have really loved it! The colors are great neutrals and apply like a dream.

This was one of my favorite brightening masks from last year or so, and I suggest you use it on the morning of the day you are looking for that bright glow! Using it at night is totally fine, but you’ll really be able to see the mask do it’s magic if you use it in the morning.

Aerie undies blew Target and Gap Body out of the water. If you haven’t tried them yet, you should. I found that I had to size up since that store is marketed toward, and likely sized for, teenage girls.

I loved watching this video on makeup essentials!

We have a very light weekend planned which I’m very much happy about. December is nuts, for everyone it seems, and we leave next week to head to Wisconsin for a bit of time for Christmas. We are making christmas cookies with friends tonight, and have a festive train ride tomorrow evening with some family, but otherwise it’s a quiet weekend!



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Kellie says · 12.15.17

Saw you like the Aerie undies!! Me too!! Been working there 6 years and I can say I can’t go back to wearing anything else!
The new Aerie in Crabtree just opened (same location just renovated, lower level near loft) and it’s gorgeous!! Absolutely a dream!! Definitely check it out, you won’t be disappointed!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 12.15.17

Enjoy your light weekend, everything sounds so festive~ 🙂

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Kelsey says · 12.15.17

That palette is my FAVORITE! I’ve been using it for years!

Allie says · 12.15.17

Happy holidays! I can’t wait to watch that video tonight! That mask looks great too; if you’re looking for a clarifying one ever the Glossier Galaxy Green pack is great! xAllie

Katie says · 12.15.17

Aerie Undies are my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!! They also have really great deals, like 10 for $35 or 7 for $25, they are the best. I also have to size up because I am not a teenager either but they have such cute patterns and they hold up nice, until the new patterns come out and I have to restock! =)

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to David! Your boys are so cute!

April says · 12.15.17

I tried Aerie undies not long ago and was amazed by them! A new favorite.

Diane says · 12.15.17

What is this adorable camera he is holding??

Erinn says · 12.15.17

I love AERIE underwear! I got the 10 pairs for $35 deal 🙂

Katie says · 12.15.17

I’ve tried to get that face mask from Clinique since you first mentioned it, but shortly after that they discontinued it! 😞 thanks for sharing all you do!

Shari McKenzie says · 12.15.17

Hi Kate,
I also have two boys close in age. They are now 15 & 17 but when they were little, we would do a small gift for the non-birthday boy and call it a “big brother present” or a “little brother present” so the non-birthday boy didn’t feel left out. They both loved this and it really helped them to enjoy each other’s birthdays. Happy Birthday David!

Kristina says · 12.16.17

Congratulations on your pregnancy! I a actually just due to give birth in a couple of weeks, so the wait is almost over=) Now, I am not sure this is an “allowed” question, but I was wondering – do you get the flu shots for your kids and yourself while pregnant? Its just where I come from – Northern Europe – doctors and moms are both very sceptic about getting one while pregnant, but I got one for my older kid and hubby. But it also means that I am trying to avoid all sorts of public events, shops, celebrations not to catch it…so a bit sad. So, just wondering about your position. (and its OK if you don’t feel like discussing it here, just wanted to get it out there)

jacqui says · 12.16.17

These look super cute as does your son. I often think how can my children be the ages they are 29,27,24,23 & 20!! Seems only yesterday I was doing the school runs, and having sleepless nights – lol. tI goes way too quickly, but now I’ve got two grandchildren to spoil and love. x

Angela says · 12.17.17

Love Andreea! Thanks for telling us about her!

Jen says · 12.18.17

My two boys are also close in age (with birthdays close together as well) and it seems like yesterday that they were your boys ages. They are now teenagers!?! Take the time to enjoy each moment as they grow up so quick! Happy Birthday David!!