An Easy Knotted Half Up

The easiest gift that everyone will love

A half up is always my go-to for pretty styles that aren’t overly dressy, and I love how pretty this knot looks in the hair. Check out the video below to see how to recreate this style!

These are my favorite bobby pins! They hold so well and don’t snag the hair. I styled my day 2 hair using a 1.5 barrel from the T3 Convertible Collection.

Post any photos of this style that you recreate over on Instagram and use #smallthingshair so I can come check it out! And follow me on Instagram to find 60 second hair tutorials as well!

p.s. For more recent hair tutorials, check out here and here!


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 12.12.17

One of my favourite hairstyles to do is a half-up style. This is a nice, refreshing twist! 🙂

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Michele says · 12.12.17

So easy! I’ve been rocking that last knitted style you featured a couple of weeks ago and it seriously saved me from a few otherwise lousy hair days!

Can you offer some advice for those of us with bangs? I have side swept bangs that come to about the top of my nose, and I’m always at a loss as to what to do with them when I want to pull my hair away from my face in any way, as they look like I have two different styles going on. Often, they wind up looking like Justin Bieber circa 2011. That’s not an exaggeration, o matter how desperately I’d like it to be.

Random question: is Kate short for a longer name, or is your name Kate? My husband and I were talking about how people never use the longer form of his name (Matthew), even though he prefers that and not Matt. Made me start thinking of all of the people I know (or in the case of you, “know”) with names which may or may not be short for so,etching else. Just being randomly nosy!

Totally trying this new style this week!

Michele says · 12.12.17

Oh geez, soooo many typos! Sorry!

Allie says · 12.12.17

This looks so beautiful! I love your hair tutorials, thank you so much for sharing! xAllie

Ashley says · 12.12.17

Kate, you look so much like Erin Krakow in that one picture below the video! I love this look. I’m going to try it out! Also, I have very silky smooth, straight, fine, hair. You convinced me to try some texture spray, and I am loving the difference that it is making in my styling. Thanks for all the tips!

SBakes says · 12.12.17

Always so pretty! Would you mind sharing where you got your earrings? We have similar taste in jewelry and I already have some of your other favorite earrings from Madewell and JCrew. Thanks!

Erinn says · 12.12.17

So this is so gorgeous! Not sure if I can pull it off though..I’m hopeless when it comes to hairstyles!

Susan Schnitzler says · 12.12.17

Super cute and looks easy. I’ll give this one a try!

Kim says · 12.12.17

I absolutely LOVE this hairstyle! It looks so elegant!

Kim .. NEW ARRIVALS AND 20% off!

Laura says · 12.12.17

Definitely going to try this- looks simple enough for me! Also, your office is looking great and I love the tree in the background! Merry Christmas!

Hannah says · 12.12.17

Beautiful! Can’t wait to try this on out 🙂

Sara Baysinger says · 12.12.17

Very pretty! What lipstick are you wearing here?

Angela says · 12.12.17

So cute! Love that I can actually do this style – I’ll be trying it over the holidays!

Blush & Pearls by Angela

Vivian says · 12.12.17

That is such a beautiful and festive look! I love it! And I just love the lipstick/gloss you are wearing. It looks stunning on you!

Kelly says · 12.12.17

I would love to know how you did your make up for this tutorial video! It’s a gorgeous look I would love to try and recreate with this half up knotted style! Thank you!

Meghan says · 12.14.17

Kate, I was wondering, have you tried any of the Kristin Ess hair products from target? Her new kit comes with a French Pin and I would love to see how you use this precious pin! Thanks so much!

Monica says · 12.14.17

Hi Kate,
Love this whole look! What lip color are you wearing? Its the perfect pink and I’m obsessed with the search for the perfect pink lip color.

Natali says · 12.18.17

Such a beautiful and princessy hairdo!

Kate says · 12.19.17

That is so pretty! I’m going to try it…even though I’m not sure I’ll get a knot out of my short hair!

K A T E L A T E L Y || fashion & lifestyle blog

Lisa says · 04.02.18

Please tell me color and technique you use on your hair, it is beautiful. High low lights? Or highlights only on top layer of hair? Redkin semi permanent etc? Thanks. Lisa in VA

Douglas says · 05.23.18

Such a pretty half-up do! Would look great as a bohemian wedding look!