Winter Morning Skincare

A deep dive into everything you need to know about foundation

The dry season is upon us and as much as my skin is having a FIT about it, my hair is loving the lack of humidity. You win some, you lose some, you know?

I filmed a quick tutorial showing the steps I walk through with my skincare in the morning using some recent and long time favorites! Watch the video below!

Products mentioned in video + seen here:

Ole Henricksen Pore Balancing Facial Sauna Scrub

Ole Henricksen Transforming Walnut Scrub

Fresh Crème Ancienne Supreme Eye Serum

Ole Henricksen Truth Serum

Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve with Super 7 Complex

Bare Minerals Prime Time

First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple Remedy Overnight Balm

Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream

As a part of my job here with the blog I get to try out a LOT of different products. I haven’t stuck to a single product for skincare in YEARS (except the Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve with Super 7 Complex — that is too good!) so these are some of my more recent favorites!

p.s. In case you need inspiration for what to put on top of these awesome skincare products, check out my post all about foundation here!



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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 11.29.17

Thank you for sharing your skincare routine. I’ve wanted to try some of these products for quite a while now!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Sherry says · 11.29.17

Good Morning Kate
Thanks for the video, taking care of our skin is very important and I think more people should be aware of that.
I have been following your blog for years, as many of your followers have I know. We feel like we know you of course and call you “our friend Kate” to people in our lives. Anyway, I have a funny dream to share…..from last night.
There was a retirement luncheon going on in my office but I wasn’t really hosting or attending the luncheon so I ended up sort of babysitting a few children of people that were attending. For whatever reason your youngest was there and he came and sat of my lap and was being very sweet and cute and was talking to me (I knew who he was right away). I remember thinking, I hope I get to meet Kate because obviously she is here somewhere if Luke is here. I guess David didn’t get to attend because I didn’t see him. I work in Raleigh so I guess you came by to attend the luncheon and brought Luke with you for me to babysit for a few minutes. Ha ha…..dreams are weird but I was happy to meet Luke and was looking forward to meeting you….but I woke up before that happened. (ha ha).
Hope you all have a wonderful day and hope the pregnancy is going well.

Allie says · 11.29.17

My skin gets so dry and flaky in the winter! I really love glossier priming moisturizer for it, and juice beauty moisturizer at night plus a hyluronic acid serum if you are looking for other new products. Thanks for sharing! xAllie

Jessica says · 11.29.17

Thanks for sharing! I decided to try the truth serum and love it!!! I was just wondering what you would use to wash your face on a day that you don’t exfoliate?

Hannah says · 11.29.17

This was so helpful! I too have very dry skin and have had a hard time finding a routine for the harsh Midwest winters. Thanks for sharing!

Erinn says · 11.29.17

Thank you for this tutorial! I absolutely love Bare Minerals prime time primer! I use it year round 🙂

Ashley H. says · 11.29.17

I’m so glad you have a new skin care video! Do you have different products you use or recommend at night? Or do you mainly do your skincare routine in the morning?

Katie says · 12.28.17

My same question! I use the same products at night- serum- eye cream- moisturizer… should it be different?

Ashley H says · 12.28.17

I have been trying out Thebes truth serum and other ole Henricksen products I got in a pack in the morning and last loving it! I’m still wondering what you do at night though. Could you please do an updated evening skincare routine?

Amy D. says · 11.29.17

I’m taking the plunge! I have 5 of the items recommended in my Sephora basket. Waiting for a good sale or coupon to use…or I will forward the basket to my hubby for stocking stuffer ideas for me!! I have a 15 yo daughter who is TOTALLY into makeup etc and she is a huge Sephora shopper…she will be thrilled to know I am trying some new products! Thanks for sharing and I love your Insta stories!! I catch myself talking back to you!! Lol!

Kate says · 11.29.17

enjoy the new things!

Amy says · 11.29.17

Were these products sponsored or given to you for free?

Kay says · 11.29.17

I love the Ginzing eye cream! So good!

Angela says · 11.29.17

I really want to try out the Origins Ginzing Eye Cream and I always hear great things about Ole Henricksen so I’m adding these to my boxing day shopping list.

Blush & Pearls by Angela

Brittany says · 11.29.17

Could you do a blog post about what skincare regime you do in the evening? For example, how often you use a face mask, if you use a toner, etc etc

WAlmond says · 11.29.17

Definitely try the Timeless! It’s very similar to the Skinceuticals CE ferulic. Its great and I paid $12 a bottle on sale. I am also loving the Mandelic Acid by Colleen Rothchild and Hydrate by Jordan Samuel is amazing!

Dana says · 11.29.17

Hi Kate! Did I imagine it or was their no SPF applied as part of your routine? Are you accounting for that in foundation, possibly? Thanks for the coverage of your routine!

A Woman Of A Certain Age says · 11.29.17

Why don’t you try some acids instead of gritty exfoliators? Pixi Glow Tonic perhaps. I agree, Timeless serums are wonderful.

Kelly says · 11.30.17

How long does the truth serum last? I’ve heard such great things. Trying to compare prices 😊

Leah says · 11.30.17

Hi Kate- What brand or where did you find the towel that you wrap your hair in?


Tiffany Crenshaw says · 11.30.17

Do you use a toner ever? If so, when? Night or in the morning and at what step in the routine?

Veronica says · 12.01.17

Could you do one about your nightly routine for skincare? I’m always looking for a nighttime regimen to try.

Kelly says · 12.06.17

Hi Kate,
I have dry skin too! I have been thinking of trying Rodan fields redefine. Have you ever tried their products? If so how do you feel about them? I am on the fence.

Melissa says · 12.14.17

Great post! Don’t forget your neck, Kate! (My grandma always told me that… she said if I didn’t treat my neck I’d have a smooth face and a wrinkly neck!)

Allison Puls says · 01.12.18

Thanks so much for the tips.

Krystal says · 01.25.18

Is the Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve something you’ve been able to continue using while pregnant or nursing? I don’t see anything that I know you’re not supposed to use in it but wondered if you had checked with your doctor about it because I used it previously, on your recommendation, and liked it and thought I might use it again but wondered if it’s ok while pregnant or nursing. Do you switch up your skincare much during those times or are all these things products you can/have used during those times? I’d love a post on it if it’s different!

Kate says · 01.26.18

When it comes to what products to use during pregnancy, I always recommend talking to your doctor about it!

Betsy says · 02.07.18

Hi Kate! I am loooooving these products!!! I skipped out on the Fresh eye cream this go around and went for your two suggested alternatives – definitely enjoying them. This is my first experience with any Fresh products and I love the way the face cream feels and smells! I also purchased Fresh’s Soy Face Cleanser – will be trying out tomorrow! Are there any products you add or do not use for your nighttime skin care routine? Thanks so much for all of the information you provide, recently discovered your blog and it is my go to!