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I’ve never been a great meal planner and just recently figured out a way to make it a bit easier by only planning out a few days of meals. But even with that method in practice, there are still weeks that completely get away from me and Justin and I end up scrounging up random food from the kitchen at dinnertime for us and the boys.

I grew up having family dinner nearly every night of the week, so I think I feel some subconscious pressure to have a thought out meal on the dinner at least 5 nights a week for my family.

I just had another round of Blue Apron meals sent my home on one of the busiest weeks of my life, and I swear the moment I saw that box on my front step I felt the stress melt away. I didn’t have to meal plan, write out a grocery list, or go to the store. But even greater than those mundane tasks was the gift of not having to think about what to cook. It was all there, in the box, divided up by meal, waiting for me to cook.

This delivery happened to come just before a trip down to South Carolina so I thought it would be fun to show my mom how Blue Apron works and cook one of the meals with her. We even got David in on some of the food prep too and I can assure you that he felt very, very important!

This meal was Pipe Rigate Pasta & Beef Bolognese with Cheesy Garlic Bread. As a mom who has trouble getting her kids to eat vegetables, I loved seeing the carrots incorporated into this dish and masked by the red tomato sauce. And the carrots added nice color too!

I also FINALLY learned how to properly dice an onion from my mom. I knew there was a right way because my method always resulted in me hacking at it by the end.

The meal came together so quickly and easily. The ingredients were fresh and flavorful, and it was plenty of food for family of 4 with leftovers to spare! And if you are new to Blue Apron, there is both a 2-Person plan and a family plan.

If you haven’t tried it before, this busy season is the perfect time to give Blue Apron a try. You can skip or cancel any week so it no problem if you are traveling for the holidays! The recipes available are chef-designed recipes to be created at home in under 40 minutes. And the newest change within Blue Apron is their recycling program, you can either look up recycling programs in your community or ship your package back to Blue Apron through USPS for free!

The first 50 readers to sign up for Blue Apron using THIS LINK will get $30 off their first order!

This post was sponsored by Blue Apron. 


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Ray says · 11.13.17 Reply
Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 11.13.17

Blue Apron sounds so convenient, if only it was available where I live. Your meal looks scrumptious! 🙂

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Sarah Chavis says · 11.13.17

Isn’t blue apron the best?!?! The first time I tried it was about two years ago, I was however a little bit skeptical if I was going to like their dinners or if my daughter would. But everything that they ever sent me I have really enjoyed. I kept most recipes cards and brought the groceries myself to make the dinners again.

Plus it’s so convenient on those busy days! I love seeing your family incorporated into your posts!

Kim says · 11.13.17

I’ve been toying with the idea of using a meal delivery service like this and that looks so good! Thanks for sharing!

Kim .. easy ways to decorate for Christmas early & a GIVEAWAY!

Amy says · 11.13.17

I prefer Home Chef over Blue Apron, but the concept is the same and I just love it. I’ve learned so many new skills and gained so much more confidence in the kitchen. My husband is much happier, too!

Amanda @ Anchored to Sunshine says · 11.13.17

I’ve never tried Blue Apron before, but I do subscribe to HelloFresh and it seriously does make life so much easier. Especially not having to go to the grocery store to get all the ingredients!

Gina says · 11.13.17

What’s made you change your mind about Blue Apron?

Ashley Oswald says · 11.13.17

I’ve tried Plated before and loved it! With their meals you could easily feed 3 with the amount they give you for 2 plates. Would you say that Blue Apron is comparable in that aspect?

Kate says · 11.14.17

I’d say Blue Apron is pretty true to their portions. The Beef Bogonase I made, though, was definitely big enough for a 4 person family with left overs