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At home gel manicures are not as hard as you think

Happy cold and flu season to YOU! All kidding aside, Justin had “sick throat” one day earlier this week which meant I went into full on prevention mode. I can’t take much of anything because I’m pregnant but I can load up on vitamins! One of my favorite juices to make this time of year is orange + carrot juice. The kids LOVE it too! I usually put 3-4 handfuls of baby carrots in the juicer, and top it with at least 5 peeled oranges. Sometimes I’ll put in a few more just to make more juice. It’s yummy, and both ingredients help boost your immune system! If you are curious, this is the juicer we have.

I mentioned on Insta-stories a few weeks ago that I got this robe from Target and its lovely. It’s luxurious and perfect for winter. Also under $30!

While I’m recapping Insta-story mentions, I also talked about my love for the Amazon Fire tablet for kids. Earlier this week it was $30 off and I’m sure there will be another promo around Black Friday/cyber Monday. Both of my kids love these things and I love that I’m not handing them an iPad to click around to whatever they want in Youtube. The Amazon Fire tablet lets you control what they can download, read, and watch based on their age and an optional time preset. Again, my kids love this and I love it too! The battery life is a little worthless but that would depend on how much time you let them watch it. My guess is that it could last roughly 4-5 hours of consistent use, but we’ve never tested it for that long!

I’m dying to see this movie!

This looks like an easy to wear tunic sweater. And here is a similar option in a darker grey color!

Have you tried the Spanx maternity leggings? I’m looking for a good pair that will last my entire pregnancy and afterwards.

If you are looking for the perfect wine lip color, it’s in this kit!

I listened to all 6 episodes of the Dirty John podcast down to South Carolina recently. The story was a little bit slow but ultimately I found myself thinking,”HOW could he do that?” and also, “HOW could she not have asked more questions!?” It contains adult content but isn’t terribly dark–I will not listen to things that will haunt me.

Do you have any plans for the weekend? I’m heading up to Virginia with my mom to visit my sister and Mike!

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Amanda says · 11.17.17

Carrots benefit from being lightly steamed to release their true beneficial value,. Tomatoes also need to be lightly cooked for the same reason. Lightly steaming the carrots won’t detract from the taste xx

Nicole says · 11.17.17

My husband surprised me with movie night last night & we saw ‘Murder on the Orient Express.’ GO SEE IT! So, so good.

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 11.17.17

I’ve been wanting a blender forever! I hate that they’re often quite pricey, ugh.

Love the links and have a great weekend! ๐Ÿ™‚

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Susan says · 11.17.17

Do you leave the skinstate on the oranges

Beth says · 11.17.17

No, you will want to peel all citrus fruit before putting in the juicer as the skins are bitter.

Allie says · 11.17.17

Thatโ€™s juice sounds delicious! And Iโ€™ll have to check out that wine lip, the cooler temps have made me want to switch over all my makeup. Have a great weekend, Allie

Erinn says · 11.17.17

Thanks for sharing that robe! It will make a perfect Christmas gift ๐Ÿ™‚
I’ve been looking for a juicer…we got a ninja blender for our wedding and I love it. Enjoy your weekend in Virginia!

Kait says · 11.17.17

Ingrid and Isabel have the BEST maternity leggings! I bought the crossover panel leggings at Target two years ago, but it looks like they are no longer carrying them. But I did find them on Ingrid and Isabel’s website and they are on sale right now, promo code is listed on the website. Trust me when I say these are SO good. I still wear them on the regular.

Beth Jones says · 11.17.17

Hey Kate, Have you tried Splendid’s maternity leggings? I lived in them for both my pregnancies. They are a bit pricey, but totally last and are easy to wash and dry. Happy pregnancy!

Michelle says · 11.17.17

The best maternity leggings I have tried are the Blanqi leggings! They feel like a dream when you put them on, they feel like you’re not even wearing pants. They definitely hold everything in, too.

Kim says · 11.17.17

I’ve never tried anything from spanx! I need to!

Kim .. Winter Blues & a GIVEAWAY for Black Friday!

Marah Leinbaugh says · 11.17.17

You look so pretty, Kate! Love your makeup in this picture.

Jill P says · 11.17.17

My mother in law and went to Murder on the Orient Express last weekend. It was quite good – beautiful scenery – twisty storyline. Want to try to juicer you have… maybe I’ll put it on my X-mas list.
Happy Holidays to you! I love your site. ๐Ÿ™‚ -Jill

Elle says · 11.17.17

Wish I had known about those leggings when I was pregnant! Maybe I’ll keep those in mind if we have a 3rd ๐Ÿ˜‰ But Kate, can you or anyone else recommend a pair of good quality leggings that AREN’T high rise?? I’m on a mission to find them but haven’t been successful yet..

Marcia says · 11.17.17

Thanks for the carrot orange juice idea! Asos maternity leggings were the best!

Lindsay says · 11.17.17

Hi, Kate!
I have been an avid follower for years! I recently just had a baby (well, almost 6 months ago), and have some serious postpartum hair loss. I was thinking that you had maybe done a post about it in the past, but I couldn’t find anything. Since you have had two babes, and are suiting up for another, can you talk about this? Was this an issue for you? Any tips?


Aaryn says · 11.17.17

I tried Blanqi leggings and I’m impressed with the quality, feel, look (really form fitting as oppose to a looser fit by the ankle) they dont make petite sizes so for me, being 5’0, I have a lot of extra material. I bunch it up by my thighs, but that can be somewhat uncomfortable. Overall, I find them more comfortable than the typical cotton leggings. Target sells a brand called Ingrid Isabella so I’m curious how those compare!

Laura says · 11.17.17

This week I’ve purchased two Amazon Fires for my sons AND the Target robe for my mom’s birthday, so thank you for the recommendations!

andrea says · 11.17.17

What lip color are you wearing in this photo? It’s great!

Leah says · 11.17.17

Check on the Blanqi maternity line. I LIVED in the maternity leggings and still use them all the time postpartum (I’m currently one month postpartum). They are super high waisted and are so comfy. I also bought their tank tops and hate them. They are a great length that covers your butt which is perfect when wearing them with the leggings but they roll up as soon as you sit down and it’s SO annoying. I stopped wearing them. But the leggings are 100% worth the price!

Sarah B says · 11.17.17

Iโ€™ve heard great things about Blanqi leggings. They have a postpartum pair as well.

Priscilla says · 11.17.17

First time commenter here, I’m pregnant as well and love this carrot and orange juice idea! Maybe I’ll put a juicer on my Christmas list!

I ordered the Spanx leggings and found them to run really big! In my normal size, they were falling down on me (I ended up returning them and I haven’t reordered because I have two perfectly fine pairs of leggings anyhow) so I’d suggest going down a size.

Olga says · 11.17.17

I love these kinds of laid back posts with lots of different links! I would love to catch up a movie in the weekend.

Laura says · 11.17.17

I would highly recommend the Athleta maternity leggings. They are a little expensive but they are high rise above the belly and I didn’t need to cover my booty (I usually did but nice knowing they weren’t see through). I wore them a few months post partum too

Tess says · 11.18.17

I’ve heard nothing but amazing thing about all the Spanex leggings!!
xx Tess | Sequins are the New Black

Vanessa says · 11.18.17

My husband and I saw that movie this past Tuesday. Was very good.

Katie @ Live Half Full says · 11.18.17

I bet the Spanx leggings are amazing! I loved the maternity Spanx during my pregnancy- we went to eight weddings and they helped me feel pulled together, make my bump look like a bump and held it in for dancing! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Lisa says · 11.18.17

How do you like that particular juicer? Is it easy to use and clean?

I’m seeing Murder on the Orient Express tomorrow!

Amanda says · 11.18.17

Hey Kate,
I listened to Dirty John last Sunday and found myself really upset with not only him but HER! Who would let someone harass your kids and then get married to him. What!? Overall it was pretty good and I like “serial” type podcasts.

Stefanie says · 11.18.17

The Ingrid and Isabel brand of maternity leggings from target feel like a dream on your skin. Thick enough to be warm and not see through either, but wonโ€™t make you sweat like some leggings can! The waist band is so comfortable, they have over and under belly ones. The under belly ones felt so comfortable even on my huge 9 month pregnant belly so they would probably be great for postpartum as well.

Beth says · 11.20.17

You should try preggo leggings! I loved those when I was pregnant. Thick and stylish – yet have enough material to come completely up on the growing belly.

Lexy says · 11.20.17

Have you tried the “Being Boss” podcast? It is for creative entrepreneurs. I love it! Super helpful and fun to listen to!

Laura says · 12.03.17

I know I’m a little late to comment on this, but could you (or have you) share your favorite apps (preferably free) David likes on the Kindle Fire? We have one, but haven’t let our 4yo use it yet, and we have an overseas flight coming up. So I need to load it up with some good stuff for him.

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