Warmer Shades for Cooler Weather

Fall Wardobe Additions

I think most people have heard about darkening their hair for the fall and winter season. This isn’t a rule, but it’s something I saw happen a lot when I worked in the salon. My clients wanted richer, warmer hues in their hair after a summer full of brightness and lightness. It was a welcomed change, and typically flattered their skin tone a little better throughout the colder months.

The same would ring true for makeup tones as well, though I think fewer people think about changing up their makeup with the season. I love the warmer autumnal hues that pop up in eyeshadows and lipsticks throughout the fall. Oh and the blushes! I never thought I’d be a fan of really subtle golden blush hues, but I find myself wearing more natural shades on my cheeks instead of brighter colors these days.

Nordstrom, as always, is one of my favorite places to browse for new makeup. They have a huge offering of brands, including Charlotte Tilbury, whose products have blown me away. The Nordstrom in my area doesn’t carry the line, so I have to shop online, but I’m so familiar with the quality of her products that it doesn’t make me nervous to take the plunge with shopping for makeup online.

I picked up 2 shades of Hollywood Lips from her new Hollywood Collection. The applicator is different, and it took me a few tries before I could decide if I like it or not. Well, the verdict is in and I like the applicator! It fits onto your lips so naturally and keeps you from having a shaky hand around the outer part of your lip while you are applying.

The shades I picked are Rising Star and Too Bad I’m Bad. They are long-wear, go on like lip gloss but in a velvety matte finish.

Beyond these new lip colors, my eye caught so many other great new products from a few different brands.

one, two, three, four, five, six, seven

I am so very tempted to try the MAC Rollerwheel liquid liner. I wonder if it ends up being a thick line or if you can control the size of it with your speed or angle? It is next on my list of things to try! I love the tones of the clinique blush. Use your blush brush and swirl it around into every single color to create a perfect fall blush tone!

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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 09.26.17

Warm shapes are definitely great for fall. I love your subtle look!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Tess Felber says · 09.26.17

I’ve been wanting to try the Charlotte Tilbury lip gloss! That color is so pretty on your skin tone 🙂
xx Tess | Sequins are the New Black

Katherine says · 09.26.17

Wish the warmer tones were an option for me, but with my cooler skin tone they just don’t work. So I switch to a darker lipcolor for fall and that makes me feel like I’ve changed up something. I love Milani Rose Femme, it’s a dark mauvey pink, more of a fall color than a summer color.

Liz says · 09.26.17

Run, don’t walk, far away from that MAC liner! I usually don’t have any problems with liquid liner application as it is my preference, but the rollerwheel is so difficult to use. The formulation is just fine (excellent even), but I spent 3 times as long as usual on my liner and after 3 days of trying, I finally gave up. And forget doing a winged liner with it, I’ll stick with my usual tried and true liner pen. Of course, YMMV

Kate says · 09.26.17

really?!! Ugh, I’m bummed to hear that-looked like it had so much potential!

Liz says · 09.26.17

I mean, go for it if you want to try it out (just make sure the return policy is good) but I’ve never been so frustrated! I thought it was a great idea too and would make liner a breeze. I’ll be the first to admit it could be user error though. I’d be interested to see what other people thought about it

Kim says · 09.26.17

Your makeup looks so pretty! I love the lip colors.


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Heather says · 09.26.17

I love the jacket you are wearing, do you have a link to it?

Penny says · 09.27.17

LOVE your navy vest! Where did you find it??

Kate says · 09.27.17


Erin says · 09.27.17

I have the green one and I love it! BUT I can’t find the navy!!! Bummer, I want it. 🙂

Whitney says · 09.28.17

I wish you would have shown us both lip colors that you mentioned!

Andrea says · 09.30.17

Manny MUA on you tube reviewed the mac rollerball eyeliner and hated it. He swatched it on his hand and you could see it was totally patchy.

Esther says · 10.02.17

Love your picks. Thank you for the inspiration.
Have a great week.

Love, Esther