Summer Detox: wardrobe edition

Summer Detox: skin edition

**This post is the third in a series where I focus on “detoxing” our hair, skin (face and body), wardrobe, and home as a final step in closing out summertime. In each post, I shared some of my favorite tools, products or advice on whichever subject is the focus that day. Check out all the posts in my series and share any helpful tips or suggestions in the comments for others to benefit from as well!**

One of the most neglected tasks for me is cleaning out my closet. I’ll be hit with random bouts of inspiration after seeing a blog post about it, spend 15 minutes grabbing items that I know I won’t wear anymore, and then never actually complete the job.

Not only is it a waste of space to hang onto clothing that you know you won’t wear, but donating or selling it also gives someone else an opportunity to enjoy it!

Here are 3 questions I ask myself when I’m considering keeping or donating an item of clothing:

  1. Does it fit?
  2. Can I create a complete outfit with this item of clothing based on what is in my closet right now?
  3. Can I imagine wearing this over the next 1-2 months?

I’ve certainly bought my fair share of impulse purchases over the years. I have duplicates of grey v-neck shirts and own much more casual outfits versus dressier outfits. I’m a sucker for a good blouse, but I’ve realized that I just don’t wear them as much as I think I will!

The process of cleaning out your closet not only teaches you what you purchased and didn’t wear, but also shows you what you tend to wear the most.

When I’ve selected an item that I’ve decided to get rid of, the next step will be determining whether or not I’ll sell or donate that item. If it’s on trend or from a higher end brand, I typically try to sell it. I’ve had a great experience on Poshmark and would recommend that app for selling clothes! If it’s a bit older, I’ll donate it.

I wrote a post about how I transition my clothes from season to season, that you can read here, and I love the feeling of organizing my wardrobe and closet so it isn’t a cluttered mess of different season’s clothes.

If you have a hard time getting rid of clothes, try this tip: go through and select items that you don’t THINK you will miss, place them in a box or a bag, and put them out of your closet or bedroom. The farther away from where you get dressed, the better. In fact, hide them. Put them in your garage or your attic. Make a goal to not look through that box again for another month. Over the time that the box is hidden away, if you truly find yourself missing an item of clothes, go ahead and grab it. I’m sure you’ll find that you can live without more clothes that you may imagine! And when a month has passed, and you aren’t missing any of the clothes, it’s time to take that box to a donation center!

If you don’t have time to clean out your entire closet, divide it up in sections. Start with a sock drawer. Then move to tank tops. Chipping away at the smaller tasks will help you feel accomplished and empowered as you tackle larger groupings of clothes! You can do it! 


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 08.30.17

I’ve been slowly clearing out my closet and drawers bit by bit. I wouldn’t be able to do it all in one go for sure. It just feels so amazing to rid myself of *ahem* junk! Haha!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Rebecca says · 08.30.17

I recently cleaned out my drawers and then closet and it feels good! I try to do this task 2-3 times every year and this time around there wasn’t very much to purge at all! So refreshing and definitely a task worth doing from time to time!

Rebecca |

Lisa says · 08.30.17

This is the task that I struggle with the most. I am generally pretty good about letting things ago (we’re currently getting rid of all of our baby stuff as our youngest just turned two), but for some reason, my clothes are a different story!

I’ve tried multiple times and my biggest thing is that I keep clothes that I plan to be able to fit in again, even though I haven’t worn that item in months! It’s so hard, but now that we’re coming into Fall very soon, I know I’ll have to get it done. The struggle is real!

Janet Smith says · 08.30.17

I just held a garage sale last Thursday and Friday to get rid of “stuff” including clothes, shoes, home decor, a few pieces of furniture, toys, etc. Yes, preparing for a garage sale is a LOT of work but I cleared over $1,000.00!! I also got an idea from Pinterest on signs – “Welcome to Classy Crap! Put our junk in your trunk!” I had people stopping to shop just because they liked the sign! LOL

Amanda says · 08.30.17

This also would be a good time to donate your clothing to the hurricane relief. So many people will be without clothing. Just a idea.

Janet Smith says · 08.30.17

Excellent idea!

Megan says · 08.30.17

This is a great idea, but you might want to wait on it for a bit. From what I’ve read, the disaster relief folks need money most of all right now. They don’t have the ability to store huge shipments of donated goods since many of the warehouses are underwater. It’s an issue I hadn’t thought of before.

Kate says · 08.30.17

That was my thought as well-not much is getting in and out of there, which is so terrible. Perhaps selling clothes and donating the money earned would be helpful in a more immediate sense!

Bethany from CuteCapsuleLife says · 08.30.17

This post resonates with me for sure! And you have a great point that not only does cleaning out unused clothes benefits me, it helps someone else who can use the items!

Belinda D Green says · 08.30.17

Thanks I hv started doing this with suggestions from another blog but I’m thankful for your suggestions also. Great tips. I hv beautiful things I never wear that hv to get out of my closet. Being retired I don’t need all these things but impulse buying is my downfall. Boredom. Lolllllll

Emily says · 08.30.17

Love this post! And love cleaning out and organizing my closets! One other question I might suggest you add to the list you included is, “Does it spark joy in me?” (meaning – do I just love this piece of clothing?!)

Heather says · 08.30.17

I think you mean EDITION, not ADDITION!

Kate says · 08.30.17

you are right! missed that-updating now!

Jen says · 08.30.17

I do the same thing, grab a few things I have not worn but then don’t go through everything. I just told the kids this morning to do a “before school starts” closet clean out!

Arrin W. says · 08.30.17

I used the Konmari method when cleaning out my closet and it’s been awesome. I also try hard to stick to the one in one out rule. (That doesn’t always happen though.) I may have to try the hide the clothes in a box trick, sounds like a great idea.

Christa Johnson says · 08.31.17

Hi Kate,
I have been wanting to clear my closet out but I get overwhelmed with where to start. I also have some hoarder tendencies and find myself keeping things with the thought of what if. Your blog helped especially the last part of starting with socks/undies and slowing chipping away at different sections. I started with undies tonight and needless to say, I need to stay out of Victoria’s Secret. Love your blog! Btw, the boys were so presh in their ring bearer outfits. Keep up the awesome job!

Ruechel says · 09.10.19

How I decluutter my closet, is flipping the hanger around when I hang cloths back up, after wearing item. So in a month, if the hanger has not been flip, than it is time to get it out of my closet.