Post-gym makeup refresh

The hair product that is often overlooked that you should be using

For over a year now I’ve been going to bootcamp on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8:30am. The classes are about 45 minutes, super intense, and I always leave very sweaty. Or in the words of my 2.5 year old, “mom you are f-weaty!” I’m an instant-sweat-er to begin with, and the seriously intense work outs mean any makeup I were to put on beforehand would be a lost cause.

So I don’t wear any makeup other than concealer before I do my work out.

I always have the boys with me since they provide childcare, and after bootcamp we typically head out to do something else. We’ll either run errands, go to the library, or head to a playdate. It’s rare that I come home after working out, so I’ve had to figure out a way to try to pull myself together before I head to the next activity!

I don’t really mind that I’m not all fresh and clean for a playdate anyway since it’s hot and humid in the summertime here, but I just like to feel like I’ve cleaned up a bit.

So, I’ll bring a little bag with me of some simple things I can put on using my car mirror and then leave it at that!

The first thing I do is take my hair down immediately when I get in the car. It’s usually a bit damp around the edges with sweat, so I’ll aim the air conditioning at it to help dry it quickly. I’ll give the boys a post-gym snack and they’ll happily eat and listen to music while I take the 4 minutes to freshen up.

This is what I pack in my bag:

PONDS Original Fresh Wet Cleansing Towelettes, a foundation product* (either this one or this one), concealer, eyebrow pencil, mascara, and cream blush.

*most days I skip any foundation whatsoever to let my skin breathe, but I have some in my bag in case I want to use it.

I’ll wipe off the sweat and freshen up my face a bit with the cleansing wipe. Then let the AC blow a bit to dry my face off! Then I’ll apply the other products quickly, and finish by pulling my hair back into a messy bun.

It’s quick, simple, and gets the job done.

Naturally on the day I planned to take these photos I didn’t make it to the gym, however I did work out at home so the process was the same!

p.s. a cute athletic tank and my favorite running shoes.



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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 08.25.17

Thank you for sharing your process! I like that you did it by photo format instead of the video – I can watch it at work 😉

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Mandie says · 08.25.17

Thanks for sharing girly! I teach fitness classes at 5:30 in the morning and have to run errands afterwards. I was needing a way to freshen up quickly and not look like a hot mess lol

Kelly Howard says · 08.25.17

When I leave the gym the only thing I qualify to do is yard work…I always finish my weight work out with the sauna and I am drippy with sweat! In true Mom/Grandma fashion, something will always deter me for a bit from the shower and I am purely miserable until I get one..YUCKY! Living in NW Florida doesn’t help any either, haha, and I opt often for no foundation or powder as it just melts off but I try to always use mascara and lipstick so I don’t look totally washed out in the summer heat.

Christen says · 08.25.17

I don’t think there’s anything better than a good face wipe to get that gym sweat off! I’ve been keeping the Yes to Grapefruit ones in my gym bag and I seriously love them after a hard workout!

Bethany from CuteCapsuleLife says · 08.25.17

Thanks for being real!

Karly says · 08.25.17

Love this! I do the same after Saturday Workouts, since during the week I work out in the afternoon! A little concealer, mascara & brows & I’m good to go!

Kacie says · 08.25.17

I also leave the gym, or even working out at home, in a sweaty mess! What a great quick process to freshen up afterwards when you’re not going to be home immediately with so little products that still pack a punch. When I used to go to morning classes, I’d usually just throw on powder concealer and a light layer of CC cream beforehand – otherwise I look like death *lol*

Amanda says · 08.25.17

What shade of Pixi cream blush is that?

Beth says · 08.25.17

OMG! I have been waiting for this. You always look so pulled together, thanks for sharing your refresh tips!

Anna says · 08.28.17

I like the applicator on the concealer you are using in your photos. The linked product doesn’t look the same. Thanks!

Marcie says · 08.28.17

Me, too! Would love to know what this is!

Elizabeth says · 08.29.17

Thanks for sharing! You looked so refreshed in your Vlog and I was wondering what products you were using : )

Mary says · 09.02.17

Concealer applicator??

Colleen C says · 02.14.18

Do you have a moisturizer that is your go to everyday for your face that you like, I usually use tinted moisturizers as I don’t really like Foundations as they feel heavy on my face,. Any suggestions would be great.