Earrings on repeat

Raw hem jeans, nostalgia, and how to get an on-trend pair of jeans for zero dollars

from top left: bar earrings, hexagon earrings, earring jackets, ear crawlers (similar)

One of the more stupid mistakes I’ve made in my life was when I continued to wear heavy earrings on an already ripping earring hole. The result was that my earring hole basically ripped all the way down my lobe, remaining intact by only a small amount of skin. I ended up going to a plastic surgeon who numbed me up, sliced my ear a bit, then stitched it back together. After about 6 weeks I could repierce my ear and all has been well since then!

I’ve pretty much stuck with really light and simple earrings in recent years. My lobes can’t handle the weight! Honestly I’ve thought about getting some of these because I love statement earrings but I never think of it at the right time!

Minimalistic jewelry has been more of a trend these days, so that works pretty well with my earring choices. It seems like just yesterday it was huge bubble necklaces and bright statement earrings, doesn’t it?

I’m sold out for gold as you can tell, but I still remember when I would exclusively wear silver jewelry. I’ve mixed metals on occasion, but that sometimes feels a little cluttered to me.

What makes these 4 earrings so easy to wear is that they are delicate enough to be worn as the only piece of jewelry, other than my wedding bands, or can very easily be mixed with a longer necklace. I have a jewelry box on my nightstand, but these 4 pairs never make it inside. They are usually sitting right on top of the jewelry box, ready for the next day.

Do you swap out your jewelry often, or do you have a few front runners like I do?

More pretty accessories here!


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Kellie says · 08.08.17

Had the surgery too!! Twice! Ripped my first ear lobe on some moon and Lola earrings when I was wearing an ear piece at my old retail job… horror story!
Then after the surgery and after the repiercing my ears didn’t match!!! (Nightmare in its self) so I was back to the surgeon and now everything is peachy!

But yes I wear a lot of minimal jewelry! However I still love my bold statement pieces, I’ve just learned to wear them in shorter increments, not all day.

Clip-On Earrings says · 04.05.19

Seems there is not al lot of clip on earrings being promoted in the fashion scene these days – is there a reason for this? I love wearing clip ons.

Michele says · 08.08.17

i went through years of not wearing earrings just because I’d forget about them, and when I started wearing them again, I went fairly minimal. After my daughter was born, I still wore my small hoops, but once she noticed them (she didn’t make a grab for them, just noticed them) I stopped wearing earrings out of fear she’d pull them on me. My husband responded with little diamond studs, which I tend to wear quite a bit. As far as the rest of my jewelry, I tend to stay pretty simple and keep it to the necklaces that are my kids’ birthstones or a small pendant that my husband gave me. I have one silver cuff that I like to wear, but it’s really simple as well. I like the Alex and Ani bracelets, but I can’t handle jingling that much outside of the month of December!

I think my style has simplified a bit since having kids, and ice certainly benefitted from it!

Sarah M. says · 08.08.17

I also love a statement earring but am not a big fan of heavy earrings. My newest favorites are from
Nickel & Suede. Statement but in a lightweight leather – best of both worlds!


Jennifer says · 08.10.17

I use the lobe stickers. I love them. I have initially stretched piercings but sometimes want to wear regular earrings. These stickers really work well. I also think you could use reinforced medical tape too.