A little peek at a day in my life

Don’t pack the summer dresses away yet. . .

Props to all you regular vloggers.

I don’t have it in me. I’m not cut out for it.

I actually tried to vlog a “day in the life” a long time ago but I forgot I was vlogging in the middle of the day and so that footage was useless. I suppose I could have published it as “a morning in my life” but that felt dumb.

What’s even more eye rolling is that I vlogged as much as I found humanly possible on this day but I still left out parts that would have told the story of the day better. I also left Justin out of the dinner scene and I have no idea why. Again, props to vloggers for creating interesting, fun to watch vlogs. I’ll never be like you, but that’s okay.

To be totally honesty, I didn’t like filming so much with the boys. They have joined me for some fun projects on the blog but I don’t think I could make vlogging a regular thing with them. It’s too much camera for my taste.

Anyway, I managed to scrap together enough footage to give you a little behind the scenes peek at what a typical summertime day looks like for us. A lot of this looks like what you’d see on my Insta-stories, so if you enjoy this go follow me over on Instagram.


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 08.23.17

Added to my Watch Later list, I’m sure your video will be great! I’m always so interested in bloggers’ lives!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Ashleigh says · 08.23.17

I loved this! What elastic headbands do you wear to boot camp!? I’m having a hard time finding some that stay in place but give me a headache!

Christine says · 08.23.17

Wondering the same, mine always slide off.

Katie says · 08.23.17

So fun!!! I love davids take on donated πŸ˜‚

Have you heard of 1 Second Everyday? It’s a fun app that you can use to compile super short clips. It’s meant to be used over the course of a year, but I’ve used it for ‘a day in the life’ as well and it’s pretty neat. Makes you feel less like you always have your camera on bc you’re just literally getting 1 second clips!

Kate says · 08.23.17

No but that sounds fun!

Elizabeth says · 08.23.17

I also went

I also went to the library 30 mins early yesterday and it was closed. Whomp, whomp! What concealer do you use? (I feel it made a noticeable difference!)

Jenn says · 08.23.17

I loved this video Kate.
Even if you don’t do them regularly. As a mom of 3 I know its probably tough to vlog but it was great to watch! See how another mom goes about her day with two boys. I’ve got two boys and now a baby girl.

Jess says · 08.23.17

I have to say that I heard Blippi playing when you were about to cut the boys’ hair and I had to laugh! I have a 3 year old little guy and am all too familiar with Blippi! Lol. Cute video, thanks for sharing!

Kate says · 08.23.17

We LOOOVE Blippi here πŸ™‚

Christina says · 08.23.17

I’m glad I’m not the only mom who takes their kid to the library right after the gym, totally sweaty.

Lisa A says · 08.23.17

Adorable ☺️! Have you ever considered daily vlogging?

Michele says · 08.23.17

That face on Luke when you handed him his juice on the couch…love that “I, sleepy, go away” face on kiddos!

Unrelated: got those cargo pants from Loft that you mentioned in burgundy…Love them!

Kate says · 08.23.17

I loved this! Would love to see more, but understand what you mean by too much camera for he boys; we hardly share any pictures, etc. of our daughter on social media for likely similar reasons.

Tina says · 08.29.17

Loved this vlog!!

Laura says · 09.06.17

Thanks for sharing this! David reminds me so much of my 3 1/2 year old, who I think is just a couple weeks older than David. Do you go to Burn Bootcamp? Me too! Your day with two little guys reminds me a lot of my days! πŸ™‚