First Impressions: 2 new Smashbox products

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I used to do “first impression” videos, or “get ready with me” live videos over on Periscope and then Periscope pretty much died so I moved to Snapchat.

And now Snapchat is dead to me so I’ve moved on to Instagram Stories.

But for those who aren’t on Instagram, or prefer to watch on Youtube, I decided to film one of these quick little “first impression” videos for Youtube.

Because Youtube isn’t going anywhere (at least for now)!

Anyway, as a beauty blogger I’m sent samples of new products either from the brand itself or PR firms. It’s a way to get product in the hands of influencers and could spark up potential partnerships as well!

Anything that is “gifted” like that comes with no strings attached. I’m not required to say anything about it other than that it was sent as a gift.

I was intrigued by a box Smashbox sent me of their new foundation stick. And a day later I received a gifting with their new primer in it. I tried it out yesterday and decided to film the experience!

Overall it was a bit more work than simply applying powder contour with a brush. I think I’ll default to that method just because I’m better at it than using cream. But I will say that this looked very natural, despite being a touch too warm for my skin. It didn’t seem like the contour was sitting on top of my face and I was happy about that! There are a ton of color options so I may try one shade lighter just to compare!

The primer held up well and I didn’t get shiny in my t-zone like I anticipated since I used the stick foundation. I wish it felt a bit silkier in the skin, but all in all it delivered what it said it would!

Update: Really loved how the foundation wore. Didn’t fade nor get shiny as the day went on!

I’m wearing this lipliner all over my lips, my earrings are from Madewell, and my t-shirt is from Nordstrom.

Smashbox sent me these products as a gift, all opinions are my own.


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 07.21.17

Wow, the finished look is so glam!

And I agree… Snapchat is dead now. All thanks to Instagram Stories, haha!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Allison says · 07.21.17

This looks great! I think it looks great on you. Thank you for walking through in your application; maybe stick foundation won’t scare me as much now!

Diana says · 07.21.17

I love the idea of a stick foundation- easy to use and easy to carry! Isn’t it interesting how you use a platform and think of how wonderful this is and then another one comes into play and changes things around?

Tara says · 07.21.17

I was wondering what size curling iron you use now that your hair is shorter (or have you done a tutorial on it)? I recently cut my very long hair into a lob and I’m struggling with the right size curl. I love how yours looks in this post! Thanks!

Louisa says · 07.21.17

Why is Snapchat dead to you?

Kate says · 07.21.17

I’m just full on Instagram Stories!

Michele says · 07.21.17

I was wondering what kind of foundation you like best during the warmer months. I like the it cosmetics cc cream most right now, but wonder if I should be using powder to let my skin “breathe” more in the heat. However, when I use powder, it’ll clump in spots when I sweat. Do you switch it up based on what the heat and humidity are that day?

Also, as a stylist, I need your advice….I’m due with my baby in 2 weeks, and feel soooooo gross. Do you recommend getting my hair trimmed before baby or after baby (when I might need the me time/feeling fresh)? Having worked behind the chair, what are your thoughts for mamas?

Jen K. says · 07.21.17

Loved this video!!! Looks amazing!
Did you set the foundation with a powder?

Kate says · 07.21.17

No, I didn’t

Stacy says · 07.21.17

That lipstick looks beautiful on you!

Kate says · 07.21.17


The Makeup Feed says · 07.21.17

I have to try both of these! I love the Smashbox Primer Water, and the Primerizer sounds just as amazing!

Becca says · 07.21.17

Thanks Kate for doing this on YouTube! I like your first impressions and Q&As so much (along with everything else you do!).

It was nice to watch it here because I can never tune into IG live videos and then they disappear.

It looks great on you!

Karen VanLoo says · 07.22.17

I was intrigued with this stick foundation & contour and immediately ordered it. I love the Pixi brush, and ran to Target to pick that up as well. I’ll probably give the primer a try too. I thought it looked really beautiful on you, so I’m hoping I can blend and have it look as natural on the skin as you did!

Alyssa says · 07.22.17

Thanks for doing this on YouTube! I love Instagram Stories and Snapchat, but sometimes I feel like I’m missing something if I have a busy day and can’t watch them! Love your videos!

Kate says · 07.22.17

thank you!

Sunshan says · 07.22.17

Hello Olay model!
Just saw your spread in RealSimple. Awesome!

Kate says · 07.24.17

Thank you!!

LADH says · 07.24.17

Hi Kate! Great post! I’m super new to contouring, would you mind sharing why you didn’t apply the foundation all over and then add the contour on top? Thank you!!

Katie Schultz says · 07.28.17

Smashbox is one of my favorite brands. I absolutely LOVE their primers. Just had a quick question. Up close (in real life) did the foundation look thick or cakey? I’ve found that is rather common with the thicker foundations that I’ve tried.

Rio says · 08.22.17

Love smash box & your blog!

riobriann alexander.blogspot.con

Rio says · 08.22.17