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I always enjoy reading these kinds of posts from other bloggers that I follow, so I thought I’d share a little peek at what a typical day in the life looks like right now. I’ve had this post drafted for a few weeks and thought I better publish it before my typical day changes too much!

I have two work days a week with childcare, and those are Tuesdays and Thursdays. Otherwise I squeeze in what I can during nap times and sometimes work after the boys go to bed. While I could certainly stand to have more work time, I’m choosing not to in order to spend the majority of my time during the week with my boys!

So this peek at my day is not on a work day, and instead on a “mom” day.

6:30-7:00a I usually set an alarm but I’m sometimes woken up by David yelling “MOMMY DOMMY”. I have no idea why he calls me that but he’s been yelling that from his room for almost a year now. At this point Justin is already up and getting ready for work. And somehow Luke can sense the lack of sleep happening from the rest of us and typically wakes up a bit before 7:00.

7:00-7:45a I set the kids up with a bowl of Cheerios and their morning beverages (chocolate milk for David, apple juice + water for Luke) and turn on a show. Lately they’ve been loving Daniel Tiger or Curious George. I spend my time in the kitchen making myself a cup of coffee and sitting down to have a little quiet time with the Bible and this journal. I’ll quickly eat a small bowl of yogurt with granola and then get the kids dressed to head to boot camp.

8:00a We are in the van, heading to boot camp. I’ll give them a squeeze pouch of yogurt on the way for breakfast. Usually we already have something planned for after my work out, and that can range from errands to playdates to visiting the children’s museum. We stay really busy, which we all love. David asks which friends we are seeing almost every day.

9:30a I’m finished with my work out and pick the kids up from the childcare center at my gym. And we’ll head out to the next activity. I usually offer them a granola bar or something to hold them over until lunch since breakfast is light on these days.

11:45a-12:00p We are typically back home and I’m getting ready to make lunch. The boys will usually play in the playroom while I’m doing this, or play outside on the porch. We eat lunch around 12:30 and then spend the next hour playing until nap time/rest time. This is when I’ll catch up on laundry or clean up the house a bit.

1:30p Luke goes down for a nap and David gets into his crib for some quiet time. Luke will usually sleep for about 1.5 hours and David lasts anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes in his crib reading his books. I try to leave him in there for at least 15 minutes just to give him a little quiet, alone time. Then, when he’s finished, I’ll get him up and we’ll find a low energy activity for him to work on. Lately he’s been loving play doh, and I also bought him a painting book that he’s really enjoyed. He’ll also have the option to watch the iPad during his time for about 30-45 minutes or so. I always use this time to check e-mail, scroll through comments and quickly answer what I can, and possibly post on social media.

3:00p Luke is up and David is wrapping up his quiet play time. Luke usually needs a nice long snuggle and about 5-10 minutes before he’s back to himself post-nap so I’ll hold him or set up him on the couch with a little tv show and a small snack. It’s cute, he’ll ask to watch a “little show” since I call it that!

3:30p At this time we usually head outside. The boys are definitely easier to tote around to errands in the morning, so I avoid errands in the afternoon. We’ll play in the backyard or ride bikes in the cul-d-sac.

4:45p If I’m cooking, I’ll start prepping dinner. The boys usually have energy to burn at this point so we’ll take the cushions off the couch and I’ll let them jump around on it. They have a lot of fun doing this.

5:00-5:30p Justin will wrap up work and we’ll eat dinner around 5:30p! I’m always happy to have him back home and the boys are usually out of their minds excited. It’s hard to get a word in edgewise since David and Luke are commanding all of his attention!

6:00p We’re done with dinner and will either head out for a family walk or just play downstairs. Justin is great about being really active with the boys, so there is usually some rough housing happening while I clean up the dishes. (In this case, I’m happy to be alone in the kitchen cleaning up in quiet 😉  )

6:45p It’s bath time! We bathe the boys together in the tub, and then have about 20 minutes or so of jumping and dancing and hysterical playing in the playroom upstairs. They love to run up and down the hall and trigger the light sensor from our smoke detector.

7:15p Either Justin or I will read Luke a book or two and then put him to bed. And whoever is not with Luke will start reading a few books to David. David is usually in bed by about 7:30p.

7:45-9:30p This is the sacred quiet time at the end of the day. Justin and I really don’t watch much TV, so we’ll sit in the family room and chat. There’s usually a bit more cleaning up or laundry, or pool maintenance, so we’ll get some of that stuff done and then head to bed around 9:00p!

While my life is the busiest it’s ever been, I’m also happier and more fulfilled than ever before.

More about life with my boys here and here!


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Bethany says · 06.07.17

I have three girls ages 5,3 and almost 1. I struggle with finding time to “get myself ready,” on my stay at home mom days. Ie: do my Own hair and makeup! Any tips on this? Thank you:)

Hannah says · 06.12.17

Same here! Kate – Wondering how you fit in the time to look so great everyday. Do you get ready in the AM? I end up taking a shower at night but hair is all messy/flat in the morning and very little time to do makeup in the morning. :-/ Any tips you have would be great! Thanks!

Sherry says · 06.07.17

This was an awesome peek into your life, thanks for sharing. Sounds like a busy yet fun time in your life. Your boys are just so cute !!!

Claire says · 06.07.17

I love how active your life is! Your boys are so lovely! I have a 2 year old and he keeps me active more than anything before!


Danielle says · 06.07.17

I love these posts too.
I also want to know when you typically get ready aka shower, hair, makeup etc.

Allison Vizzo says · 06.07.17

I’m totally into the solo dishes time too! Alone time with a little bit of background music while the kids play with my husband is just what I need at the end of the day.

Stacia says · 06.07.17

This is great. I’d love to see one on your work day also. Thanks!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 06.07.17

You have such a busy schedule! Good to stay active! 🙂

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Kendal says · 06.07.17

I love this little peak into your daily life! I don’t know why, but I’ve always loved reading these kinds of posts. Thank you for sharing 🙂

Kendal // Life With Kendal

Mary says · 06.07.17

Your day sounds a lot like mine. I work Tuesdays and Thursdays and I’m home with my 2 kids the rest of the week too. It’s so much easier to stay busy with them in the mornings. Makes the day go by quicker because we are up early (today it was 5:45) and my friends seem to prefer to get together before lunch too! Errands or planned activities in the afternoon just don’t work well right now!

Melissa M. says · 06.07.17

Your bible looks beautiful. What brand is it?

says · 06.07.17

Hi Melissa! It is a She Reads Truth bible – check them out here: http://shereadstruthbible.com/!

Mindy says · 06.07.17

Thank you for sharing! I had a thought the other day during an instastory where you mentioned how much travel you’ll be doing soon. I don’t mind if content on the blog is light during those times or if you’re not on social media because you’re just being a being a busy mom, like me! I work full time, have a 3 year old daughter and am pregnant with my second daughter. I worry about how busy my life will become in a few months and posts like this are good reminder to take one day at a time and always have snacks on hand!

Dorothy says · 06.07.17

Wow, they eat more breakfast than I do! 😃 Growing boys!

Gwen says · 06.07.17

That photo of Luke sucking his thumb…awwww. 🙂

Angie says · 06.07.17

Wow! Your day is so full of so many great and awesome memories that you’re making!! I wish I could break my day up like this!! Most of my days aren’t like the rest! lol! I need more of a schedule! Maybe I’d be more productive! lol 🙂 Love the picture of you 4 at the end! So sweet!!

Kay Nguyen says · 06.07.17

Your family is so cute! It’s always fun to have a peak at somebody else’s life, thanks for sharing <3


Rachel says · 06.07.17

Love your mom posts!! Well I love all your posts actually.

Charitie says · 06.07.17

You seem to have such a sweet relationship with your sons, carving out time to live life to the fullest in ways that are busy and engaging but also in the still and quiet after nap time. Not an easy balance to achieve.

Would love to hear what a day in your work life looks like on a Tuesday or Thursday!

Katie @ Live Half Full says · 06.07.17

Love seeing these glimpses into your day and I’m always so impressed how present you seem to be with your kids!

Jessica says · 06.07.17

This brought back such fond memories for me! My boys are now 12 and 8, and life looks quite different now, but I smiled reading this and remembering our days at home years ago. Such sweet times!

Nicole says · 06.08.17

What bible is that? Love the look of it.

Kelly says · 06.08.17

Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure its the She Read Truth Bible. I have the same one. It’s great!

Nicole says · 06.10.17

Thank you!

Sarah says · 06.12.17

I love day in the life posts! I’m sure this is a strange question- but do you shower and put makeup on at the gym or do you run back home to fix yourself up before doing the running? On days we get to the gym in the morning I’ve always gone back home to get ready but part of me is trying to figure out how to get it done at the gym so we can adventure shortly after!

Kate says · 06.13.17

I would be WAY too sweaty after the gym to make doing my hair and makeup beforehand worth it! I usually just take a quick shower but don’t wash my hair until much later in the day! And I don’t put on more makeup either

Emily says · 06.14.17

I’m glad to see you let the boys watch tv/iPad. I struggled with letting my son watch videos on the iPad while cleaning up but it’s so much easier to get things done while he’s occupied. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one!

Katherine says · 05.22.18

Hi there! I’m a new mom and I just want to thank you for all your positivity. I’ve since resigned from my teaching job to stay home with our little girl and I feel like a lot of moms (working or not) are very negative or act like a martyr. I even tried a Christian mom group and they kept saying to me “enjoy this time, it only gets busier” “enjoy drinking your full cup of tea” I’m so thankful my husband and I decided that me staying home was best and I want to enjoy each stage with the baby. I know things can get crazy and there are going to be better days than others but your positive outlook is very much appreciated! So thank you!