April + May Beauty Favorites

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It’s that time again, I’m rounding up my favorite beauty products from the last month (or so!). I’m a little behind on these videos, so I just grouped everything together that I’ve loved recently and added it to this video!

Products mentioned:

fresh Rose Deep Hydration Facial Toner

Tarte Skin Rejuvinating Maracuja Self Tanner with Mitt

St.Tropez Gradual Tan (more about that here!)

Caudalie Makeup Up Remover Cleansing Water

Kenra High Grip Spray

Redken Beach Envy Volume Shampoo

Redken High Rise Volume Shampoo

For more of my recent favorites, check out here and here!


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 05.18.17

Thank you for the video! It’s nice to hear about Fresh’s products, always wanted to try their stuff!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Amanda Healy says · 05.18.17

I was watching the video and said to myself ‘her eyes are looking HUGE today’ and then you mentioned your lash lift and I realized that’s why!! So after seeing how amazing it turned out for you, I am calling a salon that I found in Richmond TODAY that does lash lifts/tints for $75. We mammas need all the help we can get to look more awake, am I right? As always, loved this favorites video and coincidentally, just order the Tarte Self Tanner, so I am thrilled to find it among your favorites and am hopeful that it won’t turn my translucent skin orange!

Carissa says · 05.18.17

Love your lipstick color, so I followed the link underneath your photo but it connects to the Kenra product on Ulta. Any chance you could fix that you the lipstick color you have on… pweaz and thanks 🙂 Love your blog, youtube channel, instagram… everything! You’re so down to earth and have such great style!

Juliette | Namastay Traveling says · 05.18.17

This list is great! And I love that it’s affordable to look this lovely. I’ve only tried St. tropez tanning before but excited to test out these other products!

Frances says · 05.18.17

Do you mind telling me all of the makeup you have on? Your makeup looking amazing in this video!!!

Carrie says · 05.18.17

What color is you nail polish on this video?

Sarah says · 05.18.17

Hey Kate!

First off, I love the video and I look forward to trying/ looking into the products you mentioned. Second, I follow you on Instagram and I just wanted to let you know that you’ve been KILLING it in the makeup department. OK, you’ve always been killing it, but I have been LOVING your eye makeup/ liner. Is there a certain tutorial (already on here) that I can reference to or would you consider making a tutorial for your current instagram story makeup? 🙂

April says · 05.18.17

I recently tried the St. Tropez Gradual Tan after the previous post you did on the product, and this stuff is amazing…I can’t even say how impressed I am.
Can you please tell us what the color is of the nail polish you are wearing in the video??

Emily F says · 05.18.17

Love your videos! 🙂 Bummer about the shaving cream… But if you are looking for a good shaving cream (and have a Trader Joe’s nearby) you should try theirs!! It’s so good! And the ingredients are all really low on the EWG score. It’s Trader Joe’s Moisturizing Cream Shave (scent is Honey Mango). I love it!

Christina Sitton says · 05.18.17

Your makeup is beautiful this post! The lipstick link takes you to the shampoo. Can you share what it is? Such a pretty pink! Thanks

april says · 05.18.17

Hi kate! I am a long time follower of your blog. I was wondering if you have any knowledge about products for rosaecea? My thirty-something skin is really struggling. I am a stylist as well and always enjoy your opinions and recommendations.

katie says · 05.18.17

So I am sold on the redken shampoo and went to order it from your link. They are havinga 2 for $24 sale on the redken products (both shampoos) with a full size free gift of one of their masks. I ordered the redken mask on your rec a while ago (the one in the blue tube) and love it so I am trying the color extend mask. I am also trying one of the conditioners. Thought you might want to mention the sale! Thanks for your recommendations!

Jenna says · 05.18.17

I REALLY wish you would explore the shampoos without sulfates because sulfates are BAD! I refuse to use any shampoo with sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates because they strip and dry your hair. I have no more static in my hair during the winter becasue I switched. So it makes me sad when you recommend awesome shampoos that I will never ever buy because of the sulfates.

I am not sure if going green is important to you but standard shampoos are a host of toxic chemicals as well. I would be interested in your take on sonething a bit more organic and chemical free 🙂

Allie says · 05.18.17

Thank you for the recommendations!
You always find the best stuff!

Erin says · 05.18.17

Question about the Kenra Texture/Hold spray: Do I apply it to dry hair prior to using the curling iron or should I curl first then give the hair a spray? Thanks!

Lori says · 05.18.17

Hi Kate! Have you tried the St. Tropez in shower gradual tan??

Sherry says · 05.19.17

I have but returned it. After 5-6 uses I couldn’t tell one bit of difference.:(

Olivia says · 05.18.17

Where did you get your earrings? they’re so cute!!!

Brittney says · 05.18.17

Kate, you look especially stunning in this video! Can we get a tutorial of the makeup you used? 🙂

Caitlin says · 05.18.17

I’d love to know more about your makeup here! So gorgeous! I love that blusher and bronzer look

Aimee says · 05.18.17

I’m so glad you posted about Redken Volumizing Shampoos. I didn’t know they had that and I definitely need that for summer. Thank you!

Dana says · 05.18.17

You do have a glow in this video! have you been using Cara’s makeup still? The Maskcara?

Kayla says · 05.18.17

great picks, I actually use Tarte Self Tanner as well not to tan lol but to bronze up my skin 🙂

Sheer Beauty Blog

Melissa McC says · 05.18.17

I’d *love* it if you let us know how the Redken conditioners work. You’ve sold me on the shampoos and I struggglleeee to get some volume in my hair.

Ashley says · 05.18.17

I love your earrings! Where are they from?

Kay Nguyen says · 05.18.17

Your skin looks absolutely amazing and your hair is perfect! I will try the volume shampoo out, my hair is very thin so it barely has any volume 🙁


Ashley says · 05.18.17

Thanks for another great video! When will you do another “cubicle corner” chat vid? I really enjoyed the idea of you just turning your head and telling us cool things you’ve seen or thought about

Malia says · 05.19.17

I so went out and bought the Redken Beach Envy Shampoo and Pureology Hydrating conditioner combo! Basically bc I too live in NC and live for huge hair.🙌🏻 So excited to try it out! Thanks for the recommendations!!

Becky says · 05.19.17

I would love for you to do a review on Monat shampoo/conditioner. There are several ladies where I live that are selling it and claim they really love it.

Brittany says · 05.19.17

Hi Kate! In watching this vid it made me realize that you don’t use or talk about shampoos and conditioners specifically for color-treated hair as often as I would expect. Do you rotate those types, are they not as necessary to use to preserve the color, or what’s a good rule of thumb? Thanks!

Marsha Lyle says · 05.19.17

I love the color of the Starbucks cup. I can’t find it in my local store and was wondering if you could post the link where to buy? Thanks!

Amanda F says · 05.19.17

Kate!! Your makeup is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G in this video! Are you planning to do a tutorial (or at least give us the deets about products used) any time soon? It’s a little more dramatic, and I love it!

Katie says · 05.20.17

I ordered both shampoos and aquage last night!!! I have very fine and soft hair, do you recommend putting a texture spray on before I would curl it? Love your blog!!!

Touch of Confetti says · 05.21.17

I love fresh’ products and I loved was you said about the toner, I am definitely going to give it ago. Love your video.

M. x | http://www.touchofconfetti.com

Diane says · 05.23.17

Hello! I’m a big fan of your site and love watching your Instagram stories! I just got tape-in hair extensions and I am struggling to find alcohol free product I can use! Do you have any recommendations for a hairspray or texture spray? Or a dry shampoo? Thank you!