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Happy weekend! Any fun plans? I’m writing this up Friday night and am planning on going to the Farmer’s Market with the boys Saturday morning. I’m considering buying a lemon tree to pot outdoors-have you done that before? Any tips?

Did you catch my recent post about the AMAZING sunless tanner I found? I have already ordered a second bottle!!

I listened to a podcast where Charlotte Tillbury was interviewed and I was fascinated to hear her talk about her background and why she started her line! I was nodding along in agreement to so much of what she said. Specifically, she mentioned how you’ll often find a great eyeshadow palette with perfect colors and then like 3 shades that are insane. Like green, blue and red. It’s a waste of 3 perfectly good spots of more flattering colors! I’ve said that a thousand times, and it was funny to hear her say the same thing.

And I’ve always thought her palettes were *perfect*. Anyway, she launched a DRY sheet mask. Yep, totally dry. You just put it on and it’s there. I’m hugely, HUGELY skeptical but I have to remember that I’ve been consistently impressed with what she’s putting out into the beauty world so it has to be good, right? Have you tried it?

My sister recently experiences the joy of the Splendid thermal wrap cardigan and I was reminded to share the glory with you. I have one in grey and one in black and they are *perfection*.

A great mascara tip!


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 04.29.17

Woah, the dry sheet mask sounds crazily interesting!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Sarah O says · 04.29.17

Like you, I drink water with lemon every day. So yes I’ve thought about getting a lemon treee but have not. You should do it and let us know how it goesA! I have no idea how to grow them.

Tash says · 04.29.17

I love my Solendid wrap cardigan!!! I bought one in black to use on the plane for my honeymoon 4 years ago, and despite using it nonstop it’s still in perfect condition. I love the soft stretchy fabric, and it’s so warm!

Kay Nguyen says · 04.29.17

Great picks! Love those white shoes <3

Katie says · 04.29.17

I love that Splendid cardigan, I have had the cream for years now and still wear it frequently!

I’ve also had a Meyer lemon tree for about three years, I love it. Meyer lemons aren’t as tart as their conventional counterparts, they have a sweeter flavor. They’re only ripe once a year, in December, but each year I’ve gotten progressively more robust harvests. Last December I got over two dozen from my one small tree!

Courtney says · 04.29.17

What is thr podcast?

Goldie says · 05.02.17

I’m dying to know too! I recently started using her foundation and magic cream and my skin has never looked better. Thanks Kate!

Paige says · 05.03.17

Where did you get these white shoes? I love them!