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We had a busy busy busy weekend. It was full of really fun activities all day Saturday, and then Sunday moved a little bit slower to make up for the crazy day before.

Justin had to go to a band practice Saturday morning with a few friends so the boys and I went to the Farmers Market with my friend Jordan. She had never been before, and while it’s still a little bit early for the vast fruit and veggie options, there’s still a good variety available even now! I love going to the Farmer’s Market. Not only is it nice to support local farmers, but it’s also fun for the boys to run around a bit.

Their plant selection is enormous and I bought a huge fern that is currently taking over almost half of our front steps. I think I need to hang it up or something because that thing is going to trip people up when they come to our door!

At the market, Jordan mentioned she was going to get an Orangeade and I didn’t really think much of it. For some reason that registered as a carbonated orange drink in a can and then she walked back over to me with a clear plastic cup filled with a light orange drink with fresh orange slices and I was all “what is that tell me everything”.

Orangeade is like lemonade but with oranges. Profound, I know. As it turns out, it’s delicious and tastes like a drink made from the flavor of an orange creamsicle. It was light, sweet and had just the right amount of orange. Is this a Southern thing? Why haven’t I heard of this before? I’m certain this will be a few “must have” treat every time the boys and I go to the Farmers Market in the future.

And now for a random thought: I’ve mentioned to Justin a few times that I want to make a better effort this year of being in photos with my kids. I take so many photos of them, and often capture sweet moments of Justin and the boys together, but so often I’m behind the camera. Jordan is always so kind to offer to take quick pics of me and the boys when we’re hanging out but it’s as if my enthusiasm for a mother/son(s) photo puts off a “let’s act crazy and stop listening to mom” vibe to my kids! It usually takes about 20 shots and lots of coaxing to get the boys to *at least* look in the direction of the camera. And the outtakes usually involve an “I give up face” and some kind of shenanigans from the boys!

After the market, we rushed home for a quick lunch and then headed out to Durham to check out Touch a Truck. We went last year and the boys really enjoyed it. We were heading to an event at the arena that afternoon and I had to pick Justin up in Durham anyway, so it made sense to spend a bit of time there. Luke had fallen asleep in the car so it took him a few minutes to wake up but David jumped right into action.

After Touch a Truck, we drove over to PNC Arena to see the Harlem Globe Trotters. I remember going to this show when I was younger and was immediately excited to hear it was coming to Raleigh. Justin had taken David to a Monster Jam event a few months ago and it was a huge success, so I knew David would be into it. And this was the event we took a risk on by also bringing Luke, hopeful that he would be into it because it is all about basketballs!

The boys (and Justin and I!) were getting tired so it wasn’t a huge success, but it also wasn’t a huge flop either. We got snacks and did our best to watch the show with tons of “let’s run around by the concessions” breaks for Luke.

I think Luke’s only memory will be of the Dippin Dots ice cream because he was really into that!

We left about 2 hours into the show and had a quiet evening at home.

I love getting out and doing so many fun things like this, and I’m really enjoying the boys being at (or really close to!) an age where we can do this! This was a particularly busy day, but we all had a lot of fun. It will certainly be a fond memory for Justin and I.

(white dress, sandals, necklace, sunglasses)


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Elizabeth says · 03.27.17

Looks like such a fun weekend!
Xo, Elizabeth

Sherry says · 03.27.17

Band practice? What sort of band is he in? I try to read your blog every day and I don’t remember hearing about this before?

Maybe I missed something. Love the pics of you and the boys.

Kate says · 03.27.17

He’s helping a friend lead worship at a church camp this summer! He plays guitar and sings 🙂

Wakecogal says · 03.27.17

I absolutely love the fresh drinks at the farmers market! I always ask for a blend, which has lemon, lime, orange, & cherries 😀 Soo tasty! Oh & if you are wanting an orangeade fix you can always get a fresh squeezed one from HWY 55 @ Crabtree 😀

Kate says · 03.27.17


Corrie says · 03.29.17

Yes!!! This is what I get every time…a combo. It is life changing! 🙂

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 03.27.17

Sounds like a fun and eventful weekend! I’ve always wanted to go to a farmer’s market myself, wish they were more common where I live!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Jennifer piggott says · 03.27.17

Love your sandals…. where did you get them?

Kate says · 03.27.17

just added a link!

Meagan M says · 03.27.17

I love the shirt you wore the basketball game! Where’s it from?

Kate says · 03.27.17

It’s from Tj Maxx!

Stephanie says · 03.27.17

Sounds like a fun weekend! And that orange drink sounds amazing! If you can find a make at home version, you should share!


Olivia says · 03.27.17

Such an adorable post!! New post/ http://www.oliviaschueller.com

Kelly Hall says · 03.27.17

Orangeade is the BEST!! I live in upstate NY and they can always be found at the fairs during the summer. Definitely a must have!

Kristin S says · 03.27.17

Yes to Orangeade.
Yes to our awesome Farmers’ Market!
Now, dish about that dress. It’s so perfect for summer when I want nothing touching me.

Kristin S says · 03.27.17

And, just saw the link you added.

Mandy says · 03.27.17

That orangeade sounds so good right now! Must be a southern thing though because I’ve never seen it in Iowa.

I think it’s great that you’re making the effort to get in photos more with your kids, that’s one of my goals this year too. The thing I found that works with my 2 year old is to just “practice” at home where there’s less pressure to get a nice picture. I bring my camera out a lot so he’s used to it, then when we are in public we are much more likely to get at least a few nice, posed pictures 🙂 just a thought!

Teresa says · 03.27.17

Thanks for sharing looks like you had a great weekend!!
I actually got to meet one of the Globe Trotters in person.
Love all the pics.

Celine says · 03.27.17

Love the colour of your polish! What brand/colour?

Caitlin says · 03.27.17

Sounds like a fun weekend! I love your sunglasses! I just ordered them – thanks for the find. I noticed them on your insta so I was happy to see them linked here.

Laura says · 03.27.17

Oh my gosh, that Orangeade sounds and looks amazing! How have I never noticed it at the Farmer’s Market?! I will definitely make a trip soon to try it out!

Bethany says · 03.31.17

Hi Kate,

I bought the white dress from Target and love it. I know you mentioned you bought a slip for it on Amazon. Do you have the link for that? There are so many options on Amazon and I would love our opinion.