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Fresh Makeup for Spring

One of the most requested songs in my van is “I Like to Move It” from the Madagascar 5 album. We haven’t seen the movie, but that song came on my kids Pandora station awhile back, and ever since then it’s become a favorite.

From his car seat, Luke will usually yell, “LOUD! LOUD mom!” over and over until I turn it up loud! They’ll kick their legs, wiggle in their seats, and laugh throughout the whole song. These two are MOVERS.

I was chatting with my friend Jenna a few years ago about kids clothes and she mentioned to me that she liked how I always dressed the boys in casual, easy clothes that allowed them to move. She only had girls at the time and said she could imagine dressing her son, if she ever had one, in similar outfits. As it turns out, she now has a 6-month-old boy! And while he’s still wearing a lot of infant clothes, like onesies, I plan on letting her raid my boys’ clothes boxes for any other outfits that she’d like to borrow once he gets a little bigger.

Well, H&M must have had the word “easy” on their mind when they released their Spring line for kids. Everything can be mixed and matched which makes it so easy to get my boys dressed. And right now, you can mix and match these adorable tops and bottoms for $9.99 (and check out these adorable girl’s styles too!).

David’s at the age where I can tell him to go grab a shirt and pants from his room, so I tend to keep his drawers pretty slim with just a few basics. I can easily slip these into the mix since they all go so well together.

My favorite feature, though, of the whole line is the interior elastic waistband on the pants! Either that, or how lightweight the pants are. Both are high on my list of important things for my kids’ pants.

My boys have never been skinny kids, so I’ve always battled the need to size up so it’s not too tight on the waist, but then it ends up being too long in the legs. While these pants are still a bit long for them, I love the adjustable waist feature. It buys so many more months of use for the clothes!

Robot T-shirt, Grey Cotton ChinosT-Rex T-shirtDark Blue Cotton Chinos 

David was particularly excited to have a dinosaur shirt because the rest of his wardrobe it mainly comprised of truck t-shirts. He walked into the bathroom as Justin was getting ready and said, “Look dad! I have a dinosaur-us rex on my shirt!” It was so sweet.

I can say with certainty that we’ll be living in these H&M clothes this spring!


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 03.29.17

I’ve always loved H&M clothes, haha, I shop there all the time. Their clothes are true to size as well.

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Stephanie says · 03.29.17

Your boys are so cute. I think Luke is your twin.

And lets be fair, I can think of a lot of adults that would also be excited to have T Rex on their shirt. 🙂


Darcy says · 03.29.17

Your boys are adorable! And we love H & M shirts – they are so soft! I figure my son has his whole life in front of him to “look sharp”, so for now – I focus on comfort and soft clothes so he can just have fun. 🙂

Tiffany says · 03.29.17

Your boys are seriously the sweetest things ever! It makes me wish my kids were that young again (mine are 9, 12 and 14.) Enjoy these days, they really do go by faster than you can believe!

christine says · 03.29.17

Is David doing yoga!!! So impressed 🙂

Patti says · 03.29.17

Oh my gosh. If you are back in the Chicagoland anytime soon, the Marriott Lincolnshire has an awesome kids production of Madagascar! You and your boys would love it. It’s just about an hour long, so even young children can make it through. I was there with my first graders recently and they loooooved it (so did I actually).

Bev Philipp says · 03.29.17

I love H&M for myself and for my little boy! Let’s not forget about the 15% discount you receive when you turn in any old recycled clothes to their stores too!

Adrienne says · 03.29.17

The picture of David stretching! The best! And now I have to go to H&M to shop for my boys.

Katy says · 03.30.17

Is this a sponsored post? It reads like one but there’s no disclaimer.

Kate says · 03.31.17

the disclaimer is the first sentence of the post.

Katy says · 03.31.17

Maybe my computer is acting up, but the first sentence I see of the post reads “One of the most requested songs in my van is “I Like to Move It” from the Madagascar 5 album. We haven’t seen the movie, but that song came on my kids Pandora station awhile back, and ever since then it’s become a favorite.” I don’t see a disclaimer in there. ???

Kate says · 03.31.17

It’s above the first image. It’s the very first thing you see within the post body.

Cheri says · 04.01.17

I went to H&M years ago in Germany, I forgot they were in the US. Thanks for the reminder.
At the risk of sounding like a silly fan girl, this is the first time I’ve left a comment and I have to tell you how adorable you and your little guys are. When I read your posts they make me happy, you are always smiling!
My daughters read your blog too. We pull up your hair tutorials and practice on each other.