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I’m full-blown into the tassel trend. I don’t know what it is but it’s such a fun way to add a little something extra to your outfit.

I’m not one for overly “loud” statement pieces, but delicate tassel jewelry or even tassels on a cute pair of sandals are just feminine enough and just fun enough to feel more special.

I picked up #9 last week and have found that it goes with everything. I love how simple but not boring it is–and you know I keep it PRETTY simple with my wardrobe/personal style. Plus it’s a nice creamy white so you can pair it with any outfit or practically any other jewelry you own.

A few months ago I hosted a meet up at Moon and Lola and was gifted these pretty earrings that are now on sale! These are my go-to when I’m a bit more dressed up than usual. But on that note, I think that’s the thing that makes tassels so easy to wear-they can be added to even the most casual outfit and not look too fancy. OR they can be the perfect statement to a dressier look.

Have you found any tassel accessories that you love? I have a feeling this is just the beginning of the trend, and we’ll be seeing it all summer long! 

You can find more accessories I’m loving right now on my shop page!


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amy says · 03.14.17

Just picked up #4 when Old Navy had their 40% off everything sale the other day (and nabbed the peep toe booties you showed a while back). So cute! I’m hoping these spring-y purchases make this northeastern blizzard get outta here 😉

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 03.14.17

I’ve taken quite a liking to tassel earrings after seeing them online several times. The pink ones you featured are cute.

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Elizabeth says · 03.14.17

SO many great tassel picks! Loving the trend!
Xo, Elizabeth

Marta says · 03.14.17

Tassels are so cute and fun! I love them and I love your picks as well.

Kara says · 03.14.17

You should check out Natalie Borton’s jewelry. She has cute tassel nacklaces and ear rings.

Sam says · 03.14.17

I just bought a pair of tassel earrings and a necklace! I’m loving this trend!

Tess says · 03.14.17

Can never go wrong with tassels!
xx Tess |Sequins are the New Black

Melanie says · 03.14.17

Help! I have tried shopping the links & for some reason it always takes me to nail polish. Any suggestions are appreciated!

Melanie says · 03.14.17

I should clarify that it is on your shop page….

Megan says · 03.14.17

Love those sandals in number 4!

Lauren says · 03.14.17

I’m in love with tassel earrings lately. I just wrote a post about them as well! Number 8 are my favorite.

Alexis says · 03.14.17

I’m not a tassel person but I love the first pair of sandals and handbag!

Alexis|| https://lidsandtricks.com/

Chelsey says · 03.14.17

I’ve been eyeing those Old Navy tassel sandals for weeks now! I need to just buy them!! 🙂

allison says · 03.14.17

i just bought those old navy sandals in black! so cute, thanks for the tip!

Louise says · 03.15.17

I love that cute little cream coloured hassle bag! Tassels make me think of summer, sunshine, and all things happy.

Louise x x

Maddy says · 03.16.17

Great post! I’m obsessed with those amazing tassel earrings! Thanks for sharing!

long silver tassel necklace says · 01.11.19

I am too in love with the tassels be it slippers or clothes. It is quite a IN now!

Nicholetta Kritikos says · 02.20.19

Explained very well!! thanks for sharing this beautiful information about tassel earrings.