10 Things You May Not Know About Me

My favorite (and easy to use) eyebrow products

Changing things up a bit this week with a new type a video: 10 things you may not know about me!

Topics include the little dipper, mayonnaise, and an odd job* I had in college. And more.


blouse, earrings

PS. You can see more of my recent videos here and here! and a pretty dress


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Stephanie says · 03.31.17

YES!!!! Mayonnaise is the worst creation ever as is math. I need my hands to do addition. Luckily, though, also for me, my guy was a math major in college, so I can also hand the kids over and be like “go to your dad….you should know this because you’re learning it, but go to your dad, I don’t know and don’t want to know.”

I also never wash my jeans either. Unless they’re actually dirty. I just hate how they feel after they’ve been washed.


Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 03.31.17

You should’ve totally gone with Starlight. Reminds me of that book, Stargirl, I once read. xD

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Catherine says · 04.04.17

Yes, I agree! I loved that book!

Lucy says · 03.31.17

What is your amazing lipstick in this post!?

Erin Ens says · 03.31.17

ddfThe show was called Figure it Out!

Emily says · 03.31.17

eLove this post! You are too funny!

Noel M says · 03.31.17

This was awesome! The Lee Jeans experts say only wash your jeans if they get stained.

Ashley says · 03.31.17

You are too cute! I love how you’re personality is showing more and moreYou are too cute! I love how you’re more extroverted personality is starting to show more and more. And don’t hate me, but I LOVE mayonnaise!

Ashley says · 03.31.17

Ugh, I couldn’t really see my comment as I was typing (the page was cut off weird) so I tried doing it blind. I thought I deleted all of it and started over. Apparently not. Now it’s working fine. Oh well!

Evelyn says · 03.31.17

Love this! Didn’t know any of those! Now I’murious about the tatoos! I have one too. And nmber 10 I could have guessesd, there are 2 types of people in this world!

Lauren says · 03.31.17

LOVE your eye makeup – is there a tutorial somewhere?

Brenda Cavender says · 08.16.17

I agree. I’d love to know the eye products you are wearing in this video.

Betsy says · 04.04.17

My name is Betsy, so I of course, I love that name. MY name is Betsy!!

Courtney says · 04.09.17

The girl who doesn’t like math makes us do math to leave a comment. Love you and your blog. Always makes me smile!

Betsy says · 04.19.17

My name is Betsy (obviously) and I just wanted to than kyou for sharing. That totally made my day!

Christen says · 08.16.17

The show was Figure it Out! Loved it!