my favorite way to apply eyeliner

Is your skin dull and resembling the Sahara desert? Me too. Here’s what to try.


My lipstick is Tatin by Bite.

I can’t remember the last time I applied eyeliner without using an angled brush pressed into a cream or stick eyeliner/shadow. I love the precision and how fast it is. My only complaint is that it dirties up a brush that needs to be cleaned, but it’s so worth it. And I’ve found that if I wipe my brush against a makeup wipe, the liner won’t get too dry and clumpy, and I can reuse it again the next day.

My angled brush, though, was a touch too big to get a tight line of liner, so I used a gift card to Sephora last week and found the tiniest little eyeliner brushes. And they were 50% off at the time!


My favorite is this angled liner brush. It’s natural to hold, and allows you to get the product super close to the base of your lashes.

I found a few others, at various price points, to look into! I’ve only tried the two from Sephora, but I really love Sonia Kashuk makeup brushes so I’m sure those are fantastic as well.

And my eyeliner product of choice these days is the Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick in either Bark or Rich Caviar. It’s creamy and lives up to the long-wear name. I think some of the lighter shades could be really beautiful eyeshadow colors, but I’m not a huge fan of stick eye products other than liners!

Have you tried applying eyeliner like this? You really should. It may seem like it takes longer, but there is so much less “clean up” around a messy line from a liner that drags that it ends up being pretty quick!

Also, here’s my favorite eye shadow trick and tips for simple & natural eyebrows!


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Sarah says · 01.12.17

When applying eye liner how far into the center of the eye (closest to the water ducts) do you go..or should you go?

Karly says · 01.12.17

Yes, I love applying eyeliner like this. I have an old black from a local makeup boutique that I still use occasionally. It last forever also. I think its time to upgrade and try the bobby brown, maybe in Espresso Ink!

Liz says · 01.12.17

I would love to see a video tutorial on this liner method!!

Blush & Pearls says · 01.12.17

I use a similar eyeliner brush from e.l.f. cosmetics. Had to get used to it at first, but now I use it daily.

Blush & Pearls by Angela

Anna Lyon says · 01.12.17

Yes! I love applying eyeliner this way! I either use the black shadow from the Maybelline nudes pallete or the black from a tarte pallet I have. I usually dampen my brush and then press it into my lash line. I absolutely love the result and will probably never go back to a pencil or kohl liner!

Kristina says · 01.12.17

I always use a little angled brush for eyeliner, it makes it so easy and precise!

Kristina does the Internets

Sophie says · 01.12.17

Need to try this! Sophie x

Jennifer F. says · 01.12.17…. When I discovered how to apply eyeliner with a brush it was a game changer! I do not have a steady hand so my lines would look like a kindergartner drew them on. However once I discovered the brush and little pot of gel liner…WOW! It was the most dramatic Eureka moment in all my years of wearing make-up. My eyes really POP now and as someone who wears glasses it has made a huge impact. Love, love, love using a brush now!!!

Christina says · 01.12.17

I love applying eye like this. I like to also take a small angle brush and press it up underneath my eye lashes. Kinda like tight-lining, but not as dramatic.

Lizzy says · 01.12.17

Great timing Kate! I have been so fed up with my eyeliner lately. The pencil sheds when sharpening, the stick breaks off. I’m so frustrated! Sometimes I use eyeshadow but I don’t have a tiny brush like this. I’m going to get one asap to try it out. When you use a cream eye shadow stick, you just dab the brush on it? I’ve been filling in my eye brows every day with a pomade from NYX, you would be so proud. Thank you for all the make up tips!

Kate says · 01.13.17

Yep, I press the brush into the cream eyeshadow stick! Couldn’t be easier!

Stavros says · 01.12.17

Nice way to apply eyeliner. Looks like a thin brush for painting. I’ll get mine too. Thanks for the tip.

Wendy says · 01.12.17

I have the same brush! It’s a great way to apply eyeliner, completely agree! I’m excited to try the cream shadow sticks!

Angie says · 01.12.17

Love your nail polish! What’s the color 🙂
Thank you so much!

Agata says · 01.13.17

Are the bristles on this Sephora liner brush stiff or soft? I just got an angled eyeliner brush from Inglot but the bristles are so soft that it’s really hard to use it with a cream product.

Kate says · 01.13.17

Soft but they are tightly packed so they hold their shape!

Lauren says · 01.13.17

Love that lip color! What color is it?

Sandy Bowen says · 01.13.17

Yep, had to go get this bent liner brush today after seeing Kate’s post! I can’t wait to try this technique. Anybody else run to get one at Sephora like me?!?

Hailee says · 01.14.17

I love your ring! Where is it from?!

Maria Ritter says · 01.17.17

Could you please upload a video tutorial on how to make a perfect winged eyeliner with this method? 🙂

Reply says · 02.21.17

I love applying eyeliner this way! I either use the black shadow from the Maybelline nudes pallete or the black from a tarte pallet I have.

Alex Parker says · 12.20.17

That’s nice. I will use Sephora too.

Annie says · 11.06.20

I bought a brush similar to this by e.l.f and LOVE it!! I can’t apply eyeliner properly to save my life and this is a game changer!