Some loot I found by accident

Highlights of 2016: Beauty


Will be living in this tank year round, I’m certain. Lipstick shade is Tatin by Bite.


I ran to the mall one evening this week because I had a return, but wound up finding crazy sales at a few of my favorite stores!

This is a super comfortable everyday bra. I bought nude and black, but there are a lot more fun color options if that’s your cup of tea.

I don’t love the sleeve length on these, but after I rolled them up twice the shirt looked much better on me. I picked a green and off white shade!

I love how this twist back shirt breathes during a work out! I wore it this week and it was comfortable and moved with me, and kept me cool! I also picked up another one of the high neck chi tanks because I wear my black and white striped one so much. Too often I’ll be doing burpee’s and feel a little too exposed in normal tank tops that aren’t high neck.

Finally, I had a gift card to Nordstrom, and saw this Zella tee on sale so I grabbed it!

Clearly this became a workout wear focused trip! My Asics just got small holes in the interior heel area so I’m beginning the hunt for an additional pair to break in in the meantime. I’ve got my eyes on these New Balance sneakers.

In other news, I saw these at Target recently and while I certainly don’t need anymore booties, you should consider them. They look awesome!

Have you scored anything during these end of year sales? 



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alexis says · 12.30.16

I just bought a pair of New Balance sneakers for $15 on amazon!!! I has been searching for a new pair and when I saw the price, I couldn’t pass them up. They are super comfortable and just what I was looking for. A simple black, low profile sneaker!

Lauren says · 12.30.16

Do you have a link? Would love to try these!

Ashley G says · 01.01.17

I was super excited by the awesome 75% off sale on Old Navy’s website.

kerry mcelligott says · 01.01.17

i love the thought of that flowy tshirt! have you had any issues with holes wearing in the bottom front of tshirts lately? so annoying!

keith says · 01.02.17

Charlotte Tilsbury is breakout star of the year!!