3 Tips for Family Photos with Little Kids

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Something magical happened when Jordan shot these family photos last year. The boys were happy, the weather was chilly but not freezing, and the light was perfect.

We hopped the fence into this particular park since we were there just a few minutes before it “officially” opened to the public and got reprimanded for it, but other than that it was just a perfect shoot!

With family photo season in full swing, I thought I’d share a few things I’ve learned about photo shoots with kids!

  1. Make sure their clothes aren’t brand new or too stiff. If they are comfortable, they’ll be much happier. I regret putting David in this vest because it blocked some of his face! If you are getting a new outfit for your kids, try it on them and then launder it as needed so it softens up a bit.
  2. Be realistic about a toddler’s tolerance for such an event. David *just* recently started smiling on command for photos. It’s still a bit of an “expressionless eyes but showing all the teeth” look, but it’s cute nonetheless. There have been shoots with the boys that are a train wreck just because neither are interested in cooperating. And thats okay, they are kids! They don’t know the value of a family photo yet! So, try to get them involved. Give them a mission or a reason for smiling. Bribery doesn’t work really great with David, but if I tell him that we’ll send this picture to his tractor at Grandma and Grandpa’s house in Illinois he will give THE BIGGEST SMILE! And if they need a break, and your photographer is fantastic like Jordan, let them see what happens behind the lens. Maybe see if they can press the shutter so get involved in the event. They may be more intrigued if they think it’s play or something for them.

Be open to individual shots or just couple shots. After some magical family shots, David was getting antsy, so Justin ran around with him on his back and jordan got the SWEETEST photos of David having the time of his life. Be silly and have fun with your kids. Those photos are much more fun to look at and always make me smile.View More: http://jordanmaunder.pass.us/bryan

View More: http://jordanmaunder.pass.us/bryan

Hiring a photographer you feel comfortable with and who is great at his or her job will help immensely. When it’s all said and done the shoot itself doesn’t usually take long, but if you have fun while doing it, you’ll love the photos you get from it for a lifetime.

Jordan Maunder is a dear friend who started as my photographer. I highly recommend her for anything you need photos of. This post was not sponsored.

More photos with Jordan here and here!


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Dominique says · 11.10.16

What a beautiful family!!! 🙂

Megan says · 11.10.16

I love when they are in that awkward forced smile stage. Getting in trouble for sneaking into a park is too funny! Adorable family

Kelly says · 11.10.16

Jordan is doing our family photos this weekend. Can. Not. Wait. Thank you for bringing her into our lives. 🙂 any advice on how to pick outfits? I hear there are stylists now just to pick out your outfits?!?!

Joyce says · 11.10.16

I love this last picture. It is priceless! He loves the love he’s getting from him momma!

Meredith @ The Sun's Up Somewhere says · 11.10.16

Jordan does nice work! I really like the maternity ones she did of you (pregnant with David). I love happy candids of my boys too (17 months apart)! It’s SO RARE to get a shot of both of them looking or smiling…toddlers, man. 😉

Blush & Pearls says · 11.10.16

Great tips, but I don’t know how you got that perfect family shot! My daughter never stays still for photos. Not even with bribes!

Angela / Blush & Pearls

Hildy says · 11.10.16

I do our own family photos each year, with a dslr and a wireless remote. I started letting the kids hold the remote and press the trigger, so they feel involved and more likely to sit still. I also let them have their favorite stuffed animal with them. It’s calming, and I actually like having beloved Bunny and Baby in some of the shots because it’s such a sweet memory of their favorite companions. 🙂

Sydni says · 11.10.16

Can I add that if you are a parent one a little one, make sure that YOU are smiling for the photo!! I take photos of my family’s & friends’ little ones every now and then, and the WORST thing is when the kids look at the photo but the parents mouths are wide open trying to direct their children! Let the photographer (and grandma, or assistant, or whoever else is behind the lens) attract the kids’ attention, and you just stand there smiling so I can take a ton of photos! That will let me keep snapping away until I can get one of everybody smiling instead of just half the people in the photo 🙂

Stacia | Pretty Poppy Peony says · 11.10.16

These are such sweet photos!! Your tips are also really helpful and stuff my photographer friends have talked about before in conversations I’ve had with them.

Andrea says · 11.10.16

Your family is so beautiful! One of my coworkers asked me to take their Christmas card photos last year. She has an active little boy and it was so hard to get him to sit still! I remember running around trying to get a good shot. It was a fun experience.


anonymous says · 11.10.16

Wow! Those pictures are amazing! Your family is so beautiful!

BethAnn says · 11.10.16

love jordan! she’s the BEST in Raleigh!

Joe says · 11.10.16

We took a small bubble machine to a photo shoot with us once. The kids loved it. They played and we got great shots with genuine smiles. Best $6 I could’ve spent. 😁

Sarah Chavis says · 11.10.16

Great photos, you all look so happy! Thank you for sharing them with us!
Wish me luck I am getting my daughters Christmas photos done this Sunday (she’s 2).

Donna says · 11.11.16

When you come back to Michigan, could you please bring Jordan, Lauren and Nicole with you, I have a great idea that involves a hair stylist, photographer, fashion guru and an assistant ❤️#bestfamilypicturesever

Elishia says · 11.13.16

These are such beautiful pictures, really lovely and so natural. I love family portraits, but so often you have photographers who aren’t adapting to the characters in the family.


Nicole says · 11.13.16

Your children are just precious! Thank you for the tips. Santa pictures coming up soon 😁

Stevie says · 11.18.16

Giving the kid his favorite toy might also help