The FALL Fab Fit Fun Box!

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The fall Fab Fit Fun box is true to it’s name! These boxes are full of full size products (plus a few bonus items that are just sample sized) and it’s really a surprise every season. Each box is $49.99 but has a value over $200 each season, plus you can get your first box for $10 off with the code SMALLTHINGS10 !

Watch my unboxing video below!

Which item were you most excited about? In case you need a list to refresh your memory:

  • ModCloth Plaid Blanket Scarf
  • Pure Cosmetics Nude Collection Eyeshadow Palette
  • Mullein & Sparrow Lavender Body Oil
  • Skin Laundry Night Serum
  • The Brow Gal Brow Gel
  • FabFitFun & Pencils of Promise Adult Coloring Books & Colored Pencils
  • Toe Sox Yoga Socks
  • The Created Co. Coffee To-Go Cup
  • Spongelle Rose Scented Sponge
  • Bonus items: Cottonelle Cleansing Cloths & Secret Deodorant


This unboxing video was sponsored by FabFitFun. This is my impression of the FabFitFun box and all opinions are my own.


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Michele says · 10.10.16

Your enthusiasm alone sold me on this box. For real. My dentist would love you to call me with the same enthusiasm so I’d, you know…go.

Not that anyone’s husbands opinion should matter, but I’m curious about his reaction to your bangs. I’ve been a lifelong bang girl…34 years and counting! My husband claims he hates them, BUT he asked me out when I had bangs, dated me with bangs, proposed to me with bangs, married me with bangs, and made a beautiful baby with me with bangs. AND the girl he dated before me (we all worked retail together at that point) had phone book thick bangs. So clearly, he doesn’t LIKE bangs…he LOVES them! His commentary on bangs has never influenced my particular style of bangs at any given moment, because my mom didn’t raise that kind of gal, but since so many men have very clear convictions of if they are pro or anti bangs, I’d like Justin to weigh in. Mostly because I hope he loves them and I can rub it in my husbands face;)

But your sass in this video….you don’t even know how much it did for me this morning. Thank you for you. Always.

Kate says · 10.10.16

Well I think Justin would say the bangs are not his favorite but, like you, I make my own hair decisions :). Of COURSE I want him to like my hair, but this was one of those things that I always wondered about and it’s just hair for crying out loud. There’s a particular kind of shirt that he wears that I don’t like, but I know he really likes it so I just don’t say anything. And the same could be said for him in regards to my bangs–doesn’t really love them but isn’t actively campaigning against them (especially since they are already here!)

Michele says · 10.10.16


Also, I forgot to ask if the boxes are one of those things where you answer survey questions and they pick things based on your answers, or if it’s the same box for everyone? I got so hung up on boys and bangs that I forgot to ask that all important question!

Regina B. says · 10.10.16

The promo code isn’t working for me. It says invalid code. Any suggestions?

Beth Tessier says · 10.10.16

First of all…YOUR BANGS!!! ??
Secondly, I love the blanket scarf and the coffee to go cup! What a fun box! Thank you so much for sharing with us!

Janie Cassady says · 10.10.16

I love that scarf! I also love your hair!!

Elizabeth says · 10.10.16

I have been dying for this box – loving all the goodies inside!

Angie Guerin says · 10.10.16

The promocode is not working for me.

Susan Schnitzler says · 10.10.16

Yup…I said she’s adorable after watching your video! You’re a breath of fresh air!

Stephanie says · 10.10.16

The promo code is not working for me. Should I contact the company?

Cortney P says · 10.10.16

Same here, promo code not working 🙁

bree says · 10.10.16

your new bangs are precious. every time i see a new picture, you look so happy and fall like 🙂

Kristen says · 10.10.16

Love this!!
Also, random question..where is your top from in the video?

Sherry says · 10.11.16

Old Navy

Kristen says · 10.11.16


Erin @ Her Heartland Soul says · 10.10.16

I want that blanket scarf and that coffee cup! Too cute!

Abby says · 10.10.16

Kate you look great! Are you still doing the Whole 30?

Dana says · 10.10.16

The promo code isn’t working for me, either.

lisa says · 10.10.16

i am loving the coffee cup! it keeps my coffee warm for quite awhile! i am also looking forward to cooler temps to try out the scarf!

Bre carroll says · 10.10.16

yea so glad you loved it! My friend works for this great company and asked me who my favorite blogger is that might like a box. I gave him your information because you are the one who got me into subscription boxes. I received one of their boxes after signing up and couldn’t believe how great it was. Wonderful quality and so much fun stuff! Thanks for reviewing it!

Ellen says · 10.10.16

Great video! I’m so tempted to get this box! Will you share some more in depth thoughts on the products once you’ve had a chance to use them? I’d be curious to see what you think of the quality of the eyeshadow palette in particular. Thanks!

Jessica Hess says · 10.10.16

I’m curious about your thoughts on the eyeshadow pallet once you tried it? I love your videos and thoughts! So helpful!

Trinity says · 10.10.16

I love your bangs! I think getting them was a great choice! ???

dar says · 10.10.16

love this! Where is your cute top from?

Ashley says · 10.10.16

YOUR BANGS ARE AWESOME SAUCE!!! You look so vibrant and happy in them. It’s like you are simultaneously pulling off “sexy” AND “cute” without even trying! Keep them!

Misty says · 10.10.16

I was so, so excited about the eyeshadow palette!! And your bangs-killer!!

Jonda says · 10.10.16

You look great, so slim and vibrant! Love the bangs and how you styled your hair. Any chance of a styling tutorial for it? That color shirt is amazing on you. Can you share where you got it from? It’s so pretty and feminine. Enjoyed the box opening too!

Dorian says · 10.10.16

Loved your video…LOVE your bangs (I’ve had them my whole life!) and you sold me on the box but unfortunately I was hoping for the FALL box too (I really wanted the eye shadow palette) but what I get is the WINTER box…..oh well, I’ll still try it and hope for some fabulous things!

Janel says · 10.10.16

You are SO HAPPY in this video! I love the bangs, you are beautiful!

Corie says · 10.10.16

You are the cutest and that alone may sell me on signing up for these boxes! 😉

Jennifer says · 10.10.16

The toe socks are actually for yoga or barre. They help keep you from sliding all over in floor work.

My favorite thing in that box is the cup! The lettering on it is by @jenniegietzen on Instagram who does hand lettering art. I love lots of other things in there too but that’s my very favorite!

Hannah says · 10.10.16

OMG I am sold! So excited to get the Winter box – and the 10$ off code works now, just FYI 🙂

And I think I’m just repeating everyone else, but I LOVE your bangs!

liz says · 10.10.16

I would love a box! Also, I’m currently having an Urban Decay giveaway and will have a new giveaway every Friday with products from UD, Too Faced, Buxom, Hourglass, Fresh and more! You should come check it out. 🙂

Bomi Lee says · 10.10.16

I did it …and waiting for Winter box

Shyanna says · 10.11.16

I know I am a day late and you probably won’t see this but Oh My Gosh I love your bangs! They look SO good on you. I know you are the one that has to live with them but I hope you keep them. If I could get my bangs to look like that I would be getting them cut TODAY!!!

jerseygirl says · 10.11.16

A few Instagram posts about the fall box made me join in on the fun two weeks ago. I’m actually wearing the cozy scarf today (red/tan/green plaid) and I love the spongelle & eye shadow palette!!

Jordan G says · 10.11.16

Oh so many fun products! Wish they weren’t sold out of the fall box! You’ve convinced me to try out Fab Fit Fun! I subscribe to Causebox and LOVE getting a fun package in the mail. Thanks for sharing!

Amanda Chase says · 10.12.16

I threw a baby shower for my sister-in-law this past weekend and needed some last minute prizes for a few of the games we played. My newly opened FabFitFun box was sitting on my desk in the office, and while I was sad to see them go, I knew they would make the most fabulous prizes ever! My cousin, who is a beauty GURU, won the eye shadow palette and said to me “Dang! You spent some major coinage on these prizes!” NOPE. I didn’t. But that’s my little secret… LOVE the FabFitFun box! (BTW: the Modcloth scarf didn’t get anywhere NEAR the prize table… That was MY favorite item in this season’s box and I kept it for my own prize!) 🙂

Julie says · 10.18.16

I haven’t be satisfied with my Birthboxes as of late, so going to give this a try!

Jennifer says · 12.08.16

Can you share the eyeshadow brand and colors you’re wearing in this video? Actually all your makeup shades are beautiful, but I’m on the hunt for the perfect taupe eyeshadow. 🙂