Sweet family time

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Hello! Is it Monday already?!

A week ago Sunday, Justin + the boys and I flew up to Illinois and then went straight to my parents’ lake house in Wisconsin. Justin left mid-week for a work trip and the boys and I stayed until friday, when my sister flew back with us.

It was the most relaxing vacation we’ve had since having the boys. Part of that was my mind set, and part of that was the boys’ age. They did great (GREAT!) on the airplane and slept perfectly in a new place the whole week. I couldn’t have asked for a better time with family.

The older I get, the more I dislike how far away I am from my immediate and extended family. While I’m grateful to live near my in-laws, I do wish we were all closer for more casual times together, like “c’mon over for breakfast”, you know?

Anyway, other than the fun from the week + weekend with my sister, I have to admit it was nice to step back from social media + e-mail for the time as well. I checked on a few things, but I intentionally wanted to take this past week to clear my head a little bit and recharge for what will likely be a full + busy fall!

But I missed y’all. Also, I said “y’all” to the hostess at Giordano’s in Chicago so that was a first for me. It didn’t even register that it was coming out of my mouth, it felt so natural.

I guess 10 years in the South will do that to you.

I am getting back into the swing of things around here and also on snapchat (K8_smallthings), and it feels good to have a little more excitement than usual about getting back to work.

Hope your Monday is good to you, regular content will be resuming very shortly.


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Alyssa says · 09.12.16

Aw! That sounds like such a wonderful trip! Family time and some time away from social can be just what the doctor ordered sometimes. I’m excited to hear you’re excited to be back at it. I know I can speak for other readers when I saw we love your content. Definitely love that you gave yourself a break though! You deserve it!

Abby says · 09.12.16

That sounds so wonderful! My husband and children and I live 4 hours from our families and while that’s not too far, we can’t say c’mon over for breakfast so I can definitely relate!

Nicole says · 09.12.16

MMMmmm Giordano’s! My mouth is watering! Their deep dish is the best!

Mel says · 09.12.16

Awwwww so sweet! Sounds wonderful!!!!

Mel | http://www.thegossipdarling.com

Kristin says · 09.12.16

I love your sisters hair! Do you know what she curled it with?

noel says · 09.12.16

I just had to comment and tell you I am obsessed with your hair!!! Eek, I’ve been platinum for a while but then I see yours and I wanna go ombre again:)

noel says · 09.12.16

I just realized that may be your sister in the photo…well either way, you both have great hair then! 😉

Kristi says · 09.12.16

Time with family and away from the social media world is necessary in today’s world, good for you! Your kids will grow up so fast and all those memories are what’s important!

gturn6t2 says · 09.12.16

You should take more breaks, Kate. We miss you terribly when you do, but I don’t know how you keep this blog going day after day while raising those two sweet boys and taking care of a household. Don’t ever feel guilty about needing to unplug from all this once in a while. We’ll all be here when you get back. ‘Cause, well, that’s just how much we all love you and The Small Things Blog. 🙂

Tammy says · 09.12.16

It’s funny you say you are from the south. I know you are in NC but I am in Alabama and we don’t consider NC to be the south so it just cracks me up when you say that. And we all say y’all a lot!

Amy says · 09.12.16

Please share outfit details for your sister!

Michelle says · 09.12.16

will you ever periscope again?I miss it!

Andrea says · 09.12.16

So happy you had a wonderful trip! Your boys are so cute and dashing 🙂


Ashley says · 09.12.16

I follow on Snapchat, but I don’t tweet. My son is a week younger than David, and this game has been a big hit for us! Move and Groove Game


He likes matching games, too, but this is always his first choice. Happy playing 🙂

sahara says · 09.12.16

mmmm sounds perfect <3



Lauren says · 09.13.16

I know exactly what you mean about missing family. I am from NY and moved across the country to AZ a few years ago. As much as I love it here I really miss my family and the seasons. I love summer but when it’s almost the whole year that’s enough. Give me some fall and leaves and pumpkins and fall clothes! I miss them even more now that I have a baby who is now 10 months old. I wish he could be with his extended family more and I miss spontaneous get togethers with my sisters.

Erin says · 09.13.16

Lake house in WI? I live in WI and so neat to hear that you visit! It’s such a nice state. 🙂 I’m glad to hear you had a wonderful trip!

Amanda says · 09.13.16

I swore I would never say y’all when I first moved to South Carolina for college. Now I say it almost daily. 10 years later I’m at least not cringing when I hear it come out of my mouth!

Sara says · 09.13.16

Your sister’s shoes are darling! Any idea where she got them?

Amy says · 09.15.16

I agree – we need some sister outfit details!! 🙂

Jennifer says · 09.16.16

I feel like we all spend our college years and early 20’s trying to get away from our family; and then our 30’s trying to be near them. Since having kids, I miss my family so much more. Every time we go home to visit, I try to scheme some way to move close to them again. But, we have roots here. Jobs, a house, friends…..

Oliver says · 10.22.16

Your boys are so cute and dashing So happy you had a wonderful trip!