Cozy and Neutral Fall Decor

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I’ve been itching to decorate with neutral shades this fall, and happily found lots of inspirational images on Pinterest! Any time that I’m going to decorate, I always turn to Pinterest to find ideas. It’s easier for me to copy someone else versus come up with my own ideas in this realm. I’m not super creative, but I do know what I like when it comes to home decor.

Last week, David and I went to Target & TJ Maxx and found lots of neutral items to decorate with. I didn’t go overboard, but the house feels a bit fall-i-fied, and pretty soon I’m going to take the boys to a pumpkin patch to get some pumpkins for our front porch.


(stripe vases: Target, feather picture: Home Goods, mirror: Home Goods, candle stick: Home Goods, pumpkins: Target)


(bar cart: Target, other accessories: likely Home Goods or Target)



(tray: Target, pumpkins: TJ Maxx, black basket: Hobby Lobby)

Despite it being very neutral, it still feels warm and cozy. All I need to do now it light a fire and curl up with a book!

More peeks into my home here and here!



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Ines says · 09.27.16

So simple and effective. Particularly the fireplace area.


Beth Tessier says · 09.27.16

I am such a color girl, but I adore the neutral colors that people decorate with. Very cozy for sure. Beautifully done. ❤️?

Emma says · 09.27.16

Oh goodness, I don’t want to do mine as I’m moving into your house. V classy touches without being tacky!

Alyssa says · 09.27.16

I love the neutral decorations! I have a hard time going full on orange and black and this works perfectly!

Michelle says · 09.27.16

I love these decorations, and the color of the wall is gorgeous and versatile. Do you by any chance recall what the paint color is?

Ashley says · 09.27.16

Neutral decor is so pretty and clean, but I have to pull out the color during the holidays! I I have a 2 1/2 year old son and he is loving the bright orange pumpkins. I am definitely replacing our white lights on our Christmas tree for colored lights. Kids love color! So glad holiday decor wasn’t neutral when we were kids…boring!

Joseph says · 09.27.16

I love this decoration for dinning table, light color use good.

Blush & Pearls says · 09.27.16

Loving that bar cart – and I can’t resist the mini pumpkins!

Angela / Blush & Pearls

Rachel says · 09.27.16

I wish I had a fireplace so badly to recreate that cute style!

Whitney says · 09.27.16

Love it! Those gold pumpkins in your black wire basket are just gorgeous! I have a similar basket on my kitchen counter that I just might fill with some pumpkins like that. Thanks for the inspiration!

Rebecca says · 09.27.16

This looks gorgeous – love the neutral approach!

Where/How do you store your decorative items when not in use – everyday things, not seasonal? As we move to bigger places (and add more children to our family) I find I am swapping out or putting some year-round decorative things “away” and then they are sort of out-of-sight-out-of-mind and I’ll go buy more little random trinkets here or there. I don’t want to get rid of things because maybe I’ll want them out again, but I don’t keep them in a place that’s easy to “shop” for them later. Does this question even make sense? 🙂 I’m 12 weeks in with two under two so my brain is still not operating at 100% 🙂

Andrea says · 09.27.16

Everything looks so cozy! Perfect for fall! I love the way you styled the mantle 🙂

Tara says · 09.27.16

This is the first year I really went for a neutral color scheme for my fall decor So cozy and calming! And my almost 6 year old and 2 1/2 year old still know the house is decorated special for fall:)

Brittany says · 09.27.16

Fall decor is one of my favorite things to add to my home. I love adding pumpkins here and there. The wood and flowers are a nice touch too!

Brittany |

sahara says · 09.27.16

ooo Love those little pumpkins from Target <3


Wynne says · 09.27.16

Loved the tour! Couldn’t find the black basket with handle at Hobby Lobby though. Just wondering if you purchased it recently?

Alicia @ Turquoise Grace says · 09.27.16

I LOVE this! This is exactly my style. We are moving soon, so I’m having to hold off on making any unnecessary purchases for the time being, but I can’t wait to decorate like this once we are in our new house! 🙂

Rachel says · 09.28.16

Love it all!

Mandy says · 09.28.16

I love mostly neutral decor because you can transition it through more seasons! But at this point in my life having a young son, pretty much everything I buy I have to consider “will this immediately break if he drops it because that’s pretty likely!” How do you keep glass things so low? I swear even without glass stuff I’m constantly following my son around telling him he can’t play with certain things because they’ll break!

Paige says · 09.29.16

I love it Kate! So serene and cozy. ????

Annia Hale says · 09.29.16

Neutral decor all the way! Love it!

Kady says · 09.29.16

Where did you get your black and white striped table runner!

Sarah says · 09.29.16

Yes!! Where??

Mel says · 10.07.16

I loved this post! I’ve been non-stop fall-i-fying my home with tons of items I’ve found at Home Goods. I’ll be going pumpkin picking soon as well, can’t wait!

Having a neutrally toned decor is great because then whenever you want color you can just add a pop of it.


Toni says · 11.15.20

Where is the black and white striped runner from??