4 Easy Wedding Hair Ideas

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Justin and I went through a time period where it seemed like almost all of our friends got married within a year or two. It was wedding invite after wedding invite.

And then came babies, on similar timeline waves.

It can take a bit of creativity to wear the same dress to multiple weddings but in case you are tired of your “go to fancy hairstyle”, I picked 4 of my favorites from the archives to check out!

The majority are from a few years ago, but I still think they are classic and pretty for a wedding! Let me know if you end up trying one by tagging your picture with #smallthingshair!

weddinghairideas just bend the ends, twisted half upfake a ponytailthe french twist

Looking for more ideas? Check out my hair tutorials page to see all of my hair tutorials! 


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Alyssa says · 08.17.16

I love this! I’ve been eyeing the leading photo for my wedding hair on Sept. 3 (eek)!

Jenna says · 08.17.16

Bob and I counted the other day and realized we’ve been to 34 weddings together… 34!!!

Abby says · 08.17.16

I love the twisted half up, but the accessory in the french twist is beautiful!

Brittney says · 08.17.16

Where is the link to see how you did the half up that says “4 easy wedding hair ideas”? I see the link to the twisted half up but that’s not the same style as the one in that first picture? I went through all your hair tutorials and didn’t see it there either??

Jenny says · 08.17.16

I agree. I too would love to find the tutorial for that look as well.

Tricia says · 08.17.16

I would love a how-to on the top picture also, pretty please!! ?

Sara says · 08.17.16


Missy says · 08.18.16

Yes that’s the style I was looking for and couldn’t find it. Would love to see how to do that!

Melissa M says · 08.24.16

She didn’t post a tutorial but she did post a quick explanation on Instagram on April 27th! It’s one of my favorite styles of hers!

Janine says · 08.17.16

You know how you always say to ha stag you on Instagram with our “creations”? I think if I was ever to do that you will be like ” oh my goodness! What in the world is that hot mess suppose to be??!” ? I won’t give your amazing hair styles a bad name. Lol

Michele says · 08.17.16

Are these styles best done on “dirty” hair? I’ve always heard that you can’t do a lot of things like this on clean hair, and the idea of not washing my hair every day gives me the Willies, especially as it’s relatively fine and looks uber greasy if I don’t!

You mention texture spray a lot, and I am wondering if that’s to add the “grit” necessary to get styles to stay better. If hats also the purpose of having dirty hair to style, am I to think of texture spray as “dirty” to add to your hair? I was thinking of that the other day when I was looking at products and laughing to myself about it, but then I thought “hey, maybe that’s what texture spray is….dirt you pay for!” Thought I’d ask you and perhaps give you something to laugh at (like “wow, this girl is a total moron!” Which I’d absolutely deserve)

Andrea says · 08.17.16

I love the half twist and the fake pony tail! Bookmarking this for the next wedding I attend!


Rosie von Waldherr says · 08.17.16

Gorgeous gorgeous!!! I love the first on the bottom row!

xoRosie //Rosie’s Life

Elizabeth says · 08.17.16

Your timing couldn’t be more perfect! I’m doing a friends hair for a wedding tomorrow. This will make it even easier. Thanks, Kate!

Jen @ On the Money Menu says · 08.17.16

Am loving the french twist!! We have three upcoming weddings to attend so thanks for this post!


sahara says · 08.17.16

Love it with the hair pin <3



BlushandPearls says · 08.18.16

Love the last look – super chic!

Alice (alicekatex) says · 08.18.16

Wow! I never do anything with my hair but these looks are stunning. I can imagine myself sporting the second one! xx

Lottie says · 08.19.16

All these hairstyles are gorgeous!

Marie says · 08.20.16

Love them all! Your hair is so versatile! Can’t wait to grow my a-line bob out and give these a go for myself 🙂



Kayleen says · 08.20.16

perfect hair, I would totally love this on my wedding 🙂

Susie says · 08.20.16

Kate I love your blog! I have followed your blog for a long time. I love to see how you have grown as a woman, wife, and mom. I am 56 and have been growing my hair out since 2011, before that I wore it super short. In fact longest I ever wore it was shoulder length. I frequent your tutorials when styling my hair. I think one of the reasons I always had short hair was because I just didn’t know how to style it.
So I want to thank you for inspiring this Grandmother to let her hair down, and up and even half up!!

Anais says · 08.22.16

These hairstyles are so beautiful !