What do you do during an evening to yourself?

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I can’t decideย whether or not I’m an introvert or an extrovert, I just know that I love being with people but I also love alone time. I probably lean on the extroverted end of the spectrum, compared to my sister for example, but I love a good night at home with nothing to do, as well.

So, if my husband is traveling or tied up with something, and I have the evening to myself, here are some of my favorite things to do.

First of all, the absolute first thing I would do is change into the joggers I wear almost every single day and a loose open sweater. Comfort is key. Next, I would likely cut up some strawberries or gather some raspberries in a bowl and scoop a bit of cool whip into the side for dessert. Finally, I would do one or all of the following, depending on how early I got started!

  1. A face mask. Here are some of my favorites!
  2. Polish my toe nails. While I love a neutral manicure, I typically go for something a bit brighter on my toes. Anything orange or coral has been a favorite lately!
  3. Listen to a podcast or watch an episode of Jimmy Fallon on Hulu. I have loved the Stuff You Should Know podcast! It’sย two dudes talking about any random topic. I don’t know if you know this about me, but I happen to dominate at Cranium, the board game, because I’m full of really random information. This podcast is only expanding my knowledge. The most interesting so far was learning about Lizzie Borden, or even Dark Money.
  4. Sort through my clothes. I wear a lot of the same kind of thing so I always feel like I can donate more of the unworn things in my closet. I like regularly sorting through the things that I no longer like, or ones I know I won’t wear again, to avoid a collection of clothes that just takes up space in my closet.
  5. Read a magazine. The only magazine I subscribe to is Real Simple. It was such an honor to be asked to create tutorials for their .com a few years ago;ย did you ever see them? I love the variety in content from the magazine, and always try to find some time in the month to sit and read through it.

Are there a few routine things you like to do during an evening in by yourself? Do you indulge in a sweet treat, take a bath, or do something practical with your time?


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Kathleen says · 07.12.16

When I have alone time, I write on my blog (basically my private journal) and edit photos (momtographer to the max over here). It’s the perfect blend of quiet down time, plus my passions of writing and photography. ๐Ÿ™‚

And PS I want to curl up in that chair. Like. Right now.

Alyssa says · 07.12.16

When I have alone time I paint my nails while watching YouTube beauty videos or a show. After that I’ll lay on the couch and watch

On another note, sometimes when my guy is gone and I’m feeling it, I make an effort to take a little bit more time with my workout routine instead of doing my 20-30 minute circuits.

Putting on comfy clothes is a priority regardless of what I’m doing!

Whitney says · 07.12.16

I loved that Lizzie Borden episode. Did you watch the mini-series on Netflix? So good (and creepy)!

Kate says · 07.12.16

No I didn’t know they had that-will definitely look that up!

Melissa says · 07.12.16

If I have the house to myself after going to bed, I will either read a novel or watch one of my television shows or a movie. I’ll have tea if the weather is cool enough, and snack on whatever I have. If I get to go out, I go shopping! Bookworm that I am, I usually end up at Barnes & Noble. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I am DEFINITELY an introvert. I enjoy people, but primarily one on one or in small intimate groups. My husband is much more of an extrovert but has several traits of an introvert – he enjoys his alone time too. His favorite thing to do with an evening by himself is to go to the movie theater. For anyone who is interested in learning more about how introverts and extroverts function, I highly recommend the book “Quiet” by Susan Cain. She really gets into the brain chemistry of it. It is FASCINATING and really helped my husband and I understand each other better!

Lindsay says · 07.12.16

I love this post! When I have some alone time, I usually binge watch YouTube videos. I get so sucked in.

Marisa says · 07.12.16

I love alone time! I’ll usually whiten my teeth and watch something I’ve been meaning to watch for ages but can never get my boyfriend to agree to. Oh, and if my boyfriend is going to be gone overnight, then I let the dog sleep in bed with me. Shhhh. Don’t tell him.

Sophie says · 07.12.16

The things you like to do are very similar to me, I like to have a little pamper session. Sophie x


Trisha says · 07.12.16

I never knew you were a guest writer in Real Simple! Love those hairstyle tutorials! I have learned so much from you over the years! Thanks for the inspiration!

Manon says · 07.12.16

I wish I had a little more time to myself and if I do I love to light the candles, curl up with a good book I been wanting to read for ages ?. Sometimes watch a favorite film of mine, which really I know by heart and my hubby can’t be bothered to watch adain!! But I just love the atmosphere off ? anybody else that weird or is it just me???
Loved the tutorials, did not know them so extra exiting bonus! Would you mind terribly to let me know how your hair is cut there? Would love to show my hairdresser….actually could just take that video ?,right!?
Miss your lovely updo’s a bit, but enjoy your blog emmensly. Keep up the great work!!
Much love from over the pond ?? in Germany.

Bonnie says · 07.12.16

I usually watch at least 1 history documentary on Netflix when I have an evening. Also I get into pjs earlier, I may not go to bed but relax in pjs. And the chocolate lab sleeps beside me on the floor when the hubs isn’t home, yes he knows!

Heather says · 07.12.16

With two littes 14 mos apart, when I get alone time, I like it to be QUIET. Bubble bath in silence. Paint my toes. Read whatever book I’m currently into. Catch up on my magazines. Pinterest. If I’m in an extrovert mood, I enjoy sitting at Starbucks people watching and catching up on social media.

Gina says · 07.12.16

Great post! Real Simple is my favorite magazine. I have plenty of alone time, it’s finding the “don’t feel guilty about relaxing” time that I struggle with. I think I could definitely find time to relax in that chair tho, where is it from?

LauraF says · 07.12.16

I veg out on the couch and watch a lot of ridiculous tv.

I know you’ve tried some Beautycounter products before and didn’t enjoy them, but their charcoal face mask oh my!

Melissa G says · 07.12.16

LOL!! That’s funny! With 5 kids that are in all sorts of sports and activities, there is no such thing as a free evening. But I wouldn’t want it any other way! All too soon they will be in college and I’ll have too many free evenings!!

A New Old Fashioned Girl says · 07.12.16

When I have the house to my self I will listen to music at a high volume, or play the piano and sing opera at the top of my lungs. Maybe do a face mask and a hair mask, pretty much anything the guys would give me a funny look for:)
A New Old Fashioned Girl

pinkice says · 07.12.16

I used to think alone time was nice, a luxury and could easily fill it with any number of fun relaxing or creative activities. Since the love of my life walked out, being alone has become the vast majority of my time bc I’m suddenly responsible for learning to do everything on my own the house, with the dogs, andi forgot to add that luxurious or”me time” back into being alone. When alone time becomes all the time, you can easily slip into constant responsibility and forget to enjoy that little time that used to be such a gift. Being busy, overwhelmed and single, have much time to stay on top of life, much less take time out but i decided I just HaVE to, for my own sanity. I’ve recently started learning to meditate, redefine my hobbies and interests and scheduling in time to my daily or weekly routine to have a little me time. I love crafting, drawing, scrapping and while I don’t have time to do that exclusively, I figured a way to incorporate it into my responsibilities by getting creative and decorative with my paper planner. I also listen to an audio book while vacuuming or mowing the lawn. Finding little ways to combine interests and creative outlets without overlooking the newly expand responsibilities, allowed my alone time to start getting back to that necessary “me time”. Just wanted to give the perspective learning to differentiate me time vs alone time and share how someone forced into alone can truly enjoy the luxuries of “me time” again.

Rachele says · 07.13.16

Great comment. I’ve been there and you’re absolutely right. Thanks for sharing this great perspective and your ideas. Hang in there ๐Ÿ™‚

Ferial says · 07.12.16

I just LOVE routines. ๐Ÿ™‚ My evening routines usually involve cleaning up after dinner, making sure I have my lunch and protein shake ready for the next day, lighting a candle, Bullet Journaling, and winding down with a book before bed.

Mary Claire says · 07.12.16

Reality TV binge, bad food, & a pedicure, facial, or deep conditioning treatment.


Emma l. says · 07.12.16

I recently was curious about the same thing, introvert or extrovert. I found a quiz online titled the Myers Briggs personality test, and it’s awesome, I’ve always felt like introvert and extrovert titles were so cut and dry. Myers Briggs has 16 personalities, with 4 categories and all sorts of possibilities, extrovert or introvert wth 3 other personality types tied together, and goes into more detail about what personality. after I took the quiz I am set, it pegged me to a tee. but I went online and read further on it, the quiz I took wasn’t the most detailed. but seriously it’s a incredible quiz, usually I’m Leary, but I think everyone should take it, it’s good to know about yourself!

Kelsey says · 07.12.16

There’s another website, too, called 16personalities.com, and it’s also really helpful! My husband, friends, and I have all done it and found it to be amazingly accurate and thorough in its descriptions. All for free, too! It’s similar to Meyers Briggs in that it uses the four different personality characteristics, but it draws on other personality theories, as well. You might enjoy checking it out! The quiz takes 10-12 minutes and then you get a detailed description of your personality type: overview, strengths and weaknesses, romantic relationships, friendships, parenting, workplace, and career paths. You can pay $30 for the premium profile, but honestly, the free description you get is so thorough, there’s almost no need unless you really want it. You can also read about all the other personality types, which is fun when learning more about friends and family! And I agree that self-knowledge is wonderful ๐Ÿ™‚

Evelyn says · 07.12.16

Definitely Netflix (some tv show that my husband does not wanna watch), and nails. Maybe a mask, but I usually do that and a bath on Sundays. Also, catch up with the blogs I follow but don’t read everyday (not yours!) or just read a book.

Andrea says · 07.12.16

I completely understand! I can’t decide if I’m more introverted or extroverted! I love popping on a face mask and watching my favorite tv shows when I have an evening to myself!


Abby says · 07.12.16

I love alone time! If it’s in the evenings, I’ll typically watch a trashy TV show and eat my new favorite dessert – whipped cream ice cream. We live in Spain and it was a wonderful discovery at the grocery store a few weeks ago!

Samantha says · 07.12.16

An evening by myself usually finds me with Chick-fil-a and a chick flick (no pun intended) that my husband wouldn’t be keen on watching with me! Definitely a bubble bath too.

Also, not sure if I missed this, but did you already announce the giveaway winner?

Yuro says · 07.12.16

If i’m this boring when I’m 30, please end my life.

Abby says · 07.12.16

I’m definitely a big one for watch TV/Netflix, taking a bath (preferably with something from Lush) and lighting some candles!

Jessika @ Beauty by Jessika says · 07.12.16

When I have some alone time I like to catch-up on tidying my apartment, filling out my planner, prepping the next blog post. When I don’t have any of those things to do, I put on my favorite detoxing face mask (Origins Clear Improvements) and binge watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians ^.^ .. Jessika | http://beautybyjessika.com

Deanna says · 07.12.16

Your blog reminds me a lot of the Real Simple magazine! ๐Ÿ™‚ great variety of content that is so nicely put together.

I also love spending time doing face masks, pore strips, pedicures, and the occasional at home lip, eyebrow, or leg wax. I like putting my favorite Pandora stations on and using up one of my many girly products!

Kim says · 07.13.16

As dull as it sounds, when I have an evening to myself I usually clean the house/deep clean a room I haven’t gotten to for a while, or do small home improvements (husband and I recently bought a fixer upper, our first house, so there’s a strange sense of pride when doing something as simple as dusting a window sill or touching up a trim). In the background will be old episodes of Bravo shows, or the podcast Pop Culture Happy Hour.

Renie says · 07.13.16

I love Stuff You Should Know! Have you tried Stuff You Missed in History Class? Also great ๐Ÿ™‚

Tracy says · 07.13.16

I LOVE the chair you have pictured above!!! Where did you get it?

Thanks! Love your blog!!

Mary says · 07.16.16

I used to walk around totally distracted like a kid in a candy store wasting the whole evening! Now I know that reading and writing in blissful quiet is what I like best. I love to blog and find that catching up on my feed gives me lots of ideas for new posts.

I love your blog even though I’m not that great about fixing my hair. Today I blew it out just using my fingers as a styling tool instead of a round brush. I loved it until I got caught in the rain. It looks terrible now. Not sure, but I think the way I blew it out made it look a lot worse when it got hit by water. (My hair is naturally wavy.)