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I thought it would be fun to change up my normal links + loves posts with a guest today! I always enjoy hearing about the latest things people are loving, and I hope you will too!


. . . is Lauren from Lauren Elizabeth! Also from my parents, as she and I are sisters!

Lauren’s links + loves:

I was on the hunt for a dress to wear to a wedding and found this beauty. I’m seriously considering never taking it off once it’s on. I love that I can dress it up for a wedding/event, but still easily make it casual for the summer!

I’m planning a trip to a sprawling outdoor garden center and am taking this guide with me. My goal this summer is to turn my black thumb into a bright and shiny green one! (Wish me luck. Actually, wish the plants luck.)

I just discovered this gift-giving website and I want to send a basket to every person I’ve ever met.

I’ve had my eye on this all-in-one clutch for months. Now to pick which color I would want…

I’m not much of a red meat-eater, but sometimes crave meatballs. These do the trick and then some! I want to put that parmesan sauce on e v e r y t h i n g.

This lipstick is a new favorite. I’ve been wearing “Iced Iris”, but they’re all beautiful!






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Kelly says · 07.01.16

Love the dress, but–is the material thin/see-through? This seems to be the most common problem with dresses I otherwise love.

Kate says · 07.01.16

You know I can’t really tell online–I always check the return policy from stores I buy online from to make sure I can easily return it if I don’t like it!

Michele says · 07.01.16

My strategy, too! I also order some things in more than one size because I hate using dressing rooms in stores! Especially with a 1 year old in tow!

Lauren says · 07.01.16

I bought it in black and didn’t have any issues with the fabric!

Kelly says · 07.01.16

Thanks all!

Kimberly says · 07.01.16

Love the clutch! I love the coral pink! What brand is the water bottle you had on Instagram awhile ago?
Happy 4th!

Kait says · 07.01.16

I was hoping Justin’s Father’s Day gift would be linked on here! Maybe a post on it soon or link it on IG?

Kate says · 07.01.16 Reply
candice says · 07.01.16

These are such lovely photos

Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

Alyssa says · 07.01.16

It’s so fun to see your sister on here. You both have such a great presence and its fun to follow you both.

I love to see all of the positive reviews of the Burt’s Bee’s lipstick. I absolutely love the lipsticks and have decided to wear Iced Iris at my wedding!

Shasta says · 07.01.16

I actually decided to give gardening a try and did a small DIY herb pot garden in my backyard. So far I haven’t killed any of them (high fives self). Good luck Lauren on your trip to the garden center! I personally would go with mint….think of all the mojitos you can make!

kris says · 07.01.16

I am also loving the Burt Bee’s lipstick! I have been wearing iced iris and sunset cruise. I have very dark brown hair, brown eyes, and medium skin tone. The lipstick pigment is good, color is true (not too bold or too lackluster), and the overall feel is nourishing without drying out your lips. A great drugstore find! If your CVS or BBB carries them use your coupons for an even better steal.

Brenna says · 07.01.16

Lauren is gorgeous and skinny, wow!

Andrea says · 07.01.16

Those gift baskets are too cute! I’m definitely going to keep them in minds for birthdays!

Kristin S says · 07.09.16

Kate, a super fun post.

Your meatball link made me think of Kendra’s post on quick and easy recipes for Costco meatballs. I love that she’s a legitimate cook/baker and she uses frozen meatballs!