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Rash Guard: why did I wait so long to get one?

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I met Anna at The Brand Market, an intensive workshop for creators that may have just been the best workshop I’ve ever attended, and was immediately impressed.

Her blog is one that I’ve probably followed the longest and most consistently over the years. She’s confident, calm, loves her family and also conveys a love for creativity and design through her blog.

I’m so glad she’s curating a links + loves for you today. Our style, both in fashion and home is different (basically, she has some and I just wear gray t-shirts) so I loved the change up from my typical links!

From Anna:

A fun new lifestyle shop I’ve been mildly obsessing over. 

I’ve been making these with the excuse that they are a snack for my little ones, but let’s be real …. they are mainly for me.

I was hunting for some modern planters to add to the fam, and this DIY is fulfilling my copper dreams.
This facial balm has been single handedly saving my dry skin this summer! I use it sparingly, and guard it with my life to make sure it lasts forever;)
I love a good summer dress, and this is definitely the time of year to snatch them up. There are a slew of them on sale for a steal at ASOS this week.
Last but not least, this post on comparison and jealousy is worth your time. Best read of the week!
Thanks Anna, I have to say the last link to the post about jealousy was right on time. Thanks for sharing that!
Have a lovely weekend y’all and go say hey to Anna here!


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Alyssa says · 07.08.16

These guest posts are fun! Love to hear who inspires you and what other people are loving. Hope your week is looking up!

heather says · 07.08.16

Yes! Read that post on comparison and jealousy the other day and it totally changed my perspective – so simple, yet so easily forgotten! Bookmarking that one for future reference! Love these guest posts!

Kim says · 07.08.16

Love this! I need to try that facial balm!

Kim .. my EVERYDAY makeup essentials!

Andrea says · 07.08.16

Anna’s blog is beautiful! I think I just found another blogger to follow! I love all of her diy projects!

Brittney Colyer says · 07.08.16

Adore your blog Kate! Follow you on Instagram too and you’re such a genuine uplifting chic. I saw your recent IG post and since I’m not on I thought I’d comment that I love the top and I bought one similar at the Loft outlet recently and it fits very similarly. I love tops that are boxy to wear just like you did either with shorts or skinny jeans. Anyhoo, obviously no need to keep this comment just wanted you to have it!! You’re doing a stellar job at, well, your job!

Ashley says · 07.10.16

Hi Kate! I’ve followed your blog for several years now and have used many of your great ideas. I think Anna’s blog is very thoughtful and real, and I especially liked her reminder about comparison and jealousy. It is a viscous trap that I think moms, in particular, fall into. I know I often feel everyone else has this working mom, perfect wife, and happy housewife thing figured out…….but NOT me. It is easy to see yourself as inadequate, albeit a failure, in one or more of these areas. I think we all need to take our view of others with a grain of salt. Sometimes the persona of “having it all together” is purely on the surface. We don’t know what it’s like to live in someone else’s shoes, so what seems so perfect may acually be crumbling in another area. Hopefully we can all learn to be happy where we are and be a little kinder to ourselves. I know I need to be!

charles says · 07.15.16

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