The camera I sent with Justin to Mt. Rainier

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I really crashed and burned for Justin’s birthday this year. It was in April and I basically gave it zero thought and got him basically nothing. Well, my friend Ashley and I got each of our husbands (who have the same birthday) a gift certificate to play golf, but beyond that I did nothing really special.

And whether he would admit it or not, I think Justin really appreciates gifts. He borderline hates gift cards because they are impersonal, so there’s always a bit of pressure (in a good way) to really think about getting him something he’d appreciate.

I had agreed to let him borrow my beloved Samsung right before he left for the mountain, but at the last minute I changed my mind. #wifeoftheyear

So, I ran to Best Buy and started searching for a light point and shoot that could give him nice quality photos without having to learn manual settings.

I stumbled upon this Canon Powershot one and loved it. It’s masculine with the leather details, it’s small and compact, and it has the best feature for newbies who don’t care about learning manual, and that is “background defocus”.


I don’t know how it works, but I think it takes two photos within fractions of a second, and is able to blur just the background. It’s great for portraits, or anything with a very clear subject in the foreground versus the background, and it left him feeling really pleased with the quality of his photos!

He was excited about taking them, and very excited to run through all 250 of them with me, and I loved that I found him a tool that he could enjoy using on the mountain!

Father’s day is coming, so if you need an idea, I’d highly recommend this camera! I haven’t played around with it much beyond teaching him the basics, but this is now his “adventure camera” and I’m so happy that he has one. He’s a great storyteller, but it’s even better when his recounts of hisย adventures are paired up with great photos.

Read more about Justin’s hikes here and here!


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Elle says · 06.15.16

Love the antique look to this camera! It’s a nice size, too, for traveling yet still getting good shots.

Andrea says · 06.15.16

This camera is so nice! I love the leather detail!

Fran says · 06.15.16

Men, my husband in particular (although I imagine most women would say the same!) are so hard to buy for! What a great, masculine camera that would suitably fill any Man Gift quota – I will bear it in mind for my husband’s birthday!

Doloes says · 06.15.16

This camera looks amazing! Hope it will work as good as it look. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Luanne Lane says · 06.15.16

Make-A-Wish Eastern NC has another Trailblaze Challenge coming up! ๐Ÿ™‚ We’d love to have Justin come along for the trek! details here:

k8shusband says · 06.17.16

Thanks Luanne, looking into it!

Kim says · 06.15.16

What a nice camera! That’s a good gift ๐Ÿ™‚ my hubby got me a Camera for blogging for my birthday and I loved it – I’m sure he did too!

Kim .. Summer ESSENTIAL tank!

Laurel says · 06.15.16

Hi Kate!
Something I’ve used for the last couple “gift events” for my hubby is Man Crates. They’ve got a variety of options, and while their shipping prices are gagworthy, you can pick the day you want it delivered, so you can buy it weeks or even months in advance, and it’ll be delivered right on time.
It comes in an actual crate, with a crowbar open it and, as they advertise, “with no bow, no frills, and absolutely no instructions”. Hahaha
It was so much fun to watch him dig in! And the gifts made the top of his favorites, for sure.

Sara says · 06.15.16

Is this post sponsored? I am looking for a new camera but want an honest review…not that a sponsored review wouldn’t be truthful – just curious!

Kate says · 06.15.16

I’m always honest in my reviews of anything, and it is not sponsored. Sponsored posts require disclosure and this does not contain one.

Deanna says · 06.15.16

Canon’s always have the coolest settings! My old powershot had a cool feature where I could pick out a specific color in the photo(like red or something) and then take the pic in black and white except for the color I just picked. What a nice present & it looks very manly ๐Ÿ™‚

Sylvia says · 06.15.16

That leather detail is ruggedly masculine, but soft enough that a woman could pull it off. Love it!

Victoria says · 06.16.16

Ooh this is actually a really cool idea although my dad is just obsessed with taking pictures on his iphone right now – so maybe a selfie stick for him? haha! That camera looks lovely though what a nice gift ๐Ÿ™‚

Elizabeth says · 06.16.16

Hi Kate, I love the way you love your husband, it radiates through your writings about him. Thank you for your wise and Godly example of the Proverbs 31 woman.