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While I’m big on palettes of makeup because it’s easier to travel with and also easier to have everything in one place, there’s something to be said for single makeup products that get the job done.

My eyes are pretty hooded when opened, so I always like to add a bit of depth to my crease to create a rounder look. Usually I do this with a lighter shadow across the entire lid, and a darker shadow in the crease. But in the case of this Nars eyeshadow in Ondine, I simply used two different brushes and packed the shadow on in the crease versus going much lighter on the lid. I loved the end result! This is a great hack for keeping your routine simple, and also fantastic if you want to travel extremely light with just a single eyeshadow!

I was at Nordstrom a few weeks ago and swatched this shade (Ondine) on my hand. I thought it was beautiful and I loved the subtle purple undertone it had. It looked smokey but still versatile. I also saw this blush in Impassioned but they happened to be sold out in store.

I do more online shopping these days than ever before, especially when there are free return options, because it’s simple and it gives me a chance to really think about a product before committing to it. I shop thoughtfully, but knowing I can try something on, whether it be an item of clothing or makeup, at home, with other things I already have, really gives me a better taste on how I like it.

So I went home and promptly ordered both products from and they were at my doorstep in no time.

For this look, I used a flat and wide eyeshadow brush, swept it across the eyeshadow lightly, and applied it all over the lid. For the crease area, I grabbed a rounded crease brush, picked up a bit more shadow than before, and pressed it back and forth, sweeping in the crease area. This instantly added more pigment and depth, which is exactly what I was hoping for.

If you want an even lighter look all over the lid, sweep a clean brush right along your lash line, but I was pleased with just the light base I created at first.

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The blush, in Impassioned, is the lightest, dustiest, softest pink and I think that’s why I was drawn to it. Most of my blush is BOLD and COLORFUL, which is what I love, but a barely there blush is also nice for a simple makeup look. I love how it pairs with a nice, warm bronzer.
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I rediscovered an older YSL lipstick from a bag I haven’t carried for a few months and am so glad I found it. It’s a glossy shiny coral pink (#15), and YSL lipsticks are the best tasting/smelling lipsticks around if you ask me.
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It was nice to just have a small assortment of products to work with for this look, but I’m also looking forward to mixing that eyeshadow with some other deeper shades for a smokier look too!

this post was created in partnership with Nordstrom and RewardStyle.


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Brittany says · 06.06.16

This is a beautiful simple everyday look! When it comes to eyeshadow, I definitely have my go-to’s. This shade from NARS looks like a perfect one!

Brittany |

KC says · 06.06.16

Since you live in a very hot and humid place, do you have suggestions for looks like this that stick after getting a little sweaty? I’ve started biking to/around work, which entails multiple office locations, so I’m left hauling all my things with me all day. I’m looking for a simple look like this that wont be to hard to keep fresh after a ride, and also some SPF+coverage that doesn’t run off!

Elle says · 06.06.16

I can’t comment if it runs or wears off, but I just bought some Elf foundation + SPF! I had been looking for a light foundation or BB cream with SPF so this was a jackpot hit for me. So far I love the colour match to my skin tone, and the coverage is a medium which is perfect for summer. I work in an office so haven’t been sweating outside, however I always finish with a semi-translucent powder to set it all in place. Def a good price that it’s worth a shot 🙂

Heather D says · 06.06.16

Can I make a request? Sometime, please do some makeup recommendations/tutorials using drugstore-type brands. There is no way I could ever spend so much on makeup/beauty products, and trying to find comparable colors is pretty difficult. Just a suggestion for those of us with way smaller budgets!

kelly says · 06.06.16 Reply
Jessica says · 06.06.16

ELF has a lot of great NARS dupes!

Breanna says · 06.06.16

Do you find that your blushes get a sort of film on them from when you apply to your face with foundation then swipe for more blush for the other side? It seems like my blushes aren’t as bright after a while. Do you have any recommendations?

Delaney says · 06.06.16

Love this, that blush looks beautiful! Xo

LaNectarine says · 06.06.16

Looks lovely?

kate wilson says · 06.06.16 Reply
Jenn says · 06.07.16

What a beautiful, soft look!! Thank you for this post. One question… what mascara are you wearing in this post? Thank you!

Susan says · 06.07.16

I’ve never tried YSL lipstick…I think I must!
This is a very pretty look…I like the barely there blush.

Lucy says · 06.08.16

Ondine by NARS is my go-to. I love it and wear it almost every day!

Kate says · 06.08.16

I’m really enjoying it too!

Phoebida says · 06.09.16

Beautiful, natural products! I would love to own a YSL lipstick xx

Phoebe & Abida |

Mel says · 06.09.16

Stunning!!!! You always look amazing. I’ve been dying for a nice YSL lipstick….just hard to choose a shade!

Mel |

Jabeen says · 06.09.16

Love these basic products!
Jabeen x

Dalindcy says · 06.09.16

That NARS eyeshadow looks absolutely gorgeous. I’m always looking for eyeshadows that are perfect for simple looks but still make me look put together. This is perfect!

Kate says · 06.09.16

It really is, I can’t believe how much I’m reaching for it every time I wear makeup!

Erin says · 06.13.16

Could you let me know what color Clarins eye shadow pot you used? Thank you!!