3 products that help me fake a good night’s sleep

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David had a strange night recently that resulted in him being awake, on and off, from about 10:00pm to 2:00am. Justin and I tried everything, and ultimately he fell asleep after 2:00a but still woke up at his normal time!

Those nights are so hard for Justin and I because we lay in bed and wonder endlessly what it could be. Is he getting sick? Was it a nightmare? Is he hungry? Is he cold? Is it an ear infection? Is he overtired? Was it just a fluke? The list goes on and on.

Since David was awake, Justin and I were awake for that time as well. And the next day, I had some filming to do so I needed to look ALIVE and REFRESHED even though all I wanted to do was crawl back in bed!

So I grabbed my 3 trusty under-eye brightening/correcting/concealing products and applied generously!

First, I applied (with my fingertips) Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer in shade 1. This is the best under eye concealer of all time.

Next, I dotted YSL Touche Eclat in shade 1 in a half circle below my eyes and followed the curve of my cheekbone. I love the pink base to this shade as it helps brighten my entire area! I blended this in with my fingertip as well.

Lastly, I lined my lower waterline with Pixi Eye Bright Liner. That’s the best way to correct redness in your eyes.

Another option would have been to press a bit of RMS beauty Living Luminizer in the inner corners of my eyes. It has a touch of shimmer but isn’t too over-the-top for every day.

If you are a new mom, a college student, or simply in a phase of life where you need to “fake” looking rested, check these products out. If you could only buy one, I’d have to say the YSL Touche Eclat is just amazing and worth the buy.

PS Have you seen my all drugstore makeup look? Or three new products I recently tried?


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Kiran says · 05.23.16

These sound like fabulous products, thanks for sharing. I hope your little one is okay, I know that my little brother is an endless source of worry for me (whether something is wrong or not). Lots of love x

ALittleKiran | Bloglovin | Instagram

Jessica says · 05.23.16

I use Benefits concealer to fake being well rested. It is worth every penny!

Liz says · 05.23.16

Thank you for sharing, Kate!

I struggle with my under eye area and have been looking for some new products to try. I just ordered the Pixi eyeliner – got to love the RedCard and free shipping from Target!

Amber says · 05.23.16

I always swear by a white liner in my water line to give me that wide eye effect! xox


Leah says · 05.23.16

I LIVE in under eye concealer. I happen to have a 2.5 year old who has only slept through the night 8 times…..EVER!! I’m usually up 4-8x per night. I love these recommendations…I’d also be up to hearing a few pointers on getting these darn toddlers to sleep!!!! #undereyecirclesforlife

Melanie Millett says · 05.23.16

I don’t think I’ve ever made a comment on a blog, but I really feel for you. I know this is off the subject of this post, but how are you not super depressed with all that sleep deprivation? Because that’s what happened to me. If you are,I urge you to get help if you haven’t. I hope it can get better for you soon!

Leah Barkley says · 05.24.16

It’s amazing how little sleep you can actually survive on..unfortunately. It’s just the norm in my life and the few times I got a full nights sleep I didn’t go to bed the next night till almost 4am because I wasn’t used to getting “normal” sleep!! Also….caffeine for liiiiiife.

Amanda says · 05.23.16

I have a boy who is turning two next month and has only slept through the night a handful of times. He’s up screaming any time he has dairy and he seems to have more trouble with teething than my other kids. Have you tried essential oils? There is a blend for helping with sleep.

A New Old Fashioned Girl says · 05.23.16

Thanks for the tips Kate!
know matter how well I sleep I always look like I haven’t had any sleep at all.

molly says · 05.23.16

i want to try the makeup forever concealer, it sounds great! i always layer a full coverage concealer and a brightening concealer when i am looking super tired and it always does the trick!

Christina Brunk says · 05.23.16

Hi Kate,
Question for you…if you like the Make Up Full Cover Concealer better than other concealers, why are you recommending buying the YSL one if you could only buy one? I have never used a concealer before but I think it’s time to try one (husband, 2 children, fulltime job, some business travel) so I am perpetually tired! Just don’t know which one to spring for.

Kate says · 05.23.16

To me the YSL product is more of a brightener versus a concealer. If you need brightness, go for that. If you need dark circles concealed, go for the concealer.

VerbalGoldBlog says · 05.23.16

You are a life saver! These are fantastic tips

Alexandra says · 05.23.16

Can you think of a product that brightens as well as the YSL concealer? I’m currently a college student and can’t really afford that price, but it looks ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL on you!

Janna says · 05.26.16

I have used and love Loreal’s Magic Lumi Highlighter Concealer. It’s around $10, so it’s a more expensive drugstore product, but I found it to work well for me. I like it better than the Maybelline under eye illuminator simply because it wears better for me.

Kate says · 05.24.16

You have no idea how desperate I am to try the Make-Up Forever concealer! x

Susan says · 05.24.16

The Charlotte Tilbury concealer is also a nice one and is in a very luxe gold tube that you can take with you in your handbag.

Emily says · 05.24.16

Hi Kate,

I love your blog and on the rare occasion that I’m splurging on a piece of non-drug store brand make up (recent grad student graduate with Duke-level debt haha, so regular Sephora is probably not in the budget any time soon), I’ll turn to this blog for recommendations. I think I’d be more interested in the make up posts if I knew there was a good chance of seeing something more in my price range, though. Any chance you can try out more drug store brands? Thanks 🙂

Emily says · 05.24.16

Edited to add that I realize you do have the Pixi piece here, so maybe this was bad timing to ask for a post with more drug store brands haha. But in general, my vote is for more drug store recommendations. 🙂

Jenni says · 05.24.16

I adore the YSL Touche Eclat! I only wish it wasn’t so pricey so I could actually afford it with my student budget. I’ve desperately tried to find a good dupe but nothing’s just as good! xx


Gemma Louise says · 05.24.16

Desperate to try out the MUFE Full Cover concealer, I think I’ll definitely be in need of it when my baba is born in a few months!

Just Little Things

Nikki says · 05.24.16

Lining your eyes with white liner is best hack ever!! I do it even when I go out at night – makes your eyes SO much bigger!!

Nikki | http://www.nikkibstyles.com

Savannah says · 05.25.16

Love the title of your post. Great tips too. I found a review for Mary Kay products that made the author “radiant” as she put it. This would surly help clear the dark clouds from you look and feel. http://www.refinery29.com/2016/05/103437/sonia-castaneda-youtube-comments-videohttp://www.makeupandbeautyblog.com/makeup-tipshow-to/how-to-apply-liquid-foundation/#comment-797642

Mel says · 05.25.16

I’ve never tried Make Up Forever’s concealer. I am currently using their HD foundation and I’m liking it for my “light” days. I am going to gave to pick this up on my next Sephora run.

Mel | http://www.thegossipdarling.com

Lucy says · 05.31.16

I love Touche Eclat so much that I keep a tube at home and at work. It’s wonderful!