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When my sister and I started Elisabeth Ashlie, we had no plan or long term goals. We just wanted to make jewelry that we loved to wear, and as it turned out–other people loved to wear it as well.

Right before my first son David was born, I stepped away from the business, knowing that she would continue to do well with it, of course, but she has really blown me away with all that she’s done!

The Dearly Box launched late last year, and I was thrilled when she asked me to curate the March Box!ย There are so many times I wish I was still working on the business with her, and this was the perfect way for me to dip my toe back in the water!


There are three jewelry styles to choose from if you sign up for The Dearly Box, and those are “signature”, “classic”, and “glam”. It was fun to push a little bit beyond my typical minimal jewelry style to come up with looks for “glam” and I really love all the choices!ea-2


(nail polish and hair tie not included in box)



All the pieces mix quite well with each other, and I have to say my favorite is the glam necklace I’m wearing in the second photo!

You can find more info about The Dearly Box here, and even more info about Elisabeth Ashlie here!

Thanks again, Lauren, for asking me to curate–it was so fun!



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Susan Jeffries says · 03.09.16

I received my first box and loved it! I selected the simple, classic box and it is fabulous! I just signed up for the 3 month subscription and can’t wait to see what I receive! Susan

Colleen says · 03.09.16

I received my Dearly Box last week and love every piece you chose. I was not expecting to get the one you had curated, so I was blown away when I opened it. It was the second one I have received…..maybe I should just sign up for the subscription. Thank you and Lauren for the beautiful pieces.

Kate says · 03.09.16

that is so kind! Thank you!

Beth says · 03.09.16

I simply love Elisabeth Ashlie. The jewelry is so well made and so reasonably priced. You just can’t go wrong with the jewelry! I’ve told all of my friends and family about the website!
I also love your blog. I’m a long time reader and check in everyday!

Kacie M says · 03.09.16

I love anything that I have bought from Elisabeth Ashlie, and your curated box was the 2nd Dearly Box I have bought – which was a birthday present to myself! I can’t remember, but I think I got the Signature Box (described as, “If you love the style of Elisabeth Ashlie, you won’t be disappointed”), which included those cute clear drop earrings and the cross necklace – I have already worn both a few times! The other necklace I got was great, too. I may just have to sign up for a subscription… ๐Ÿ™‚

Cait says · 03.09.16

this is so lovely and your pictures are just breath taking! i def need to get into this box now!

Kristen B. says · 03.09.16

I received my box last week. And I loved every piece! I have been wearing a piece daily since I received it!

Catryn says · 03.09.16

I love that the glam look ended up being your favorite. Isn’t it great that things that push us a little out of our comfort zone can end up being being the best. But all of this jewelry is gorgeous! I’ll definitely have to pick up a box.

Sweet Horizon

Taleen says · 03.09.16

I will be ordering my first box this month for April…sorry that I missed the March box because I love the glam necklace that you are wearing! I can’t decide what style to get but I think I will go with glam!

Christina says · 03.09.16

Your makeup looks beautiful! What foundation are you wearing in these pictures? My skin color is the same as yours and I have a hard time finding a good color match.

Erin @ Her Heartland Soul says · 03.09.16


Andrea says · 03.09.16

How many pieces do you get in each box?

Karen says · 03.09.16

With young children, do you find it challenging to wear long necklaces? Or anything “grabbable”? I love the look, but think my toddler would just yank at them.

Mara says · 03.09.16

Everything looks so pretty!!

Emily says · 03.09.16

I love how simple all of the jewelry is. I’ll definitely have to consider subscribing!

Meg says · 03.09.16 Reply
Abbie E. says · 03.09.16

Love the triangle earrings!
Abbie E.||

Evelina says · 03.09.16

That statement necklace is stuuuuuuuunning. You gals did well!
Xo, Evelina @ Fortunate House

kate says · 03.10.16

what have I been living under a rock??? I have never heard of Elisabeth Ashlie!!! Ive obviously been missing out!! (to be fair Ive had twins…everything kinda went out the window) so how does this work…? (forgive me for having to ask..)

Mel says · 03.10.16

I love every single piece! I’ve been on the hunt for a crystal necklace!!

Mel |

sahara says · 03.10.16

I love the simple triangle earnings!


Christine Roche says · 03.10.16

I love the jewelry. I just checked it out and I might have to order one of the boxes!

Susan says · 03.10.16 Reply
Joy says · 03.10.16

I would love to try out some of these pieces but I’m allergic to nickel. I see that the items are lead and nickel compliant rather than nickel free so I’m a little apprehensive…and now sad ๐Ÿ™ The pieces are beautiful!

sfisch says · 03.10.16

I ordered a Dearly Box for February as a birthday present to myself. It contained literally everything I did not want–nothing was my style. Such a cool concept, but so disappointing. ๐Ÿ™ Hope you ladies have better luck than I did!

Sue says · 03.12.16

I checked out the Elisabeth Ashlie website and saw quite a few earrings that I wanted to order but most of them were sold out. Any idea when you will be getting some of your earrings restocked? Thanks.

Trisha says · 03.13.16

Just bought 2 boxes!! Can’t wait!

Amanda says · 03.15.16

Hi Kate

My name is Amanda from South Africa. I saw the countries listed on your site that you deliver to and SA wasn’t there. Is there a possibility in the future that deliveries would be made here or not likely?