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Traveling has ramped up a bit this year for me and I’ve adopted the “less is more” notion from my husband. He can travel lighter than anyone I’ve ever met. More often than not if he is able to only take his backpack, he will do just that. He doesn’t bring options or variety, just the bare mininum and absolute necessities.

Being a dude makes that easier, of course, but I’ve really tried to think through what I’m going to ACTUALLY wear (versus options) to make traveling light and simple.

You know I love a good palette, and the Bobbi Brown Everything Eyes palette is just beautiful. I’ve used a few Bobbi Brown products but this is my first venture into the shadows and it has now opened up a world of new options to me. They are the softest, perhaps most pigmented, shadows I’ve ever used. One swipe of a brush and you’ll have enough color to use on the entire lid! I was truly impressed.

A makeup artist that I worked with a long time ago told me about the Bobbi Brown corrector, and I promptly went into Nordstrom to get color matched for that. Porcelain Peach corrector has been in my makeup area for years now. I just love it for counteracting dark circles!

Follow the step by step below to get this eye look where I used the Everything Eyes palette + brushes. The only eye product not pictured, that I used, was mascara.


Sweep Buff across the entire eyelid. While this may look slightly pink, it doesn’t make my eyes look tired like some pink-based shadows can.



Pick up Smokey Brown with the Eye Smudge brush and blend it into the outer corners. A little goes a LONG way here!




Using the angled eyeshadow brush, pick up a touch of Halo and press it into the inner corners.

bobbibrown-5  bobbibrown-5-2

Grab the eye shadow brush and swipe a mix of Ivory and Bone across the brow bone to soften and blend the shadows.



Using the eye liner brush DRY, run a light swipe of Rich Plum along the lower lash line.   bobbibrown-7-2

Then moisten the eye liner brush and apply Smokey Brown to the upper lash line like eyeliner. If you want a bolder line of eyeliner, I’d look into this one! The violet shade would go perfectly.








Another palette I have my eye on is this ‘Greige’ one, also by Bobbi Brown. Doesn’t it look perfect? Bobbi’s Long-Wear Cream Shadow sticks are also a popular choice and Dusty Mauve would pair really well with this palette as well!

I’m very sure this palette will get tossed into my makeup bag next time I travel! If you pick up this palette, I’d love to see your eye looks using it! Use #smallthingsbeauty when you share a photo on Instagram.

This post was created in partnership with Rewardstyle and Nordstrom.


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Beth says · 03.24.16

Wow, I will be adding this to my wish list! 🙂 Can you provide what lip gloss you are wearing as well? Thanks!

Tanya says · 03.24.16

I second Beth – beautiful eyes and would love to know the lip gloss color. Headed to Sephora for MAC Creme Cup today too 🙂

Liz says · 03.24.16

This palette is gorgeous! I love the look you created with it too, it’s so pretty!

xo, Liz

Melissa says · 03.24.16

Holy moly, that might just be the perfect palette. As if I need another palette. LOL But as I said to my husband the last time I brought home a palette, it’s not necessarily about “need”. 😉 In all seriousness though, I am looking to lighten my load for traveling. I am notoriously NOT a light traveler when it comes to makeup and I’m getting to a point in life where I would really like to simplify a bit.

Kate says · 03.24.16

It’s really great for traveling and the shadows are so buttery and soft!

Cathy G. says · 03.24.16

What nail poilsh are you wearing in these pics please?

Morgan says · 03.24.16

So pretty and such a warm, glowy look! Would also love to know your lip color and the blush you’re wearing.

Leah says · 03.24.16

Beautiful look, Kate!!

How did you like the brushes? Are they decent quality?

Nicole says · 03.24.16

Bobbi Brown makeup brushes are the ULTIMATE brushes. Expensive, but they last forever. Worth the investment, and I’ve found when they add the smaller versions to palettes they are equally amazing.

js says · 03.24.16

This looks to be on the shimmer side vs a matte?

Kate says · 03.24.16

There’s a pretty good mix actually!

Nicole says · 03.24.16

Have you looked at the Bobbi Brown Malibu Nudes pallette? Gorgeous!! Just got it. Would love to see you get it a do a tutorial!!!!

Kate says · 03.24.16

I haven’t seen it yet!

Amber says · 03.24.16

OOOOO, I might have to look into this one! I love that brushes are included. I looked on the Nordstrom site for a picture of the size of the palette once it’s shut. Is it bulky? I bought the Naked On The Run palette when I saw an image of it because it included so much (minus brushes) but it’s such a large container that I don’t think that I will actually travel with it, which is why is bought it, which means I wasted money, boo. Thank you! I am loving the travel, minimal type posts. Thank you! 😀

Kate says · 03.24.16

No it’s actually a really nice compact size!

Caitlin says · 03.24.16

Looks like a great palette. Try bringing the color slightly above your mobile lid so you can see all your hard work when you eyes are open, instead of only when they are closed. I have hooded eyes as well and it really makes a difference when you bring the color up a little higher. It does take a little extra time, but it is worth it.

AnnW says · 03.24.16

I’ve been using Bobbie Brown eyeshadow in Taupe for 25-30 years now. It really goes on well and blends well. I just recently bought the mascara. It is better than that expensive Better than Sex or whatever it is that all the magazine beauty editors tout.

McCall J says · 03.24.16

I love that it comes with several nice brushes!

Lacey says · 03.24.16

Hey Kate- have you seen the Gilded Gold palette at Ulta? I just got it and I think you’d like it. Would love to see some tutorials using it because your skin tone is super similar to mine, which is rare!

Melissa Klotz says · 03.24.16

That looks like a really great palette! I love that it has a selection of mini brushes.

I have a question for you, if you could point me in the right direction. I can’t quite recall what type of skin you have, but I’m desperately trying to figure out what new foundation I should get. I’m fair like you, but I have dry skin. I’m using L’oreal True Match liquid foundation and in the morning I look dry and by afternoon it’s basically melting off my skin like an oil slick. I’m sitting at my desk wanting to vigorously wash my face. Is this normal after 9+ hours and no touch ups or is there something better I can use?? Help!

Teri says · 04.13.16

Hi Melissa,

I’m very fair too, and I just bought Bobbi Brown foundation and it is awesome! They have very light colors to pick from.

Emlyjayn says · 03.24.16

Don’t change you hair Kate I’m loving your curls lately they look amazing!!!

Lacy says · 03.25.16

I was about to say something similar-I LOVE her part and curls in this look! Go Kate!

A New Old Fashioned Girl says · 03.24.16

This is such a beautiful palette! I will be adding this to my wish list for sure:)
By the way I love you hair! I wish I could get my hair to do what I tell it.

Evelina says · 03.24.16

Looks great on you and it seems to have everything anyone would need!
Evelina @ Fortunate House

Anna says · 03.25.16

Can you tell us what nail color you are wearing?? Its so light and fresh!

Sarah @Smile and Conquer says · 03.25.16

That palette is so pretty, I like how it comes with multiples brushes!
I’m actually the better packer in our household. My bf (and his whole family actually) are such heavy packers, they are always shocked when I show up with just a carry-on. My trick is minimal shoes and I don’t wear heels that often so i rarely bring any and that saves a lot space.

Basha beach says · 03.26.16

Beautiful, as always!
Can you tell me about the earrings you are wearing? I looked on your sister’s site and didn’t find them.
Thank you!

Leah says · 03.26.16

Kate… I MUST know the lip color you’re wearing. It’s so feminine!

Kathleen says · 03.26.16

Hi Kate, would love to know the lip and nail color! I think northbound be perfect for a wedding I will be in, in a few weeks! Thanks!

JUSTENE says · 03.27.16

Hi Kate,
What lipstick/lip gloss are you wearing, it’s stunning?
Thanks, J x

Mel says · 03.27.16

I love Bobbi Brown palettes. So elegant and natural looking. You look great!!

Mel |

Allison says · 03.31.16

Where did you get these earrings?? Love!