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My husband gave me the Apple Watch for Christmas. I was completely shocked and initially thought that I would surely return it. But after wearing it now for a little while, the convenience has turned out to be pretty nice. I’m officially sold despite looking a little nerdy (which I’m okay with #trueself). Thanks Justin!

This palette by Mac looks really similar to the Naked2 Basics palette by Urban Decay!

I discovered Skillshare recently and am addicted to learning random new skills. I love hand-lettering and calligraphy so I watched Teela Cunninghams free class and now I want a water brush.

Do you own any of the top 5 beauty products sold on Birchbox this year?

Make this but use cilantro. I made this for my girlfriends a few weeks ago and it was practically inhaled.

This homemade acrylic calendar is SO CUTE! I love a good DIY!


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Lindsay says · 01.04.16

I use the leave in conditioner (really does smell incredible) and the face scrub. That stuff is awesome. I actually ran out and wasn’t using it for awhile but then found a little sample size and was so happy to use it again. It’s a very fine/grainy exfoliator. Definitely unique and effective!

Jenn says · 01.04.16

The Amika dry shampoo is the boooomb! I am ashamed to say (or am I?) that I have 4/5 of the Birchbox products that I purchased the full size of! They are definitely great pics for the year!

Cynthia says · 01.04.16

That hand lettering link has led me to a whole new world of beautiful fonts. I’m going to spend so much time falling into that rabbit hole.

That dip… Oh my goodness. I can’t wait to make it for the church Super Bowl party. I’ll be a superstar!

Erin @ Her Heartland Soul says · 01.04.16

Great links!

Christen says · 01.04.16

I own all of those Birchbox products except one 🙂

Melissa G says · 01.04.16

Amika Dry Shampoo is fantastic!! I got my sample in one of the only 2 Birchboxes I got ( I cancelled because I just didn’t like the things in it). Then I purchased 3 bottles as to not run out! I also love the Roller Lash. I purchased a sample off eBay first to trial it, and then got the full size. I use 4 different mascaras each morning, as they all have their own job! And Roller Lash is one of them!

Can’t decide on the Apple watch. No offense, but it’s just so bulky.

Caroline says · 01.04.16

YES! The beauty protector is the reason I re subscribed- I literally couldn’t live without it! And getting it free with my points doesn’t hurt.

Also the supergoop and amika dry shampoo were 2 samples I received that are favorites and I will buy eventually! Yum!

Caitlin S. says · 01.04.16

My husband (Justin) gave me the apple watch for our anniversary and I felt the same way at first. But, I have also found it to be very convenient (answering the phone without having to dig through my purse is a life saver) and useful. My wrist was a little sensitive at first (the sensor can cause sensitivity in some) but that stopped after a month or so. Enjoy! Get the clear protector (if he did not get it for you) as you will, if not already, scratch it. Don’t get it at the Apple store, you can get them online for less (as always).

Kim says · 01.04.16

The Apple Watch looks so cool! Love this!

Kim .. OOTD from Spain!

Kristi says · 01.04.16

I love the style of Apple Watch that Justin got for you! That’s the one I would get too! Will you be doing any sort of review on it?

Kristi | Be Loverly

Michelle says · 01.04.16

Just re-ordered the beauty protector from Birchbox, love it!! And I loved the Supergoop CC cream sample I got too!!

Ashlee Michelle says · 01.04.16

I have both of those palettes and I love them! They are pretty similar though!

Cassie says · 01.04.16

My husband got me an Apple watch for Christmas too, and I’m on the fence about using it…what have you liked about it or used it for so far?

Evelina says · 01.04.16

I LOVE that acrylic calendar! It doesn’t look all that easy but I want to try!

Meg says · 01.04.16

I am really on the fence about that Apple watch. Is it really that wonderful? Not sure I need one more distracting tech piece but everyone loves it. I have tried most of those birchbox products but was not obsessed. I do love the amika undone spray based on your reccomendation. Love this little posts!

Teresa says · 01.05.16

What color combination is your watch and what size did you get?

Kate says · 01.06.16

38mm and lavender + rose gold 🙂

susan says · 01.06.16

Hmmm, I got my husband a classic watch for Christmas.

(Seen here:

He loves it!

Kim M says · 01.07.16

Would love to read your full review on the Apple Watch!

Erin says · 01.08.16

I received an Apple iWatch for Christmas as well and LOVE IT! I wanted one when it came out, but wasn’t willing to pay that much for it without and reviews and seeing it in person. Once my husband got one a couple months ago before I did, and then seeing it in person, I knew I wanted one. I love the way it looks, that you can change the look of it by changing the bands. I have the gold and antique white (which is funny – I thought you had the same one/color as it looks so close in the picture you have) and then purchased the black and navy sport bands and the silver chain. I will also purchase the gold band.

I have the Benefits Roller lash and it’s BY FAR my favorite mascara. I used to use the Benefits They’re real, which may be the same formula, but love the roller wand instead. It really lengthens your lashes better. I also just ordered the Amika trifecta which includes the dry shampoo and can’t wait!!

I also have to say, thanks for linking to Birchbox. I have used Ipsy for 4 months now and have not been impressed at all! I saw that Birchbox gives better brands and deals on purchases so I canceled Ipsy and signed up for Birchbox. I can’t wait to get my first box.

Thanks again. You inspire me all the time!

Blakley says · 01.11.16

I love these kinds of posts! Your random ideas/thoughts and links are the best! I’m going to make that dip tonight, looks delish!