January Favorites

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I know this favorites is early but I missed last month so I wanted to update you on my recent favorites!

I found a drugstore contour palette that is definitely worth looking into. And a brush cleaner that will make you WANT to clean your brushes.

Kenra Platium Revive Shampoo

Kenra Platium Revive Conditioner

Clinique Even Better Brightening Moisture Mask (see more on my favorite masks here)

L’Oreal Infallible Pro Contour palette

Japonesque Solid Brush Cleanser

Rimmel London Super Curler Mascara

Origins Make A Difference Plus + Rejuvinating Treatment Lotion

Origins Dr Weil Dark Circle Minimizer

Frizz Ease Expert Polishing Serum

Honest Beauty cream blush in Truly Thrilling

Honest Beauty Kissable Lip Crayon in Sheer Petal Kiss

Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume mascara




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Jenifer says · 01.21.16

Love watching your videos! Excited to try the Clinique Even Better Mask. Your reviews are always spot on and extremely helpful in choosing new products to try. Keep them coming!

Mary Kate says · 01.21.16

The John Frieda Frizz Ease is my savior! I use it every time I shower, and it keeps my hair looking good all day!

Mary Kate

Liz says · 01.21.16

HI Kate! I always love your videos! Which of the shampoos that you use would you recommend for short color treated hair that is sometimes dry due to flat ironing? I need a shampoo that helps with volume as well and wondered if there is one that is better for short hair. I’m running out to get that Clinique mask today! Thank you!

Candice says · 01.21.16

So many great favs!! I love the frizz ease collection works well with my hair!

Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

Kristen B. says · 01.21.16

Can you tell me what lipstick you are wearing in the video? It looks great on you! And I have a lipstick obsession :))))

Ashley says · 01.21.16

What is the watch you’re wearing!?

Julia says · 01.21.16

Adding that Clinique mask to my must try list. Love their products. And I couldn’t agree more – that brush cleaner is amazing!

Nichelle says · 01.21.16

Hey Kate! Beautiful as always! Love watching your videos. You are always so informative and fun to watch! Will be adding a few products to my basket on my next makeup and skincare shopping trip!

susan says · 01.21.16

This is way better than tidying up!
Good choice.


Joy says · 01.21.16

I would also really love to know what lipstick you are wearing here! It’s gorgeous! I saw it on periscope too but the broadcast was full so I wasn’t allowed to comment. Thanks!

Lily says · 01.21.16

Any recommendations for dealing with winter static frizz? It usually only happens in the front ends of my hair near my face. Would like a little bit of serum on those parts help? Thanks!

Kiran says · 01.21.16

Awesome post, didn’t know that L’Oreal had a contour palette out! I’ll keep my eyes peeled for them.

Kiran | http://www.alittlekiran.co.uk

Heidi G says · 01.21.16

Which mask should I use to strip off dead cells? The texture of my face is always suffering. My chin, neck, and cheeks feel/look like I need to do a sandpaper scrub!

Although I originally started following you for hairstyles, thanks for all the product reviews! I tried Kenra after reading your blog and LOVE the curl defining creme. Until Kenra, I never liked leaving my hair naturally curly due to the dreaded Styling Product Crunch Factor. Turns out I CAN have soft and delicious-smelling curls!

Sarah says · 01.21.16

I love both the Clinique Even Better and John Freida Frizz Ease line — excellent choices! xo


Annie says · 01.21.16

Hi Kate! Your makeup is Beautiful as always! What lipstick & eye shadow are you wearing?

stephanie says · 01.21.16

I’m sorry, but should this really be called a “favorites” video? Half of the stuff you talked about, you were talking about how you did NOT like the product. Even some of the things you said you liked, you admitted you didn’t like them enough to repurchase.

Jenny says · 01.21.16

Kate, have you ever tried Wen haircare?

Evelina says · 01.22.16

I seriously DREAD cleaning my brushes but Im definitely trying this! And that contour palette. Thanks (again!) for doing all the legwork.

Kari says · 01.22.16

Thanks Kate! I loved watching the video. Just ordered the mask from Clinique. Also your hair looked amazing. I’m growing out my hair, so all your advice on what to do to keep my hair looking good, helps! I figure that it’s going to take 3 1/2 more years to get the length I dream about. Ugh! Lol

Lauren says · 01.22.16

Great picks. I like the look of the L’oreal contour palette x


Elainea says · 01.23.16

Love all these products, all such great hits!! Thanks for sharing!

xx elainea

Taylor says · 01.25.16

You’re one of the few bloggers I look forward to watching any time you post a video. You have great information, but you’re just so darn cute and funny and nice, and most importantly, real. I really appreciate it. I feel like I’m listening to a friend give me advice instead of a blogger that is pushing stuff for brands she’s working with. Keep ’em comin!

Christine says · 01.26.16

what serum would you recommend that wouldn’t weigh down my fine hair?

omia says · 11.22.19

I’ve wet it down so you can see the streak of light that becomes! It’s perfectly fine to use it wet but once it dries again it becomes very powdery so you lose the intensity quite quickly.

I think this is a product for those that love the hyper illuminated, almost metalized skin look – it’s ultra light catchy and glowy; made for catwalks, festivals and holidays. Illamasqua Metamorph Beyond Powders (the other shade is more bronzy) are £32 HERE.