The Tartist Contour Palette

Merry Christmas

I covered contouring using the Maskcara IIID palette here and I want to show you how gorgeous this palette is by Tarte for a non-cream option!


Tarte delivers no shortage on pigment, so the fluffier brush you use, the softer the look will be. If you opt for a tightly packed brush, you will really need to work at blending in the contour shade. It’s effective, and does it’s job, but it’s seriously pigmented!

All makeup used: Tarte Tarteist Contour Palette, Origins Cream Eyeshadow in Coffee Buzz, Tartelette Pallete, Benefit Roller Lash, Cherry Bloom Lash Fibers, Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation, Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer, Hourglass Arch Brow Pencil, Butter London Disco Biscuit Bloody Brilliant Lip Crayon ON TOP OF Origins Lip gloss







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Falyn - Nova Scotia, Canada says · 12.26.15

Thanks for this tutorial! I was a little nervous buying this contouring palette because I’m new to contouring, but after seeing this it made me feel confident in trying it! Love your blog!

April Lemons says · 12.26.15

Thanks for sharing this. I absolutely love Tarte products. I just ordered a set from qvc and it came with a new concealer product that has a gorgeous finish. You are right about these oroducts being so pigmented. You barely have to tap tour brush in the product. Where did you get your Cherry lash fibers? I might try them. I use the Radiant Complex serum for brow and lashes. I have seeb a huge difference and I want to bump up the lashes eveh more. One last thing, I’m a mom of 3 boys and I love it. They are 15, 12, and 6. Boys are awesome! Merry Christmas!

Tessa says · 12.26.15

This is so great! I just got the Tarte Showstopper palate for Christmas but now I want this one! I need to learn and start contouring. This is so helpful! You’re the best. Happy New Year!

Casey says · 12.26.15

I love Tarte products and am so glad to see you have a tutorial on this! I don’t have this set but would consider buying it now after seeing your tutorial. I used to use Tarte’s products a long time ago and then stopped for some reason. My skin started breaking out really bad and I didn’t realize it was because I was using cheap makeup. I switched back to Tarte and within months my skin has completely cleared up!

Stacy says · 12.26.15

What color foundation are you wearing?

Lori Tipton says · 12.26.15

Is Amazon the only place you can buy Orgin makeup?

Kate says · 12.26.15

No, is their website

Amy Guest says · 12.26.15

This contour palette looks gorgeous!

Danielle says · 12.26.15

Thank you for the tutorial Kate! This does seem like a lovely Palette. 🙂 I especially appreciate you “fluffy brush” tip, as I tend to shy away from contours because I usually end up with a heavy chiseled look. (Not my style!). I’m definitely going to try using some fluffy brushes to make things softer!


Chrissy says · 12.26.15

Where did you get your super cute earrings?

Stephanie says · 12.26.15

What kind of brushes do you buy? Do you have any specific favorite brands?

Kim Henrichs says · 12.26.15

That is a beautiful palette!!

Olena says · 12.26.15

I was just thinking that I need to learn more about countouring and here you’re making a video about it. Thanks so much for sharing. I think that might be my first countouring palette.

Jaime says · 12.26.15

I must know where you purchased your shirt. #grayislife #greyislife

Meg says · 12.26.15

This makeup look plus the lip stick color is striking on you! Gorgeous!

Tiffany Green says · 12.26.15

Love the tutorial! Can you list all the different makeup brushes that you used in the video?

Thank you and Happy New Year!


Jennifer Peer says · 12.27.15

Great tutorial. I just saw this palette at Sephora yesterday..looks beautiful! You look so different when you contour – both looks are lovely.

Corinne says · 12.27.15

You are a beautiful woman and your make up is exquisite. The only thing I would add is a beautiful set of eyelash extensions. I enjoyed your article so much that I would like to invite you as my guest to get your eyelashes done. My website will give you my contact info.
Thank you for the great make up lesson.

Adelle Davis says · 12.28.15

Can you suggest a dupe for the eyeshadow? Please. Hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas.

Adelle Davis

Celsey says · 12.28.15

Would love to know the exact color of the foundation, not sure if the link comes up on the exact one you used. We have very similar skin tones. Thanks!

Lindsay Johnston says · 12.29.15

This may be my favorite makeup look that you have ever done. It makes me want to buy everything you used.

Kiersten says · 12.29.15

Hi Kate,
Loved this video and it looks beautiful on you as they all do! I have been on the fence about ordering the maskcara contour pack ever since you reviewed it awhile back. Would you say you like this pallete or the maskcara HAC pack better?


Joni says · 12.29.15

Can you give the details on your hair color? I love your color in this picture.

Kate S. says · 12.30.15

This is interesting . . .I had shied away from buying this palette because I have fair skin with a pink undertone and every contouring palette (along with most concealers and foundations) seems to have too much yellow tone.The cosmetics world does not seem to believe in pale Nordic girls! But I think you have very similar skin coloring to me and if this palette works for you without being too yellow, maybe I will give it a try!

Katie says · 12.30.15

WOW that contour is gorgeous!! I haven’t yet mastered the art of contour, so thanks for the video!

Cindy says · 01.02.16

I love your blog and videos!!! Just bought the tarteist contour palette and brush today. I’m new to contouring and your video is amazing! Thank you so much. Happy New Year!