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Twisted Half Up Tutorial


David was high-fiving Justin after his performance at church for the Christmas program. He sat in a wagon with the other little toddlers and shook a bell during Jingle Bells. It was heart-explodingly cute.

You may have seen this cute photo of Luke I put up on instagram with some new truck pillows and I wanted to share coupon code for SMALLTHINGS25 for 25% off at Quarter Life Luck. The quality is fantastic and you can customize colors too!

What do you think of wearables? My sister and I saw Fossil Q bracelets at Macy’s when I was in Chicago recently and it was the first time I saw a wearable and thought, “I’d actually wear that”. I’m not sure I would enjoy it very much right now, but if I WAS looking for a wearable, that would be it.

I love packages wrapped like this.

Tickets for Type and Click are up for sale!! 

I made Chicken Tortilla Soup the other day and MAN it’s good with shredded Hot Habenero cheese over top!

Tonight is my annual cookie/appetizer night with my girlfriends. I think I may make some festive drinks too, like this Frostbite or the Cranberry Cutie.

Have a lovely weekend before Christmas! I hope you have all your shopping done so you don’t have to endure the crowds this weekend!


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Evelina says · 12.19.15

Oooo tortilla soup is one of my favourites! I have never made it but maybe now I will! Enjoy your cookie exchange!

Anne says · 12.19.15

Love the mocktail recipes!

Amy says · 12.19.15

I adore your Instagram photos and always enjoy your links/loves posts. I have a random question I would like your opinion on. If you’ve posted about this recently and I’ve missed it then I’m sorry! I am just now getting into face serums. Do you have some advice on serums you could share with us?

Kelly says · 12.20.15

what is a wearable?

Hannah says · 12.20.15

Yes, I’m confused by this also! Is it a fitness tracker sort of thing? I’ve never heard it called a wearable!

McCall says · 12.20.15

I literally have never heard the term “wearables”. What is it!?

Jenna says · 12.21.15

I’m pretty sure you just made up the term “wearable”! lol I know on Target, fitness trackers are under a heading called “wearable technology” but I don’t think calling them a “wearable” is a thing. You should go ahead and TM that. haha

Kate says · 12.21.15

I’ve heard fitness trackers and such referred to as wearables before! I promise I didn’t make it up!

Jordan says · 12.21.15

THIS is the best “wearable” out there! The Withings Pop

I used to have a Fitbit but hated the way it looked and this Withings looks AMAZING and does everything my old Fitbit did and more!! Plus no charging!

People don’t ask me anymore what that weird thing is on my wrist, and now all they ask me for is the time… which i can now gladly tell them 🙂

Jillian says · 12.21.15

I have never had any interest in a wearable however I think I found the one I’d want if I did want one. The LEAF by Bellabeat. It is so cute and doesn’t look anything like a traditional wearable.