Chicago Hair Class Recap

Undone Waves step by step


It’s been over a week since I got back from my quick trip to Chicago and I’m finally able to recap the classes I taught while I was there.

I did back to back curling and updo classes, so my hands were covered in hairspray by the end of the night!

The salon I held the classes at is called goldplaited, and it’s a finishing salon. The difference between it and simply a blow dry bar, is that they place a big emphasis on makeup as well as hair. So the “finishing salon” point is that they can assist you in getting fully ready for a special event. I love that concept actually, and wouldn’t be surprised if more salons like goldplaited pop up soon.


We had cupcakes from Sweet Mandy B’s and pretzels from Fatty Sundays!

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An old college friend Caitlin made the prettiest name tags that the attendees could set at their station too. Caitlin has an online shop where she sells prints and other things she designs with her calligraphy.



My sister and I scarfed down a slice of Giordano’s deep dish pizza between classes. It was remincient of my days behind the chair when I would never factor in time for lunch and often stuff my face with whatever I could grab between clients.

The interest in Chicago classes blew me away, and if you were able to come it was such a pleasure meeting you! I hope to get back there soon for another visit to Lauren and to teach more classes!


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Samantha S says · 12.14.15

Love this recap! I would totally drive to Chicago for another hair class. It was so SO fun!!!!!

Donna says · 12.14.15

May I ride along, it was AWESOME!!

Nicole says · 12.14.15

MmmMMmm Giordano’s deep dish is the best! It’s my mothers maiden name, so I’m only a little biased.

Kelsey says · 12.14.15

Your classes always look so fun! I hope more and more salons like goldplaited pop up since it looks so cute and well put together. If you ever come out closer to Colorado I’ll absolutely be signing up for one of these classes 🙂

Kelsey |

Christen says · 12.14.15

Wow! They look like so much fun! Wish I could get to one soon 🙂

erin @ thh says · 12.14.15

I think my favorite part of these recaps is seeing all of these neat salons. I have never heard of a finishing salon, but it seems like such a great idea and a handy (and beautiful!) space.

Martie says · 12.14.15

Ooh…I love the concept of a finishing salon! Up-do’s, party hair, and makeup were my favorite things as a beauty professional! What a pretty salon! That pizza sounds amazing, too! And do I ever remember the rushed lunch…

Katie says · 12.14.15

Yes! Please more classes in the Chi!!
I am so looking forward to attending one.I realize now I have to be super fast…and lucky to snag a ticket 🙂

Andrea Worley says · 12.14.15

You have class in some of the most beautiful salons! just gorg! please come to phoenix!

Trisha says · 12.14.15

Darn! So sorry I missed it! Maybe I’ll catch you on your next class in Chicago (or burbs)!

Hey, been meaning to ask you… can you do a tutorial on how to curl THICK hair? You have done videos on curling thin/fine hair, but I would love to see one on how to curl thick hair. I wish I could part my hair in 2 sections and get it curled in a jiffy like you do, but it doesn’t work that way. Or maybe I’m doing something wrong. Help!?

Alicia says · 12.14.15

I agree about the thick hair! Mine always takes 4x longer to do because my hair is so thick! Which is why I often end up not wearing it curled. 🙁

Genevieve says · 12.14.15

That gold wall & wallpaper! How can you not feel glamorous in there?!

I believe we need you down in Bayou country to teach us how to deal with 98% humidity hair styling ?

Ana says · 12.14.15

Where can we find out which classes come next when they are first announced? I vote for DC!

Kate says · 12.14.15

Send an email to nicole@thesmallthingsblog with subject line “wait list for classes” to be on the list!

Corey says · 12.14.15

I would love for you to come do a class here in Bellevue, WA for us!!!

Ashley says · 12.14.15

Come to Ohio!! Please please please!!

Carrie says · 12.15.15

How did I miss this?! I am depressed! I’m reading comments and it seems like I didn’t miss something on your blog and I have to email Nicole. I’m in the Chicago Suburbs and I always wish I could kidnap you in order to get more hair lessons whenever you visit Lauren. COME BACK!!!!

Julie Smith says · 12.16.15

Love the Origins line as well and if I won the gift set, I would totally give it to my sister who has 4 kids and doesn’t spend any money on herself these days 🙁 I started using Origins when I was pregnant because I wanted a plant based solution for my skin. I’m still with the line 6 years later. My favorite is the Anti-Aging Power Eye Cream. I need all the help I can get:)!

Tracy Ng says · 12.18.15

That gold wall & wallpaper! How can you not feel glamorous in there?!
I love the concept of a finishing salon :X

car Monique says · 12.30.16

so funny