A fun announcement!

How To Revive and Refresh Hair for Day Two



I’m excited to share that I curated a Mommy Mailbox for the month of January! You can find out all about Mommy Mailbox here! You can select 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, 9 month or annual options. Use code LOVEKATE if you subscribe (for whatever length of time you prefer) for a discount as well!

It was fun to pick items that centered around the theme of renewal  for the new year. I won’t tell you what is in the box so it remains a surprise but this would be a fun treat to get for yourself or buy for a loved one!



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Amanda Whitley says · 12.08.15

Hi Kate! Just tried to subscribe and it says the coupon code is not valid.

Mandi Jayne says · 12.08.15

I love Mommy Mailbox! They are my favorite subscription service. I’m excited to get my box next month and find out what goodies you chose!!

Crystal says · 12.08.15

I just tried and it says coupon not valid.

Heidi H says · 12.08.15

Unfortunately it says the coupon is not valid. I’d love to give this as a gift to a colleague.

Mommy Mailbox says · 12.08.15

So sorry about that! LOVEKATE code is now up and running 🙂 mommymailbox.com

Kelly Huddleston says · 12.08.15

Oh awesome!! Thank you Kate!!

Dominique says · 12.08.15

How cool! I’ve always wanted to subscribe to one of these, but they are always out of our budget. Thanks for posting!


Maria says · 12.08.15

I’m so excited about this! I’ve been a subscriber since June and I love getting these boxes every month! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for the new year!

Melissa P says · 12.08.15

Just ordered! Thanks!!

Kelly S says · 12.09.15

Hi, Kate! My sister-in-law is due to be a first time mom in May 2016. Would this be a good gift for a mom-to-be?

susan says · 12.09.15

We Mums love to get pretty things delivered to our door!

Heather says · 12.10.15

Thanks for the code! Paused Birchbox to give this a try.

Hayley says · 12.10.15

Aww so disappointed that don’t ship to uk I feel their is no good subscription boxes that ship to uk ?

Shelly says · 12.10.15

I’m soooo excited you are the curator for Mommymailbox next month! I almost canceled my subscription after being disappointed the past couple of times. This month was great and I really look forward to yours!