Rainy Days

Is Madewell Denim the Best?

We’ve had a bunch of rainy days lately. Seattle-ites, how do you do it?

I’m trying to be creative with ideas of things to do with the boys but I’m slowly running out of steam. Hopefully the sun will return this weekend.


On MondayΒ we went to Storytime at our local library, so that was a fun/new activity. It was raining cats and dogs so we needed to cross over a literal moat to get into the library, but once we got inside I was glad we went through the effort. We got a library card, David swiped a book on Women’s Rights to Vote as we cruised through an aisle, and after returning that we wandered over to the kids section.

I parked the stroller, threw Luke in the back carrier, and trailed David as he explored the kids section. A few minutes before Storytime we went to sit down, and it was at that point I knew we likely wouldn’t last very long. David wasn’t really interested in the music or the story, instead he just wanted to climb up and down the wide stairs and throw my library card around. Luke was interested in Puffs and that’s about it!

We lasted 10 minutes before both boys were antsy to do something new, so we picked out some boat (and kitten!) books, checked them out, and endured the sideways-up-the-jacket-in-the-face rain once more.

Grand total time spent at location that required great feat to get to? 18 minutes.

Value?Β Priceless.

Processed with VSCOcam with x1 preset

The rest of the day was spent indoors playing with every toy that we own. We were all excited for Justin to come home for a little variety to the day! Rainy days really show me how much I enjoy being outside with the boys! AndΒ they really love it too. It was a nice forced change up from the usual go-go-go to settle in on the floor and play inside!

A close friend of mine just had her second baby and I couldn’t help but look back to the newborn Luke and 14 month old David stage of my life just 9 short months ago. We have really gotten into a wonderful groove and it has just been the absolute best to see these two start to really engage with one another. There have certainly been rough stages, namely when Luke screamed for 8 weeks straight, but those seem like a million years ago already.

I’m planning to do a Periscope (find me at k8_smallthings), and perhaps a follow up blog post about life with two under 2, so if there’s anything you are curious about, leave it in the comments below, would you? I’d also love to hear, if you are a mom of two, what was your biggest challenge in adding your second child into your family?


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Katie @ Cup of Tea says · 11.04.15

So wonderful that you’re finding your stride with your two boys. It must be such fun watching them interact with each other. And it will only get more fun as time goes on!! The rainy days are getting to us too. But it’s giving me a chance to work my creative/imagination brain that gets buried all too often. At least all this rain gives me a chance to bust out those rain boots! πŸ˜‰

Amy says · 11.04.15

Indoor play places are a lifesaver! My boys are a bit older, 3 and 5. But when my youngest was born it was nearly winter and too cold for a baby to be out, so we frequented the tot indoor play areas around us. Sometimes dance and gymnastic studios would have open gym times I could take them to. Or we would hit up every library in the suburbs around us for different story times lol. A website I found useful was “macaroni kid”- they highlight all the fun stuff going on in your region.

Life with two young boys is insanity. And it’s totally awesome. πŸ™‚ enjoy your Wednesday!

Krista says · 11.04.15

I have 3 boys.. 5, 3, and 5 months. I think the biggest challenge of adding your second is just the adjustment of now focusing dividing your time on 2 not just caring for 1. Adding our third son was definetly easier because you’re already used to the chaos and crazy (the best kind of chaos and crazy!) Our biggest struggle now with 3 sons 5 and under is just time. It seems we have no time for anything.. we are so busy. I’m a stay at home mom and our oldest has some mild special needs so we have therapies and running all the time. I enjoy reading all of your posts and can relate so well. I always say being a stay at home mom is definetly my hardest job ever but the best and rewarding! Little boys love their mommys πŸ™‚ They definitely want to be just like their daddies but the cuddles and kisses are saved for their mommies!

Christen says · 11.04.15

I remember those days of trying to come up with things to do. We live in the Northeast so there are a lot of very cold days to find indoors things to do. We spent a lot of time (and money) at Target. I also thing investing in some indoor gym equipment is super awesome. Like a mat, one of those tunnels to crawl through, etc. It helps them get their energy out!

Megan says · 11.04.15

The biggest challenge for me in adding a second child was that my oldest was already 4, so we were so far removed from those tougher baby stages that I completely forgot how all encompassing they are. It took me a while to adjust to the fact that having two kids pretty much takes every minute of every day and it’s go go go all day long. Now that my second is about 14 months old, I think I’m finally getting the hang of it.

Amanda says · 11.04.15

Hi Kate, My son will be 23 months when we welcome baby girl. My question is, what was the MOST valuable piece of ‘baby equipment’ in those first few weeks that made life a little bit easier for all?

We don’t have a swing or a baby carrier for me to baby wear (since my first son didn’t like it)… would you suggest a particular one?? Thanks so much! xo

Lisa says · 11.04.15

The carrier. ANY ONE that baby will stay in. I nannied two that were 23 months a part. And strapping the baby on to chase the toddler was the daily norm and lifesaver

Mindy says · 11.04.15

I have two, a boy 7 and a girl 3. My biggest challenge when my daughter was born was learning to deal with the needs of two kids. It felt like somebody needed something. every. minute. It was hard to cook or clean or do anything else but care for my kids. I felt like I was literally running in circles around my house meeting everyone’s needs. I guess, time. I think someone else said that. As challenging as it is, there is not a more important way to spend your time. Pouring into your children is a sacrifice worth it’s weight in gold. Sometimes I want to pull my hair out, but what a privilege it is to be their mom and train them up in the Lord and help them discover what they were created for.

Katy says · 11.04.15

Hi Kate

I would love to hear this periscope and read a blog post on 2 under 2! My husband is only 12 months older than his brother and we just had a baby in September and he would like our kids close in age. I’m open to it, but want to know the good, bad, and ugly and know any tips… Anything you could share I would love to hear!

Andrina says · 11.04.15

Well πŸ™‚ as someone who spent 20 years in Seattle before being transplanted down south, I can say the rain there is not the gully – washer kind. It’s more if a drizzle, so not as,many moats. πŸ™‚
That being said, you learn to just carry on, and be prepared to change clothes and shoes. We just lived in jackets and shoes that could handle puddles.
Children’s museums are amazing! Not sure if there is,one in Raleigh, but even in little Huntsville we have something similar. Our little library has some sort of children’s time (in a,separate room so they can make noise) and after storytelling they’d play music and do crafts. Even play spaces at the mall work in a pinch.
I wonder if your oldest is if enough now to enjoy blanket florts? My child was crazy for them!

Melissa G says · 11.04.15

All I can say is enjoy every second. 4 of my 5 children were born in a 27 month time period. So getting out of the house to anywhere wasn’t doable unless my husband or oldest son could help…and they were at work and school. So we spent a lot of time at home!

Now, they are tweens and teens and super super active in sports and activities and rarely, if ever, do we have a day to just be at home. I long for those days.

So enjoy this time!!

Bethy says · 11.04.15

When I see rain in the forecast, I immediately feel a little panicked! I count on our morning walk and afternoon errands to maintain my sanity – and I only have one (plus Schnauzer). Our town library has story time too – thanks for the reminder! Hope the sun is shining for you soon ?

Amber says · 11.04.15

I have brought the cozy coup car inside the house for my little ones to ride on during the yucky weather days in Ohio. Maybe it is tacky but they love it. And do you live close enough to a children’s museum that you could get a membership and go several times a month when the weather stinks? We go tot he library a lot and my little ones the toys. They don’t have the ability to handle the story times yet, either. Good luck the rest of the winter.

Danielle says · 11.04.15

Ooo, I also have two under two so I cannot wait to see/hear how you manage things. Glad you guys were able to get out. Hopefully the rain stops soon for ya!

Erin G says · 11.04.15

I second, third, and fourth the indoor playplace! My kids are 2.5 and 5 but we’ve been attending since my first was a baby. We usually pack our own lunch and spend hours there. The ones that I go to usually have a discount of some sort for babies or siblings, so it’s affordable. And oddly enough, my kids like to grocery shop so that’s usually one of our outings in the week. (Just make sure you go to a store that has two seats in the cart). And we usually frequent the library once a week. Ours has a place for the kids to play with a kitchen set, puppet show, or some puzzles. Hopefully the rain stops soon!

Sarah @ Seriously Lovely says · 11.04.15

We’re expecting our first right now, but I often think about what it would be like to be experiencing pregnancy while also caring for a toddler and wondering whether I’ll have the guts to try it in a couple of years. πŸ˜‰ Hope you get some sunnier weather and can get back outside soon!

Rachele says · 11.04.15

I’m really curious about your personal expectations of being a SAHM before you became one, versus what the reality turned out to be. What did you think a typical day would look like?

Did you have a picture in your mind’s eye based on bloggers that made things seem more perfect than they actually are, or based on your view of your mom and/or friends lives?

I don’t mean in terms of loving your boys more than you imagined…. I think that’s a given. I am curious about the basic mechanics and actually doing “mom” things, how your life changed versus how you thought your life was going to change.

Nicole says · 11.04.15

So not really kid related, but it’s a question I have been dying to know! How long did it take for you to get really big in the blogging world. I have been doing it for about a year, and i don’t feel like I’m getting very far stat wise. I can’t tell if my content is just boring or if i’m just not being patient. Also what factors helped people find you? Thanks for reading the super long question. πŸ™‚

Dana says · 11.04.15

Try a box fan(I got one on clearance at Target for $5) & a duvet cover fort. Hours of energy expended while cooped up inside πŸ™‚

J. says · 11.04.15

Love that idea for a post, I have two 22 months apart, they are now pre-teen and teen.
Adding a second one so close was exhausting initially and so enjoyable. They are boy and a girl and really love driving each other crazy, they also know each other inside out.
There were definitely days where I was sure I was crazy to want two so close, haha. But as another commenter said, enjoy it. It truly flies by.
Look forward to reading your post.
Thanks for sharing!

Mamaof4 says · 11.04.15

I have four kids, all three years apart. I may sound like a buzz kill here……teach your kids it is okay to stay home. For you and for them. It is okay to play inside and it is okay to not have every day filled with a “fun” activity. I live in Idaho- cold and wintery here half the year-
If you take your kids out every day, and you fill your days with activities away from home-expect to have them “bored” when you actually do stay home- especially as they get older. It starts a vicious cycle you better be prepared to handle…..it’s called “can we go to…..” And it is exhausting.

Danae says · 11.04.15

I really enjoyed your comment. We stay at home a lot (2 year old and 4 month old) and it works best for me and for my little one’s eating/naps. What have you found to be good energy burning activities inside? My little boy has boundless energy and is often getting into trouble. Thanks!

Mamaof4 says · 11.04.15

Hi Danae!
My “baby” is now eight, and after 15 years home with kids- I now have the day from 8-3 all-by-myself! My days home with kids are over…until 3:00! These days I shamelessly read a book, take a bath or wander around target blissfully by myself. I also have experienced mopping the floor without a kid on my back!
I, too had kids with boundless energy…… Our days were filled with story books, games, movies, and cartoons- did you know it’s okay to have your kids watch some tv?! πŸ™‚
In the cold months we did blanket forts, homemade obstacle courses, cookie making, and even walks around the block in boots and snow pants. Play doh, coloring, mazes and paint with blank paper were always hits at my house.
Usually once a week we had a play date, or went out to lunch- every now and again we did the library, or went to some sort of play place with friends- my friends, with kids the same age so we could visit. Really not spending more than 20’bucks a week on our fun away from home.
To have my kids out and being entertained every day sounds exhausting to me- as I stated above I have been a SAHM for 17 years now. It IS a choice and no matter what way you slice it, it is a sacrifice of some sort-both financial and otherwise. For me to be out every day is not in our budget- when I did find myself out I continually spent money I didn’t need to!
My oldest is now 17, it goes fast man…..I promise. Relax, stay home and enjoy it! It’s okay! It is Worth every single minute!

eve says · 11.04.15

I am a sahm and have 5 kids from ages 1 through 11. I completely agree with you here.. some of my kids best memories have been made at home playing with their siblings. I tried doing “things” with my oldest and you’re very right about them expecting it when they’re older and not just being content. πŸ™‚

Rachele says · 11.05.15

Buzzkill? Heck no. This is real wisdom. Teaching kids that life isn’t always going to be all fun and excitement IMHO is one of the best lessons they can learn in this fast paced world. And the end result of learning to use their imagination and just be content to just BE is priceless. I think so much pressure is put on moms to do all this fantastic, adventurous stuff, when in reality, just being present, REALLY PRESENT, and participating in the little mundane daily adventures is so much more valuable then feeling like a failure when ideas are running low.

Then the outings and well planned activities are special, and give the kids something to look forward to…they don’t become the norm and the expectation.

Brianna says · 11.04.15

How do Seattle moms do it? First, as someone said above, it doesn’t rain in Seattle so much as it’s constantly overcast with a constant mist
or drizzle. We don’t often get downpours. But you can’t just wait out the rain either, so you get used to it. Kids all have rain jackets and rain boots. (And usually, so does mom and dad.) We go to the park and do things outside anyway– staying home forever won’t work when there is water coming from the sky 9 months of the year. But if we need to– we have memberships at children’s museums & the aquarium (all indoor!). The zoo even is designed to still be fun for kids on rainy days. But we also read at home A LOT (we’re a no screen time for kids household), and we bake and do a lot of crafts– painting/play dough/play sand/sticker time, or playing with chalk on our covered back porch. Our house is tiny, (under 800 sq ft)– so an indoor play space doesn’t exist in our home, but we don’t feel the need for one. We get outside and get wiggles out in the rain anyway. So– that’s how this Seattle mom copes with rainy days! πŸ™‚

Kristen says · 11.04.15

I agree with indoor play places on rainy days! Those are a life saver. Also, we enjoy the aquarium, the children’s museum, and the local library for music and story time. We also participate in our local weekly Gymboree music/dance class which is always a joy. On nice days, we like to find a new park every week to try out. We will travel to different towns within a safe distance and explore a new park. I agree it is difficult to find things to fill up the time. I’m curious how you managed to balance your time between a newborn with a lot of needs and a toddler who is already attached to mommy and wants to play? Also, I know I napped a ton with my first when she napped, how did you manage the sleep deprivation during the day having an active toddler? Thanks!

Lindsey says · 11.04.15

As another commenter posted, I’d like to know about useful “baby gear”, carriers, etc that you have found useful, especially in the beginning. Also, what was your schedule like in the beginning, trying to nurse, care for and feed the toddler, get through the night “shifts” with the baby when you know your husband has to get up and go to work….. Those sorts of things. My second boy is due in February and my son is currently 15 months old (they’ll be 19 months apart.) I’m already getting a little nervous for those first several weeks (&months really) with 2 boys under 2! Thank you, I love your baby/family/mom life posts!

Laura says · 11.04.15

i am also due with my second boy in February. My older son will turn 2 in December so they will be a bit further apart than yours. I also have the some questions about schedules…we have a really good groove with our morning and evening routines. Best case scenario is the new little man will just fall into our existing routines but I know that at best there will need to be some adjustments. How did you manage logistically bedtime routines x2? Breakfast routines x2? Or putting one down for nap while the other is awake?

Heather says · 11.04.15

I have two boys exactly 14 months apart as well. They are 19 mos and 5 mos right now. The first 2 months seem like a total blur. Like I know I was there, but I’m also a little foggy on the details πŸ™‚ The biggest hurdle was ALWAYS being needed. It’s getting so, so much better now, but those first few months were a doozy.

My husband actually stays home with them and spends a LOT of time at the YMCA. They have 2 hours a day of childcare included in our membership fee so we take FULL advantage of that!

Kelly says · 11.04.15

My children are 2 years apart & baby wearing was my best friend! With my soon to be 3 & 1 year old we love love love watching them play and love on each other! Its really a challenge some days, but we have tried to help our son learn to entertain himself (play dough and a container of aquarium rocks with mini construction vehicles work great) so i can tend to his sister. My biggest tip is don’t expect your children to be the same! Once we realized our daughter was her own person and wasn’t going to like the same bottles, swaddle, paci, etc. as her brother it became easier to figure everything out. We just expected her to want and need the same things our son did as a newborn.

Cristen says · 11.04.15

We live in remote Wyoming. No play places here. My 3 year old and almost one year old are indoors a lot during the winter months. For Christmas we got them a seven foot trampoline to go in our basement. I’m excited to have an energy burner!!! We do a lot of arts and crafts and play dates at friends houses.

Jessica says · 11.04.15

In our last town, the pet store and the dollar store were right next to each other – it was a match made in heaven!

I grab the bathtub paints from the Target dollar spot often. They are great for hot days and rainy day weather fun alike. (If you dilute them in a spray bottle, the fun lasts even longer!)

Jennifer says · 11.04.15

Looking forward to your take on two under two. I currently have a 19 month old boy and a 7 month old girl (they are one year and 9 days apart).

Sarah says · 11.04.15

I had two little boys (and then three, and then four) in the Seattle-area a few years ago. I ended up bringing in our LittleTykes junglegym to the playroom so we could survive the winter. It was great! My sister-in-law in Utah has one set up in her basement as well.

lisa diamond says · 11.04.15

I have 3 boys,now aged 15,13 and 7.when they were younger they enjoyed a ballpool(but not set up everyday).A tent with sleeping bags,cushions,radio,books,toys camping cups etc.Building car parks with big lego bricks.Thomas tank trian set.As they got older we have visited lots of free entry museums and lots of long walks/picnics/flask/campfire(if allowed).It’s not all about spending lots of money on entertainment,it’s the quality family time and happy memories your kids will remember.Enjoy it because they are grown up before you know it. πŸ™‚

MaryAnn says · 11.04.15

Honestly, it’s more cloudy and lightly drizzling than anything else here in Seattle. πŸ™‚ BUT when we do have those insanely rainy days, it’s good to have a few options. Kids don’t really care about getting wet, whereas I hate getting my hair wet, but it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make. Random trips to the dollar store to find a new toy or coloring book, setting up a tent in the living room and filling it with pillows and blankets for story/nap time, get a large roll of butcher paper and let them go wild by covering the table or hallway in it, etc. Mostly kids pick up on your own boredom more than anything else, so just be sure that you are fully engaged in the activity with them .

jenn says · 11.04.15

whew! its hard enough to find things to do with my one babe at 14 months old, but with two..i don’t know how you do it! would love any other tips/activities you have to share for fun things to do!

Katie says · 11.04.15

Hi! Great idea! I’m sure I have so many questions, but here’s what I think about most: Logistically, how do you do it? πŸ™‚ As in, for example, going to Target, do you carry them both in and then put them in the cart, or what? I’m thinking through how that will go this winter (snowy/cold here) and I’m a bit concerned. How about a baby bag? What size is best for two kiddos? What do you use? How do you keep one entertained when you’re busy feeding the newest one? Oh so many… Guess I’ll find out soon! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it all.

Maria says · 11.04.15

Storytime is always great, even if you don’t last the whole time. And a good children’s librarian won’t expect little kids to sit still and pay attention. My son enjoyed it, even though he rarely sat still through it.

Sarah Lynn says · 11.04.15

Mine are 27 months apart, and the baby is now 2 months old. The hardest thing for us was big sister’s adjustment to the arrival of baby sister. She went on an almost 3 week nap strike, which was a huge challenge with a newborn too and me desperately needing some rest. But it’s much smoother sailing now! We also went to story time at our library here in Charlotte on Monday in the monsoon. πŸ™‚

Bev says · 11.04.15

Isn’t it cray how the weather throws a wrench in our daily routine or plans?! I must say it’s something I’m grateful for from Cali to Nebraska because it’s helped me slow down and be present especially with my LO!

Ashley says · 11.04.15

Our library story time experience sounds similar! My 19 month old cannot sit still more than 2 seconds. He wanders the room or tries to play with the story ladies props. We are told it’s okay if they get up because their attention span is short but I’m seriously the only one with the kid who isn’t sitting perfectly on the little carpet squares. Oh well… Maybe they’ll get there one day πŸ™‚

Lauren says · 11.04.15

I love your periscopes! And I love the idea of talking about two under two as j am in the same boat too! I just like hearing about day to day life! Fun to hear what other moms do each day

Simone says · 11.04.15

Do you do snapchat?!

Tricia says · 11.04.15

My son and daughter are 19 months apart. At that age they got ALOT of toys from grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. Once they lost interest in the toys, I would set them aside (hide) for a few weeks or months….and then reintroduce them on days (or weeks) when we were going to need to be inside the house. The toys were ‘new’ again, and held their attention for a good chunk of time.

Kari says · 11.04.15

Kate! You live near the best place ever!! Marbles museum!!! Both boys would absolutely love that place! And, its cheap! I am sure a family pass would save you even more. I drive 3.5 hours to visit that place with my girls a couple times a year! I would go much more if I live close by!

Megan says · 11.04.15

I only have one baby now, but I’d suggest investing in a rain coat and rain boots (and a warm hat and mittens now that it’s getting colder). My daughter will happily splash in puddles all day, and she loves going outside and exploring when it’s raining. She thinks it’s fun when the rain hits her face. As long as they’re warm enough in the winter, I’d go outside whenever possible.

Anna Lyon says · 11.04.15

I’m a mom of just one daughter who just turned a year. We live in Iowa and winter is just around the corner. I’m dreading the cold weather and snow. My little girl LOVES to be outside and have no idea what I will do with her when it starts to get too cold for us to be out. Would love to hear of some ideas that you have for keeping your boys entertained indoors! It’s so hard!

Jen says · 11.04.15

We have a Little Tykes fort/slide that we keep in the house. It’s basically a big square. It has an upper level and you can also crawl underneath it. I got it right after my daughter turned 1, and she just turned 3 and still plays with it every day. If she is not hiding, she is climbing, or making different toys or cars slide down, etc. It is awesome. It is the best thing I have bought as far as keeping her busy. Some might say it is as big thing to keep indoors, but it is easy to move around, and honestly – they are only young once πŸ™‚
Going to the mall is also great, especially if yours has a good play area. My favorite is to go early before it gets crowded. Most malls open early for people to walk. I like to go then.

Janna says · 11.04.15

Thankfully in the great Seattle area many of the community centers have “toddler time” several days a week. Basically an open gym with riding/push toys, balls, tunnels, etc. I think it’s the best kept secret around! Maybe your area also has one?

Can you talk more about how you managed sleep training in your house? I really liked your “day in the life” blog post and you mentioned your kids are early risers. Have you done anything to try a later bedtime for a later wake up? I know that can backfire, but have you tried it and did it not work for David?

Ramona says · 11.04.15

“There isn’t any bad weather, just bad clothing”…..Embrace the change of weather! As long as it isn’t thundering/lightning, throw on some rain gear and enjoy it! If they play high school sports (soccer, football, cross country) they’ll play in the rain, too! If they don’t play in mud puddles now….when will they?! My kids are 13 months apart. My grandson has Autism and outdoor play is EVERY day! And if kids have open-ended toys, their imaginations will keep them occupied for hours. Mostly, cherish these days. They will be over TOO soon!

Mary Kate says · 11.04.15

Oh man! Good luck keeping your kids entertained! When I was a nanny I know rainy days were the hardest because nobody wants to be cooped up indoors. Keep up the good ideas!

Mary Kate

elyse says · 11.04.15

For the longest time I’ve said we had so much in common except u have 2 boys and I have 1 until we found out we were pregnant (surprise) in June. So my boys will be 2 1/2 years apart and if it weren’t for your blogs (even the hard days) and social media-ing- my hope would be lacking! I’m both excited and nervous (as we are beginning to build our 2nd home)! It’s going to be a new adventure for sure. My 2 year old is currently a wild man and most days I claimed he’d be our only one. Lol God has a sense of humor and we are SO grateful for this new one on the way. I know my faith will increase on the hard days and my joy will overflow on the great days. Thanks for being real. My biggest concern is how my 2 year old will react when there’s another small person in mommy’s arms. Any tips on splitting up your time with both! I live in alabama and I’ve thought of driving to NC a few times to hug your neck just for being you. πŸ™‚ praying God continues to bless you so that we (readers) continue to be encouraged!

Heather says · 11.04.15

Easy, we make the rest of the country think it rains a lot in hopes less people will move to Seattle. It’s too crowded!

Lizzy says · 11.04.15

Hey Kate!

I’m a two year old teacher. Previously an infant/toddler and 3 year old teacher (I get around) There’s nothing a two year old teacher dreads more than rainy days haha. That reminds me, it’s supposed to rain here Friday! eek. Depending on the weather’s temperament we put the kids in their rain boots and jackets and let them splash away. We also have a mud kitchen to get messy in. I’m sure you’ve done rainy day research, but I love giving advice. I have tons of other ideas that I use in my classroom, just ask if you need anything new!


nancy m. says · 11.04.15

I have a question! You wrote before about how your boys go to sleep easily at night. Can you tell us how you made that happen? I have a 10month old daughter, and I’d like to know some tips! πŸ™‚

– Nancy

Martie says · 11.04.15

My biggest challenge was baby #1 (who was 2 1/2 when #2 came along) was in the “check out every public restroom I see” stage. It was hard to wrestle a baby in a carrier, or in my arms, while helping the oldest ‘go’. Of course, most of the time she didn’t ‘go’, but just wanted to be nosy and see what each restroom had to offer. Plus, she was terrified of automatic flushers. Also, with both being girls, this meant I was always on bathroom duty, even when the hubs was with us. That didn’t end for a while, so treasure those boys. At least you can eat a meal in a restaurant without making a couple-three trips to the bathroom once they’re old enough to reject going to the ladies’ with you. Poor Justin. hehehehe!

Beth says · 11.04.15

Hey there! Seatl-ite here. We do lots of indoor activities! My friend has a blog and Instagram where she shares quick, easy, and cheap activities to do. It’s called BusyToddler.

Kara says · 11.04.15

Hi Kate! I have seven children ages 10 and under. My oldest two are 13 months apart. The hardest thing for me moving from one child to two was the fact that I couldn’t be there right when my 13 month old needed me. It was really agonizing for me. Now, ten years later I joke with her that the year she was an only child almost spoiled her for life:)

Raising little ones is a good work; keep up the good work Kate!

Taylor says · 11.04.15

I’m so glad to hear I’m not the only one finding it hard to get into a groove after adding my second baby to the family. I have a 2 year old and a newborn (born 11 weeks early, so the newborn stage is feeling a little long). Nighttime is no longer just as easy as putting my daughter to bed and spending the evening with my husband, and who knows when my toilets are ever going g to get scrubbed again! I hope in 9 months I can tackle a groove like you have, thanks for shedding some light at the end of the tunnel!

Priscilla says · 11.05.15

My two oldest are exactly 14 months apart, boy and girl. When they were that little, I’m sure it was challenging (especially since the oldest still was not walking when baby #2 came along) but it was just the way of life, like having twins. It went by so fast though….they are 21 and almost 20 years old now. But very close.

Monica Erwin says · 11.05.15

Oh hey! Seattle native here. When you grow up here, you just learn to love it. It’s more drizzle-y than pouring rain. Anything can still be done outside with rain boots, jackets, and a good attitude/love of puddle splashing πŸ™‚ Plus, toddlers love boots. I can’t explain it. It’s just a fact. The first time you unexpectedly find your kid inexplicably wearing just underpants and rain boots is parenting(and comedic) gold!!!

Speaking as a mom of 2 little ones(1 and 3 years old), I’ve got to admire your courage to even attempt library story time. Bold move. My kids are WAY to fidget-y. Children’s museum is our jam. We go twice a week or so. Getting out with both of them is still kind of a challenge. We’re working on it πŸ™‚ My oldest is kind of rowdy. So, it seems like I just end up carrying the baby (who desperately wants to be set down) to chase down the older. Not the best time πŸ™

erin @ thh says · 11.05.15

I think the hardest part of transitioning to two kids was the emotional upheaval of going from spending all of my time with one child to dividing my attention between two. Thankfully that only lasted until the postpartum hormones settled. πŸ˜‰ But really, I think the 1-2 transition was the easiest one (with 0-1 being very hard and 2-3 being somewhat difficult but more just complicated.) I know it’s different for everyone, but that’s how it worked out for me. πŸ™‚

Abigail Ross says · 11.05.15

Keep up the library visits! It’s such a great experience for kids! My mom took all of my sisters and I to the library all the time when we were little. Now that we’re all older we love reading!! (And I go to the library so much that I’ve even memorized my library card number. #nerdcentral )


Amber Downs says · 11.06.15

I still have my childhood library card memorized.

Annddd now I work there. (Head of the Youth Services dept. Its awesome.)

Nerds unite!

Christina says · 11.05.15

I have two kiddos (26 months and 5 months) and the transition has definitely been a challenge! But so much fun!

Questions for future posts: You did a review of amika’s thermal brush. I can’t find the brush ANYWHERE! Is there another thermal brush that you would recommend?

What are your favorite/go-to easy weeknight meals? I’m always looking for suggestions from other busy moms with young kids.

Rachel says · 11.05.15

I have 2 girls that are exactly 15 months apart, they are almost 18 months and almost 6 months now. So not far behind your boys. I was working full time when my first one was born and when we found out that we were pregnant again my husband and I decided it was best for me to stay home. I was excited to be able to be a stay-at-home mom, but also wondering how I was gonna be able to split my time between girls. So far it hasn’t been easy, I also had a colicky baby for about 2 months, but things are getting better! My first girl she was an easy baby; nursed, took a bottle, took a pacifier and had a good sleep pattern, my second however nurses good but completely rejects the bottle and pacifier and doesn’t sleep the best, but she is getting a lot better. I had to have c-sections on both girls, the first one was breech and so the second one was planned, although both had their own way of presenting theirselves to the world. The first one my water broke the morning of the c-section and I was progressing very fast and the second one I went into labor the day before and after being at the hospital for an hour they couldn’t find baby’s heartbeat and I was in so much pain I couldn’t even talk. Ended up my uterus had ruptured and they had to do an emergency c-section, when baby was born her heartbeat was only 50 and they had to help her breathe for the first 9 minutes of her life. Because I was already contracting my uterus stayed contracted as my uterus ruptured and that’s what saved my life or I would have had to have a hysterectomy. I was so glad I was put out during all this because I wouldn’t have been able to handle it. She had to have an oxygen bubble over her head for a few hours and her oxygen stats had to be monitored for 12 hours. We finally got to hold her 5 hours after she was born and she looked right at me and knew exactly who I was, of course I cried. The next morning her Dr came in and did his assessment and declared her as a normal baby and she didn’t need anymore monitoring. Since then she has amazed us with everything that she has done. You would have never known she went through all those traumatic events the first day of her life. Medicine only goes so far and then comes God, and we all know the Lord was there with us that day and we can’t thank him enough for what he has done for our family.
Enjoy reading your blog!

Adrienne says · 11.05.15

I’m a mom of two and I still don’t feel like I have it together most days, but it seems to get better as my youngest gets older.
I wanted you to know that your posts, especially about your boys/being a mom, have helped pull me out of my postpartum depression phase. I follow you on social media and I’ve been reading your blog for a couple years now. I don’t know you and you don’t know me, but when I see your pictures and videos with your boys and how much you do, I’m like okay, I can do this. I can get out of my house today. It might sound mundane to you, but today I strapped my 5 month old on my back, got my three year old in his favorite (super cobwebby) push car and we we went on a walk and collected leaves. That is a huge step for me. So, thank you. Thank you for sharing your life and family with complete strangers because today you helped me get out of bed.

Kate says · 11.05.15

wow Adrienne, this was such a touching comment to read. You have no idea how much THAT encourages me. So glad you got out and did something!!

Adeline says · 11.05.15

I actually think often about how you got both of your boys to sleep so well, so early. I sleep trained my little guy around seven months, and it has certainly paid off. But I think about those first seven months and I can barely breathe. It was so hard to be so sleep deprived. So! Do you follow any particular recipe for getting your boys to sleep pretty young? Seems like Luke’s been doing so well.

Priscilla says · 11.05.15

I felt so confident being pregnant with my second. My girls are 2.5 years apart and I thought “I’ve had a baby, how hard can it be when there are two of them?”…the first 3-4 months of life with two children was tough. My husband and I were really caught off guard and felt almost unprepared! I’m pregnant again, and my younger two will be 18 months apart and I am terrified of being outnumbered! Right now we have settled into a great routine, one of us plays with the girls while the other one prepares supper, etc, how the heck are we going to do it with 3? It’s also the small things, like getting out of the house, it already takes 10-15 minutes to round everyone up, with a 3rd we are in trouble! That being said, I am so excited for this new addition to join us in the Spring.

erin @ thh says · 11.05.15

Just a thought about getting out of the house–when my third was born I realized REALLY fast that I needed a concrete system for getting everyone ready and out the door. Our staircase ends right in front of our front door, so I taught my boys (3 and 19 months at the time) to sit on the stairs and wait for me to get their shoes, put them on, and get my stuff and the baby together. It was a lifesaver. The “Baby” is now 19 months himself and he is also learning to sit and wait on the stairs with his big brothers. We can be anywhere in the house, but when I say “Go sit on the stairs!” they high-tail it, get their shoes on, plant and wait.

Alisa says · 11.05.15

This comment really has nothing to do with the above blog post but I feel the need to pass it on to you… this morning I looked at the clock and realized that we had to be out the door in 20 minutes. As I frantically sprinted to my bathroom I shouted to my 18-month-old, “Buddy, you’ve gotta play by yourself because mama’s got to be fresh in fifteen!” And then I stopped and laughed for actually using that in a sentence.

Kate says · 11.05.15


Amy says · 11.05.15

I have twins that are now 8 and it seems so long ago that mine were little. My biggest challenge was going from no kids to two all at once! I remember trying to go the grocery store and just crying before I could get them out of the car. Luckily my local Publix was fantastic and they would help me! I do feel it was a blessing that they were the same age because naps, feeding, and bedtimes were at the same time!

Sabrina says · 11.05.15

I live in Seattle and while it is often rainy it is seldom a downpour. We just have rain pants and boots and jackets and play outside anyway. And there are lots of places to play inside in the winter. Local community centers here have indoor toddler gym with bouncy houses and ride on toys you can go run around in for $3. The library is a favorite of ours too πŸ™‚

Kara says · 11.06.15

Seattle area native here. It rains in some form or fashion most of the year in the beautiful PNW. Rain is something you just deal with.

Now living here in Oz, I cannot stand it when its not rainy! I was not built for this 9+ months of summer and sunshine! I get cranky with perpetual sunshine! I WANT MY COLD DRIZZLY RAIN BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cassandra says · 11.06.15

Kate you should check out your local community Center or gyms in the area! The one I work at has a kids play gym! Balls, ride in cars, hockey sticks everything you need to get David running for a few hours!

Amber Downs says · 11.06.15

As a children’s librarian I am so glad you were able to try out storytime. Please know that we understand that families cannot always stay the whole session. It’s totally cool. Try it out a few times and see what works for you. I saw the photos with the books in Snap Chat and I was so excited for you guys! Be sure to check in with your library this summer to get your boys involved in the summer reading program, most libraries open the program for babies and up. Lots of fun events and goodies and a nice place to get out of the heat.

Cynthia willey says · 11.06.15

I found the.challenge of two kids not so bad and then I had a third and oh my goodness. It has been a year and I am still a mess, hoping I adjust to the chaos soon. As for bad weather days, you shoul check out the local gymnastics academy. Most have preschool open gym. Lots of room to run and jump, trampolines, bars to swing from, balance beams and every surface is padded. It will be the best $5.00 you spend all week.

Liz says · 11.08.15

I live in WI and the nice days are soon dwindling. We love going to the library, indoor soccer field, coffee shops and children musuems during the cold months.
My 3 and 5 year old are 21 months apart. When my youngest was born I had a hard time managing at first. I missed the one on one with my oldest son. At the same time I really wished I had the luxury of just being with my new baby girl like I had when my first was a baby. But I learned to make the most of my time with him while she napped and he went to bed early so we could have alone time with her. I also loved watching their relationship blossom and they are now great friends. My 5 year old is now in Kindergarten so it’s just my daughter and I. It’s been fun spending time with her, and catching up on teaching her things. I was so good teaching my son things like colors and numbers the first 2 years of his life, I sort of neglected my daughter as life got hectic. I’m now expecting #3 and both my kids will be in school next year. In some ways I feel like it will be like starting all over again and will be able to bond with my baby alot while the bigs are gone.

Inga says · 11.09.15

I have a 27 month old (son) and 5 week old (daughter) and we feel the same panic when the weather interrupts playground and outside time. We have discovered toddler open gym time at a local gymnastics gym (needham, MA). It is amazing! My son runs around jumps and climbs and swings on ropes, best thing I can buy for $10. Also we have enjoyed Music Together classes to get out of the house. And a friend recommended toddler art classes at a local synagogue that were messy and fun for my son. Those are some of my ‘out of the house ideas’.

Julie C says · 11.12.15

Yes, get the boys dressed properly and enjoy splashing puddles on the driveway. I did not entertain my children when they were little but provided good board books, picture books and educational toys to teach them to be self-entertained.

As each new little one joined the family, they watched as we tackled our home education studies each day. Even a one and two year old can sit and color, do puzzles, play with edible play dough and so much more; of course, they may only sit for 5 or 10 minutes at a time in the beginning but it is a great way to teach them self control and how to sit quietly which is so helpful in doctor’s offices, church and many other places.

You are doing great!


unsigned.com says · 11.30.15

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