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Dr. Jart Premium Beauty Balm, Amorepacific Color Control Cushion Compact, Raw Sauce, Caolion Premium Hot & Cool Pore Pack, Too Cool for School Egg Mousse Soap, Erborian Solid Cleansing Oil, Eroborian Bamboo Waterlock Mask, Boscia Sake Balm, Dr. Jart Water Fuse Water-Max Sleeping Mask

I’m excited to be focusing on Korean Beauty today! I’m working with Sephora and was able to try out a handful of really great KBeauty products as a part of this post!

Dewy, glowing skin is not only beautiful in and of itself, but it’s the perfect foundation for makeup to accentuate the natural glow. I know if my skin had a bit more radiance and evenness to it, I wouldn’t feel as inclined to wear a medium to full coverage foundation!

I’ve described my skin in the past as “dehydrated” and with age it’s looking more and more dull. I can really tell in my skin when I’m drinking enough water, and conversely when I’m not, but dryness is something I can’t seem to kick!

I tried a handful of KBeauty products and picked out a few of my favorites.


The Boscia Sake Balm felt so soothing on my skin. The smell in the jar is a bit strong, but it doesn’t linger after you’ve applied the product to your face. The brightening effects weren’t immediate, but the hydration was deep and nourishing.


The Dr. Jart+ Water-Max Sleeping Mask may be the loveliest smelling product I’ve ever used. It has a slight lavender aroma, and sinks in immediately. Historically I felt that sleeping masks were really heavy, but I loved that this serum like product didn’t feel like it sat on top of my skin, and then rubbed off onto my pillow. One squeeze of this product was probably enough, but I definitely doubled up because it felt so nice to apply!

kbeauty_thesmallthingsblog-2 kbeauty_thesmallthingsblog-3

My favorite of the bunch, though, was the duo mask by Caolion. The top half is a steam pore pack mask to open up clogged pores and clean them out, and the bottom half is a cooling mask to tighten and close pores. I used this right around my nose as that tends to break out the most with clogged pores, and loved how much of a difference it made. My skin felt smoother and definitely cleaner!

Have you explored much KBeauty in Sephora? The amount of products can be overwhelming at first, but maybe this post was a nudge in that direction. If you had to focus on one, single skincare issue with a KBeauty product, I’d go for the hydrating products! You’ll find they have no greasy residue, and seem like the sink deeper into the skin than anything else.

this post was created in partnership with Sephora.


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Kim says · 10.26.15

I’ve never even seen these products and they sound great! Thanks for the review!


http://trendkeeper.me .. Fossil & Haul!

Michelle says · 10.26.15

What did you think of the essence waters? I have really dry, dehydrated and dull skin

Kirstie says · 10.26.15

I’ve always been interesting in Boscia and didn’t realise it was Korean! It’s a little section of the industry I’ve never really had the chance to explore, interesting post! x

Kirstie | Kirstie Pickering

Dominique says · 10.26.15

Oooooooh that duo mask sounds awesome! I will have to make my way to Sephora now, thank you!


Meg says · 10.26.15

I’ve never heard of these products before but they sound amazing, I’ll definitely be trying them out. xox

Heather says · 10.26.15

I have the cushion compact– my husband is Korean, so my mother in law always hooks me up with Korean beauty products. I like it for a light coverage option.
If you have a Korean grocery store like Hmart in your area, they usually have a chain called Cosmetic World attached. They carry Western brands as well as Amore Pacific and Shiseido. Amore Pacific has a skin care line called Iope. Their Moisturgen series has been a blessing for my skin.

Rachel says · 10.26.15

I love Korean cosmetics! I got a sample thing from Sephora full of Korean skin care goodies and I just bought a bunch of stuff as well. My favorites have been the May Coop raw sauce. The Tony Moly egg steam mask, belif Aqua bomb, and I’m loving Tacha’s rice enzyme scrub (even though that’s technically Japanese).
My husband travels to Korea for work from time to time so I give him a huge list of product to come back with. I’m super excited that Sephora is carrying Korean products now and I don’t have to wait for my husband to leave.

Emily says · 10.26.15

I’m so sorry this question is about contouring rather than the review of beauty products above, however I just found the time to post as I’m a busy Mom of two boys! Quick question…I had melanoma when I was in my late 20’s ( now in my 40s) so I have several scares from surgery…one on my face. I currently use Dermablend to cover it the best I can and even though I’ve read and heard a lot about contouring I’ve been hesitant to try it. The scare on my face is in the middle of my right cheek, best described as a vertical line. Would you recommend applying the Dermablend to the scare first and then moving forward with rest of the application as you did in the video tutorial? I think the Dermablend is strong enough to hold the stippling of the damp sponge – make sense? Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank You!

Kathy says · 10.26.15

I have been using the Dr. Jaart BB cream for a couple of years now, and get compliments on the way my skin glows more often than I would have ever dreamed. I have fair skin with some brown spots due to sun damage over the years, and I also have rosacea. I originally picked this up because of the SPF 45. It gives a nice finish, covers redness and brown spots, and doesn’t feel like I am wearing makeup. The only downside is that it comes in just one shade, but if that shade happens to flatter your skin then you might enjoy this BB cream.
And at Sephora it’s pricey at $45…but I recently stumbled on it at CostCo of all places, at $29!!! Yippee!!

Laurie says · 10.31.15

I love this as well- I’ve been using it for the past few years. Ive recently been mixing it with a bit of Becca perfecting bronzing cream because, like you I was disappointed it only came in one color. It really helps and still looks natural. I did hear that the BB cream cones in a med- dark now too but I was afraid it would be too dark. With the Becca you can add in whatever you need to customize it which is nice especially in the summer if you are a little more tan.

Laurie says · 10.31.15

I am excited to hear Costco has it now!

Christin says · 10.26.15

I too love the Dr. Jart Beauty Balm. It’s a holy grail/desert island product for me. Looking forward to trying the Sleeping Mask based on your recommendation.

Ashley Williams says · 10.26.15

I will absolutely have to try that mask duo! Thank you for sharing this. My skin currently needs some help! 😉

McCall says · 10.26.15

I have never heard of K beauty! I don’t understand how it’s different than anything else.

Clever Girl Reviews says · 10.26.15

I’ve tried a few Dr. Jart things. I like AmorePacfic for sure though they have a lot of fragrances. I love my Fresh Black Tea Essence. I also like the stuff I get from the ktown shops. like sheet masks for $.99!

Karyn says · 10.26.15

I find that this time of year and all through the winter, I have dry, cracked, sensitive skin. Any suggestions on a product that could help repair dry cuticles and hands? Thanks for your help!- Karyn

Sarai Hansen says · 10.26.15

Dying to try the duo mask by Caolion! I would love for you to do a follow up on how you like this product in a few weeks time.

I hit the 27 year mark recently, and have noticed that my skin is looking rather dull…which you mentioned in your post as well. I guess that’s the price of getting wiser;)


jody says · 10.26.15

I was wondering if you could post the products from the Oct 23 post.

Evelina says · 10.26.15

I need to try that mask! My pores could definitely use some help.

Aaryn Rubin says · 10.26.15

I’m on accutane, so my face is super dry! I use moisture bomb and Rescue Oil but Nude-you must try the oil!!!!

Jacqui says · 10.26.15

Sephora is opening here in Melbourne, Australia in December. I can’t wait to check it out and be able to try out all the brands you talk about.

Nina says · 10.27.15

I haven’t heard of these products but they sound wonderful.


Rosalyn says · 10.27.15

Hi Kate! I purchased the Caolin Where is Pore? Duo pack this weekend and I have to agree that it made such a difference with my pores. I noticed immediate results. The steam pack really felt like it was steaming my face and it freaked me out at first. But for the results that it gives me, I’m going to continue using it. Enjoy!

Rosalyn | Love, Rosalyn

Kate says · 10.27.15


Tiffany says · 10.27.15

I recently discovered AmorePacific’s Eye Revitalizing Serum and it is a life changer! I have dark circles that are also puffy. It doesn’t claim to help with dark circles, but it helps some. But the puffiness is totally gone and it works within 30 minutes! No one asks me anymore if I am tired. And the bonus is that it feels amazing. I gave a friend a sample and she loves it and loves the smell.

Tiffany says · 10.27.15

Sorry it’s Eye Revitalizing Esscence!

Jill says · 10.29.15

Sephora item # 153726. Is this the product your referring to? To use for under eye bags? Thank you.

Tiffany says · 10.30.15

Hey! No, it is item number 1675990. Hope that helps. I would post a link, but I am not sure if Kate allows that.

nonna says · 10.27.15

this is my first time to comment, so first i want to say i ADORE you and your precious lil’ family!!!!!! I’m a Nonna now and i want to share my BEST beauty advice since you mentioned you have dry skin. i always have had it too BUT with all the hoopla over coconut oil i had to try it!!! Boy, am i glad i did , its natural and antibacterial.And economical!!! i use it as make up remover and moisturizer for all over. Benifits I’ve experienced, my pores are smaller,wrinkles have gotten so much smaller,no scalely spots, honey,its AMAZING!!! please try it girls!

Noel M says · 10.27.15

Sounds like some great things to try! Did you find that any of these replace something you were using regularly or something that was a former favorite?

Crystal says · 10.28.15

I’ve been using Korean beauty/skin care products since earlier in the year and I’ve noticed a huge difference in my skin. I love the multi-step process (dual cleansing, toning, essence, serum, moisturizing, etc), because it’s given me a way to pick and customize products that can help with pretty much all of my little skin issues. I have my staples (love love Son & Park’s Beauty Water and Missha’s Cell Renew Snail Cream, though neither are available from Sephora, oops) but now I just have to try the Caolion Premium Hot & Cool Pore Pack. I love discovering new kbeauty finds (and there are SO many products to wade through) so thank you for this post!