August Beauty Favorites

My Top 3 Mac Lipsticks


Oh it’s mid September and I thought I’d finally share my AUGUST favorites since I managed to finally film it!

Products Mentioned:

Fave 4 Texture Spray

Aquage Volumizing Fix Hairspray

Mac Syrup lipstick

Make Up For Ever HD pressed setting powder

Pixi Eyebrow Gel Pencil (cannot find online?!)

OPI I Sau Paulo Over There

Anastasia Contour Kit in Light/Medium

Sephora Multitasking Contour brush ( a budget option! )

The glasses I’m wearing in the video are Mia in Rust by DavidKind! One of my favorites!


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Sabrina Alexandra says · 09.18.15

I’ve been wearing that OPI color for weeks! It’s so perfect for fall.

chloe says · 09.18.15

omg! I love that nail polish! looks like I’m going to have to do some online shopping! haha


Susan Williams says · 09.18.15

I love makeup. Thank you for wonderful video.

Andrea says · 09.18.15

I am a migraine sufferer and started taking Magnesium daily and it has helped SO MUCH! I generally had one per week and a headache almost daily from computer work. I feel like I have my life back. I took 500mg and then tapered down but i needed a bunch at first. You might see if it helps you like it did me. Our soils are deficient in the mineral and most people do have some kind of deficiency. HTH!

Alyssa says · 09.18.15

I hope your head starts feeling better! I for sure need to try Syrup!

Alyssa | Glitter and Grey

Mary Kate says · 09.18.15

I love the MAC lipstick! It’s such a great formula!

Mary Kate

Kelsey says · 09.18.15

Thanks so much for talking about the Anastasia contour palette! I’ve been wanting to try one, but have been going back and forth between this one and the Kat Von D one. I probably just need to bite the bullet as well 🙂

Kelsey |

FloralsandCoralsx says · 09.18.15

MAC’s syrup lipstick is soooo beautiful! Love it <3

FloralsAndCoralsx // Our Blog

Regina H says · 09.18.15

I just bought a tube of MAC Syrup! Great minds!

DeborahLynneS says · 09.18.15

I use the Ben Nye Banana powder…love it!

Leticia Justus says · 09.18.15

Kate , I am not a beauty dept expert but I have noticed that you say Anastasia like AHNA-staw-zee-uh. If it’s pronounced like the Russian girls often pronounce their name it’s actually ANNA-stay-zhee-uh.
Does anyone out there from Sephora know the proper way to pronounce the name ? or maybe that is how it was pronounced to you at Sephora Kate -IDK:)
I have a brow marker from there that is great !
Thanks !!!!

Sarah says · 09.20.15

I was chatting with a gal working at Ulta a while back about brow products. She was at some corporate event and had seen Anastasia, who made it very clear that it was pronounced the first way!

Tammy says · 09.18.15

Do you like the Fave 4 texture spray better than Unite Texturiza?
May have to try it because Unite is $30!

Danyale says · 09.19.15 Reply
Diana says · 09.19.15

Thanks for the video Kate. So glad to hear your review of the Anastasia banana powder. I’ve been wanting to try it but picked up the Sephora one instead and I had the same reaction you did. Nothing profound. I’m thinking I might need to actually order the Ben Nye one to rule it out completely. BTW. Love the glasses!

Kathleen says · 09.19.15

Kate, I am wondering where you purchased the “Texture Takeover Oomph Enhancing Hairspray”? I can find it on amazon but I’m a little leery of that route. Was hoping to find it in an actual store. Thanks for the help!!
PS. I love the beauty favorites videos!

Sarah says · 09.20.15

I have very fine, thin hair and had tried Aquage uplifting foam a couple years ago. It’s definitely too much product feel for me and kinda clumps my hair together in an unpleasant way. A few appointments ago, my stylist used their new silkening oil foam on me and I loved it. It gives a boost of volume with a nice slightly-soft feel. It might be good to try for anyone swayed by your love of uplifting foam but felt like that is too heavy for them.

Elle says · 09.23.15

You rarely answer a question. What gives?

Jenn says · 09.24.15

Love your videos.