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thoughtful housewarming gifts

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Justin and I have been in our house for about 2 months now. I’m feeling really settled, even though there are still areas that need tackling. Like my linen closet, and basically every other closet in the house. But the visible parts are really close to being finished!

We had Justin’s buddy Shane and his girlfriend over for a visit a few weeks ago and they brought us a peach tree as a housewarming gift! Not only was I surprised to recieve a gift (they definitely didn’t need to bring one, of course) but I was touched at what a thoughtful gift it was.  We planted it in our backyard, and now we call it the Shane tree.

Anyway, it got me thinking about thoughtful little gifts to give to your friends and family when they move. I tried to think beyond the typical candle or home depot gift card, and more into things that are special and also very useful! The thing I love about having the tree is that we’ll have it as long as we live here! And we’ll think about Shane and Tatiana every time we look at it!

So, I rounded up a few things that may help spark an idea for a housewarming gift for a friend. Or heck, you can just buy it for yourself to warm your own house! 😉

The metal bowl may look pretty boring, but the biggest size possible at IKEA is great for huge bowls of popcorn, or mixing rice krispie treats, or any other thing you need an enormous bowl for.

The cold brew coffee maker is called a Toddy and my friend Kacia sent it to me as a surprise a few weeks ago. I love it and have already used it a few times! Makes cold brew simple!

Have you recieved a thoughtful housewarming gift? What was it?

*I thought this was so cool and wish/hope there is something like this in the USA!


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The Busy Brunette says · 08.04.15

I am ALWAYS looking for gift ideas like this! I usually just end up purchasing a bottle of wine… which I enjoy, of course… but the gifts you’ve found are very useful and thoughtful!
The Busy Brunette

Keisha says · 08.04.15

Great gift ideas!! You should do a post on baby gifts-like what to bring when you go to meet your friend’s new baby. Boy something from their registery because that’s boring 😉 but a gift for either mom or baby (or dad I guess).

Cynthia says · 08.04.15

I always bring pyjamas and diapers. Not the most awesome gift, but I know they’ll be useful.

Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort says · 08.04.15

I think I need one of those cold brew Toddy’s!

When we moved a few years ago, someone dropped by the day we moved in with a pot of flowers for my front porch. It made me feel like at least the front of my house looked welcoming, even if the rest of it was all boxes. Love your ideas!

Laura says · 08.04.15

These are fantastic ideas…love the pajamas, jewelry organizer and towel…perfect!


Whitney says · 08.04.15

A peach tree! That is the sweetest idea.

Carla says · 08.04.15

I had a friend move to a new place in the winter time, I took her some new dish cloths and towels. It was perfect, she was at a stage she could use new ones (heck so am I). Another one I loved was a gift card to Stokes (a Canadian store for various home goods). I was able to upgrade my dinnerware to my taste. I thought that was fantastic vs. giving me something I may/may not use. I love the tree idea though. I’m absolutely going to use that for the next friend who buys a non-condo place! 🙂

Kim says · 08.04.15

these are great suggestions! I normally go o a plant or wine holder, so these are great suggestions 🙂

Kim .. LOOKBOOK & Romp Around!

Stephanie says · 08.04.15

I love how a lot of these are mail-able too! It certainly helps when your friends are spread out all over the country.

Miriam says · 08.04.15

I love all of these ideas! Thanks for sharing!

Erin @ Her Heartland Soul says · 08.04.15

I love and want everything! Super cute!

Her Heartland Soul

Kate says · 08.04.15

A return address stamp! There are super cute ones on etsy or from tinyprints. 🙂 Someone gave me one when we bought our first house and it has become my go-to housewarming gift. Super useful.

Kathy says · 08.04.15

My favorite gift to give is a new address stamper or embosser!

Rachel says · 08.04.15

A good option for trees in the US is Eternitree (

Megan says · 08.04.15

I’ve always thought plants from are a great thing to send someone whose is in need of a housewarming gift that I can’t hand deliver!

Cami says · 08.04.15

What a cute idea! I would have never thought of something like that. And now that you mention the metal bowl, every time I spray cake batter everywhere I make a mental note to buy a bigger one and never do. I think the best housewarming gifts are things that are useful, but that a person wouldn’t necessarily buy themselves.

Chasing Vogue

Jenna says · 08.04.15

Trees from California!

Nicole says · 08.05.15

I like to give self inking return address stamps! I find them on Etsy and the people I’ve gifted them to love to see their new address in fancy font. It’s been a hit! They are affordable too, usually coming in between $30-40 with shipping.

Sarah Spain says · 08.05.15

Since you mentioned needing to get closets in order… I hope you are aware of The Container Store – there is one in Raleigh. They have ELFA, which is pretty much THE MOST AMAZING closet organization system in the world.

My husband and I are building a house and we’re putting ELFA in every closet in our new home. They have back-of-the-door organizers which are excellent for pantries and linen closets. They basically changed my life in my tiny condo, and now I’m excited to have organization in our new home as well, even if we do have more space.

Good luck 🙂

Kristin S says · 08.06.15

Yes to Toddy! I love mine.

One of my favorite gifts wasn’t housewarming (though my dad gave me a KitchenAid stand mixer and power drill for my first house) but for my 40th birthday a friend sent a hydrangea plant. I planted it and have enjoyed it for four years!

Katie Elwood says · 08.06.15

Cute post! With all of my girlfriends buying there first places recently it is nice to have a few ideas other than a bottle of champagne!

Jennifer D says · 08.07.15

Two suggestions: First one is tools! A co-worker of mine moved into a new apartment and mentioned trying to unscrew something with a butter knife. One of her friends gifted her with a complete toolkit with all the basics. This was a while ago so I can’t remember the brand or where it was purchased, but I remember that it was pink! We all referred to it as her Barbie toolkit. Second one is a grocery store trip. If you have a friend or relative moving close by, have them send you a list and pick up a cart of the basics for them on the day of their move so they have milk, bread, butter, jam, some fruits and veggies, pre-made dinner entrees, etc. It’s always a total hassle to make that grocery store trip when you would rather (or maybe rather not) be unpacking (especially if home delivery isn’t in your area). An alternative is to drop off some casseroles or other entrees for them given the pots and pans may take a few days to get unpacked. May not work if the those who are moving are picky, have food allergies, etc.

Stephanie @ ChalkSouthernToMe says · 08.19.15

What a thoughtful gift, I love it! And I love all of your ideas too! Xo, Stephanie

housewarming gift ideas says · 04.09.16

awesome list:)

Sophia Decruse says · 10.04.23

I love the idea of personalized gifts like custom-made doormats or monogrammed towels. They add such a personal touch and show that you’ve put thought into the gift. Great suggestion!