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Raise your hand if you are guilty of not washing your makeup brushes as often as you are supposed to.

::hand raised::

It’s time I share my sneakret (sneaky secret) with you about what I do in-between deep washes.

I have a few favorite brushes by Sonia Kashuk that I love, and if I’m switching between a light shadow and a dark one, I’ll swipe it back and forth on a POND’S Original Fresh Wet Cleansing Towelette and give it a little time to dry. If I’m in a hurry, which is pretty much all the time, I’ll then brush it back and forth on a tissue to soak up any leftover moisture. I’ve found that it dries quickly since it isn’t becoming over saturated in water. This works great for powder eye shadow and also for cream eye shadow.

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The biggest difference can be seen on my white brush below.

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pondsnewuse_the small things blog-4

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So while this doesn’t cut it for deep cleaning brushes, it frees me up to use my favorites without transferring dark eye shadow onto a part of my eye that is supposed to be light. And ,of course, this trick could be used for any makeup brushes as well. This may be a great habit to get into if you use a liquid foundation and apply with a brush. This could temporarily and lightly cleanse off any excess before you are able to really shampoo the brush off.

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I have a few other hacks using POND’S Wet Cleansing Towelettes that I thought I’d share with you today as well:

-For sunburn, use POND’S Exfoliating Renewal Towelettes (with cucumber and citrus extracts) to soothe sunburned skin. Keep them in the fridge for extra cooling!ย 

-Try wiping down your cell phone with a POND’S towelette to remove any makeup reside that could becoming a breeding ground for bacteria, celebrity makeup artist and POND’S partner Kayleen McAdams came up with this tip.

-For puffy eyes, refrigerate and use POND’S Evening Soothe Towelettes by cutting in half and laying over eyelids.

Do you have any tips or tricks for cleansing towelettes? I’d love to hear them! Oh, and POND’S is running a campaign called #skipthesink right now, and along with it they are hosting a sweepstakes for a $50 AMEX gift card and one (1) package of PONDโ€™S Original Fresh Wet Cleansing Towelettes (30 count) for TEN winners! Find out how to enter, and all the terms and conditions here!

ย this post is a part of my ongoing ambassadorship program with POND’S, a brand I’ve used and loved for years.


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Kathy says · 08.25.15

I use my cleansing cloths to clean my handbags. They work especially well to remove blue denim marks when purses rub against your dark jeans.

Teresa says · 08.25.15

This isn’t actually a cleansing towelette trick, but another great trick for puffy eyes is to use Tucks wichhazel pads and lay them over your eyes. I keep some in my night stand and will put them over my eyes after I hit the snooze button once (or three times). Top keep from having to lay flat on my back or to keep them from drying out quicker than I’d like because of the ceiling fan, I’ll put on a sleep mask over them.

Sabrina says · 08.25.15

I haven’t used the ponds brand but I have tried this with other brands before and even just a plain kleenex has helped take me from shadow to shadow. I need to try that tip for the puffy eyes soon because it’s back to school time for the kids which means less sleep for me!

Aren says · 08.25.15

As a makeup artist, I use Monda in between washes. It is wet when you begin to clean your brush, but the liquid miraculously evaporates! You swirl your brush in the cleaner and then wipe it dry on a towel…insta-clean!

Amanda Good says · 08.25.15

I have used Pond’s over here in the UK for YEARS, but cannot find the towelettes anywhere over here, so perhaps they aren’t on sale. Another tip is if you have a light coloured carpet and you spill liquid foundation or the like, I’ve used another brand towelette to clear it up and it works a treat and doesn’t bleach the carpet like carpet cleaner.

Laura says · 08.25.15

I’m so guilty of this, love this idea however…it *almost* gets in me in the mood to go up and clean my brushes:)


Christen says · 08.25.15

This is a really great trick and I’m going to get myself some Ponds wipes! I’m seriously lazy when cleaning my brushes!

Shelley says · 08.25.15

I’ve never used the PONDS towelettes, so I am happy to hear all these suggestions. It’s wonderful to know a familiar produce can help me with my own laziness!! I use the cold creme, and have for years, to remove my eye makeup. I have severe hay fever allergies, so wear waterproof everything. The ponds has always done a wonderful job and everything else seems to burn my eyes. We had an exchange student from Norway, and she began using it too. When she got home she realized the product is not sold in her country. We send her a new supply every Christmas. I guess I’ll need to send her the towelettes with a list of uses this year.
Thanks so much. Love the blog

Kim says · 08.25.15

This is brilliant! It seriously makes so much sense but I never would have thought of it! Great idea! XO -Kim

Veronika says · 08.25.15

What a great idea!
Can anyone tell me which palette is in the picture?

Amanda says · 08.25.15

It’s the La Palette Nude 1 by l’oreal. She did a review on it in the last week or so- You can see the post under the “beauty” section.

Veronika says · 08.26.15

Thank you!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Megan says · 08.25.15

Confession. You could have said: “Raise your hand if you are guilty of not washing your makeup brushes” and left it at that, and I still would have had to raise my hand (yes, I am ashamed). I’m going to have to give this a try!

Laurie says · 08.25.15

Embarrassed to admit this is me too!

Emma says · 08.25.15 Reply
Erin @ Her Heartland Soul says · 08.25.15

This is such a great hack!! Thanks for this!

Her Heartland Soul

Kim says · 08.25.15

ah I LOVE this.. THANK YOU! Haha I’m SO bad about washing my brushes and these are all genius hacks ๐Ÿ™‚

Kim .. How to shop for jeans!

Dominique says · 08.25.15

My mother swears by ponds and she has the clearest most beautiful skin even now at 70 years old. I might have to try this little trick! Thanks for posting this tip!

Kristie says · 08.25.15

great tips! I hate to admit that I’ve never cleaned my brushes (until now).

Laura says · 08.25.15

I love using this trick! It works well for a concealer blending brush that hasn’t been cleaned for a while. It takes away that buildup for a quick refresh on the brush!

She Likes to Shop

Ellen says · 08.25.15

Both hands raised! I am so guilty of doing that! This is such a great idea I never thought of that! It might be especially good to do after I do a smokey eye and then forget I have black all over my brush…oops.

Kim Hoff says · 08.25.15

I run the make-up wipe over the faucet in the sink and it gives it a nice little shine. Easy and fast sparkle.

Ashley @ Mommy Wants Coffee says · 08.25.15

These are awesome tips and hacks! Thanks you for sharing. I am the worst at cleaning my makeup tools and hopefully this will help.

Emma says · 08.25.15

This is actually genius – I can’t believe I didn’t think of it before! I love the Pond’s Cold Cream (nothing removes waterproof mascara as painlessly), maybe I’ll have to pick up the wipes!

Emma //

Nadia says · 08.25.15

Wooohoo, brilliant piece of advice! My brush need a major cleaning… This post couldn’t have been more motivational ๐Ÿ˜‰ So thank you a bunch, Kate ๐Ÿ™‚
xox Nadia

amanda june says · 08.25.15

yikes, i would not want to use exfoliating anything on a sunburn! ๐Ÿ™‚

Tammy says · 08.25.15

I love brush bath to clean my brushes. Few sprays and wipe. Bought it at Ulta and I LOVE it!!!

aesthetics medispaa says · 08.26.15

Love this idea! greatful thought to clean the makeup brushes.

Katie says · 08.26.15

It’s kind of silly, but whenever I’m in a rush at night and I use a facial wipe instead of actually cleansing my face, I run the wipe around my sink, faucet, or counter when I’m done, it helps keep things tidy between big bathroom cleanings:)

Anna says · 08.26.15

I found a good tip on how to give your brushes a really thorough clean with minimum effort- add cider vinegar, liquid soap (I use dish cleaning liquid but you could use hand or face cleaner too) and hot water to a mug, leave your brushes to soak for 15mins then rinse. They dry out so clean and fluffy!
You might want to make sure the water level doesn’t reach the handle of the brush so you don’t dissolve the glue that holds the hairs in

Sarai Hansen says · 08.27.15

…guilty..going to give this trick a whirl!

Dani says · 08.31.15

Thanks for sharing! This is very helpful. I really need to wash my brushes!!!!

Stephanie @ ChalkSouthernToMe says · 08.31.15

Oh my goodness, I really need to wash my brushes! Thank you for sharing! Xo, Stephanie

Sandy says · 09.03.15

For deep cleaning my makeup brushes I use Krud Kutter (non-toxic, biodegradable). Quick and fast; leaves brushes soft and fluffy. It gets rid of the residue like crazy – no repeat cleaning/ rinsing at all! I use it to deep clean everything in my house.

Jean Griffith says · 10.20.15

Put on your brushes few drops shampoo and rinse under the water. It works! Greets!

Kate Branham says · 10.27.15

I am so guilty of not washing my makeup brushes, like ever. Just using the wipes is a fantastic idea though. I will have to get some to use them because finding time to deep clean my brushes just doesn’t happen.

Kelly says · 02.13.16

This is a wonderful and helpful idea! I desperately need to clean my makeup brushes, it’s on tomorrow’s to do list, but I was wondering what to during the in-between times and I will definitely be using this advice.

Anna says · 11.29.17

Any tips for cleaning the beauty blender? I just recently became a fan. They can be spendy thiugh, so I wonder about cleaning it and when to just ditch and get a new one (a little easier with the much cheaper white sponge thingies).

Kate says · 11.29.17

I just use my regular brush cleaner but I know they make a cleaner for it!