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I’m absolutely loving that I have an entire space dedicated to what I do here on the blog. I didn’t realize how much it would inspire me with fresh ideas and grand plans for even more beauty related content!

The basic details are this: I’ve taken the 3rd floor “bonus room” as my entire office/work space. So, this corner you are looking at is where I do the majority of video and photography. The light is best and I’ve got some options for where to stand that still allow me to have a simple background.

However, I’m itching to add some spice to one of the walls to change up a background option every once in awhile.


I found this print on Rifle Paper Co. (and am considering ordering this one as well) and I thought it would be cute to install a narrow shelf for a few beauty prints.


I think I may want to wallpaper this wall too. The pattern would need to be pretty close to a tone on tone, non-reflective, and not overly busy.


I’d love to hear your thoughts as decorating is NOT my forte! My mom and sister are really great at putting rooms together but I just stare at spaces and become paralyzed before I could even start.

So, what else would work on a small shelf? Should I hang a mirror too? Have you seen any wallpaper that you think would fit my style and would work well here?

Share your links and ideas below! I can’t wait to get started!


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Casey Smith says · 07.07.15

Maybe get a decal of your logo for the wall and some mirrored accents (mirrored picture frames, mirrored sconces)

pinsandpolish says · 07.07.15

I agree, I would so this!

Autumn says · 07.07.15

Hi Kate!

All those ideas sound great, especially the wallpaper! There are so many gorgeous options out there now. Mirrors would look nice, but as a photographer I would just be concerned with it actually hindering my work by reflecting the camera or video camera when I did not want to reflect it in the shot or the video. (Unless, of course, the angles were right so it wouldn’t show).

Anyways, those are my two cents but I’m sure there are many better ones! Excited to see what you do with the space and all the best in your endeavors!

Andrea says · 07.07.15

Cutting edge stencils has a ton of options and you can control the intensity of colors and tones. There are some really pretty samples of stenciled walls on Pinterest that use only slightly different colors for stencils for a muted and elegant pattern. Subtle but gorgeous.

Emily Robinson says · 07.07.15

I love stencil you can make it as calm and peiceful or as bold as you want it. Great idea.

Valerie says · 07.07.15

I was going to suggest a stencil as well. You could pick a cute pattern but keep it subtle by using a color very close to your original wall color. If you wind up not in love with it–it’s easy enough to just paint over!! I have a friend who did one using the same color as her wall color but in a semi-gloss sheen so the pattern showed up not as a different color but as a shiny texture. That might be cute but could interfere with your lighting and use of the wall as a back drop.

Annie says · 07.08.15

I was also going to recommend Cutting Edge Stencils! I did a wall in my bedroom with an all over Damask stencil. The base wall color was similar to yours. The stencil color was a shade lighter and was a gloss. It turned out very subtle, but a statement. The stencil was very easy to do!

janene says · 07.07.15

you could do something like a pallet wall. I’ve done a couple of those and they are pretty easy to install. pintrest has all kinds of ideas.

Missy says · 07.07.15

I have zero decorating sense, as well. Just wanted to wish you luck & say I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

Summer says · 07.07.15

I love the look of stencils that are either in a slightly different shade or done with the same paint color in a different finish, like shiny on top of eggshell,etc.

Becky says · 07.07.15

Wallpaper or a different color paint on that wall would be pretty.

Sara says · 07.07.15

A textured tone on tone wall paper would look great in that space…add some dimension and not be busy!

Ashley T says · 07.07.15

Do a gallery wall of photos, prints and art! That way you could swap out individual pieces as your taste/mood changes. Good luck!

Patti says · 07.07.15

What I want to know is where you got that makeup holder? The one that looks like it might be bamboo. I love it!

Brittanny says · 07.07.15

I want to know the same thing!!

Christina Storm says · 07.07.15

Such a beautiful space!
The Style Storm
<3, Christina

Leslie says · 07.07.15

Pallet walks are interesting but I’d be wary of the chemical used to preserve them since you have small children…they are way harsher than typical wood preservers used for home furniture. I absolutely love the 2 prints you highlighted…they are exactly you! Have fun decorating and keep on posting great info!!!

Kristen says · 07.07.15

I would love more information about your make-up holders and how you manage to organize everything while still having it visible and looking nice. Thanks!

Devin says · 07.07.15

I think a stencil like this would be perfect for the wall.

Sandy says · 07.07.15

That or something similar looks just like Kate! Neutral with a mild pop of color!

Chelsey says · 07.07.15

I love the trellis stencils people use on accent walls. My mom and I did a stencil design in my room when I was a teenager and it was a whole weekend project but we had a lot of fun. That was without young kids though. I can’t imagine taking on a project like that with my toddlers!
Wayfair has paintable textured papers as well as removable ones!

Anna Bundrick says · 07.07.15

A stencil wall would be pretty. Base color is flat with a high gloss stencil in the same color. Definitely a mirror. and other than that, I’m lost…. haha I have very little style sense!

Virginia says · 07.07.15

im obsessed with white shiplap. Google Joanna Gaines and you’ll get some pictures of some amazing spaces.

Mary Hallqvist says · 07.07.15

Love the white shiplap idea!! I want to do that in my house too.

Christen says · 07.07.15

I would definitely do an accent wall of wallpaper then do a mirror and a couple prints that are special to you. Take a look at a few of these wallpapers from Sherwin Williams:

Some of those might work.

Whitney allen says · 07.07.15

Also want to know where makeup holder is from!!

Emily says · 07.07.15

Why don’t you find a fabric you like and pin it to the wall? Less permanent, you can change it up when you get tired of it, and it won’t reflect any weird images of a camera or any glares.

Kate says · 07.07.15

that’s a great idea!

Stephanie says · 07.07.15

I agree. By adding a large empty frame to your wall it would look more intentional to have the fabric there, as well.

justine says · 07.09.15

I have a big canvas print that I have grown bored with and decided I couldn’t bare looking at it any longer but haven’t as yet seen anything I luv to repace it so I headed off to spotlight (arts craft, and home wares store) not sure if you have these stores there , and purchased some lovely bright fabric to cover it , I luv looking through reams of fabric seeing all the colours and patterns wishing I make some thing cool other than cushion covers , so anyway this is how I get my fix and if I get bored I change it 🙂

Christina says · 07.07.15

I would paint the walls a light grey satin finish. You could go monochromatic and do a stencil on the wall of the same color that is super shiny that would give the wall some interest. Think damask in a way. I am not a fan of wallpaper because it’s too hard to change if you get bored. Paint=changeable. You could also do those wall stickies on the same light grey wall.
Behr has nice colors one favorite is silver bullet another is white metal.

Elena says · 07.07.15

If you’re concerned about covering an entire wall with wallpaper consider getting a few painting canvases and covering them with pretty fabric. They can range in size so you can do multiple or just one large canvas. I often like to change up a room, so wallpaper is a big commitment for me. With canvases you can easily swap out a fabric with your mood for a pretty low cost. Good luck!

KP says · 07.07.15

I personally wouldn’t do that particular wall, unless you were specifically going for filming only. Its a small wall and it may look disproportionate to the rest of the room and look kind of out of place.

But for wallpaper choices, I would go with something fun, but still subtle. I love spoonflower, and this one struck me as one that would be fun, but also look good as a backdrop, especially if you film with a 50mm lens and would look nice with the dark chair against it. It’s kind of modern in its simplicity, but easily mixable with classic pieces.

Lara says · 07.07.15

I’m really feeling this kind of wall hanging lately, I think you’d like it in there too to add texture, but not too much color.

Kristy Renee says · 07.07.15

I think a gallery wall with various prints would also be cute, and something you can change around from time to time. Another simple idea would be a grouping of white empty frames. This could also give you a neutral, useable backdrop if needed. Here’s an example from Emily Schuman’s previous bedroom space:

Good luck!

Rachele says · 07.07.15

If Jordan is going to become more involved with the videography and photography, I would make her your #1 consultant on this topic. As a photographer, depending on how the lighting in that space changes through the day and weather conditions, I wouldn’t want to do anything that can’t be changed around based on the volatility of the lighting.

The Busy Brunette says · 07.07.15

What a pretty space to have all to yourself! Every woman needs a space of her own… no matter how big or small! 🙂
What if you put up some black & white family pictures somewhere? Just a thought!
Have a great day!
The Busy Brunette

Emma Walker says · 07.07.15 Reply
JoAnn says · 07.07.15

Go to cutting edge stencils online and pick a stencil for that wall!

sara says · 07.07.15

Hi Kate – I know you just moved to this house but any chance you know what brand/style carpet that is?

Kate says · 07.07.15

unfortunately I don’t, sorry!

Erin says · 07.07.15

That wall would look fantastic with a mixed collage of different prints and artwork, of different sizes and frames. Love your space!

Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

Karen says · 07.07.15

Wide vertical stripes in a soft, muted color. Stripes are all the same color but alternate finishes- flat/satin etc. Easier to change than wallpaper and it looks gorgeous!

Maegan says · 07.07.15

Hey Kate, I’m not sure if this is any help, but I think your room would look really great with some of the bolder colors. Think Tarte products (love their florals but that may be a result of how cute they are compared to other products)! You could make this your fun room and be little more “crazy” with choices (my bedroom is grey and I just had to change up a room that was black and white print because I felt like my house was getting a bit boring… I love your style choices because my favorite colors are grey and white). On another note, I curled my littles hair with a wand yesterday (she’s five and my wand is Amika but there is no temp setting) and I could see steam (smoke??) rising from her perfectly dry hair that had no product in it! Yikes! Too hot? or normal??

Wendy says · 07.07.15

I recommend painting a soft pastel or a soft grey. See if you can get a can of gloss and can of semi matte in the same color. Paint alternating stripes. Here is an example

Heather says · 07.07.15

Where is your desk/vanity from? I NEED one just like it!!!! It looks like it would be the perfect size!!! Please let me know 🙂

Sarah @ Foxy's Domestic Side says · 07.07.15

I am in the same bind as you, totally awful at decorating, but this is a great space and can’t wait to see what you eventually do with it!

Claire says · 07.07.15

Gorgeous space. I think you should flip the bobby pin print upside down so the pins are all going the right way.

Deb says · 07.07.15

I’m thinking some prints from fashion/beauty advertising from the forties era. Silhouettes, or pen/ink drawings of elegant women. Something unexpected but glamorous and still subtle, to enhance but not detract.

KissTheChef says · 07.07.15

Hey. Great space. Why don’t you try a cork board wall. That way you can hang/pin things to your heart’s content and change them out without damaging the wall. You can use fabric or ribbons to frame the space.

Jennifer says · 07.07.15

Highly, highly recommend stenciling! You can choose colors then. Check out cutting edge stencils, they make some awesome stencils!

Jenna Mincy says · 07.07.15

Hi Kate!
Wow. Love your office! I am definitely thinking wallpaper, and I put together a thing on polyvore so you could see what each one looked like with a similar desk and chair. Hope it helps! Here’s the link -
P.S. Don’t be afraid to go with something bold! 🙂

Amy Hoover says · 07.07.15

What about something like this?
It’s a pearlized or metallic finish to the particular wall. We were going to do pearlized stripes in my daughter’s nursery, then realized stripes are such a daunting task. At the time, 8 months pregnant we just went with regular color, but now I wished I would have just done it. I think it would look nice with what you want to achieve.

Shanna Leigh says · 07.07.15

Love the gray chair and pillow! I agree – that wall needs something to add dimension and interest to the room. When I saw the seat of your desk chair I immediately thought of this wall “basket” decor I saw in Target recently:×30/-/A-15574713#prodSlot=medium_1_4&term=wall+woven+basket

It would tie in nicely with the rest of the room and add texture, without overwhelming the space. I’m also a fan of using rugs to define a space. Especially since this area is in one corner of the room, a rug would help it look a little more intentionally separate.

sharon / says · 07.07.15

that bobby pin print is dang awesome! and a wallpaper wall? — i totally am into that. and although bright pretty or interesting’ly colored paper calls one’s name, best go as you say – neutral, low profile. for one reason, –you can add and change anything on the wallpaper way easier than you can change a bright, glued on paper. but whatever you do do? it will become tiresome at some points. that is simply the law of design land (dang it!)
(ps, papered one wall in our ‘everyone uses it’ bathroom and i love it. it is a tan/beige color, and a medium sized not too fem flower. i figure someday when i’m ready for a change, and short of taking it down, i will keep a basket of colored pencils in there and let all color away as desired.)
anywhoooo. love your space!

Evelina says · 07.07.15

I think a mirror would be really useful for you in there so that you can perfect your hair and makeup before videos and photos. A shelf would be really cute with a couple pictures and a storage box or two!

Leah says · 07.07.15

I’m so excited about this post!! I have a ton of ideas but I’ll just give you my favorite. I think your wall would look awesome with stenciled wallpaper. It gives the look/pattern of wallpaper without being permanent. I attached a link of a tutorial at the bottom. I would recommend that for your stencil color, to go with the exact same color of your walls now just mixed at 25% or maybe even 50%. 50% being more subtle and 25% being more of a creamy color. So you would leave your walls the color they are now then stencil the lighter color as the pattern. Clear as mud? Lol 🙂 And I loved someone else’s idea of doing your logo on one wall. I think you would end up loving the stencil look. And hey, if you wanted to get a little crazy, you could always go with a really pretty coral or soft blue 🙂 I love Sherwin Williams – Silvermist. Such a soft chic blue.

ashley says · 07.07.15

I would add a large piece of art and have it custom framed. Jen ramos from does some large abstract pieces. she had a lipstick dots series. she’s always sold out but does work on commission. Andy Warhol also did a lips painting which would look really great if it was double or triple matted and framed. The framing shop could help you pick out the best colors to mat with. Just remember you can make anything look amazing if you go to a framing store. They can also float an original picture and frame it asymmetrically.

Emilee Johnson says · 07.07.15

Pinterest has all the answers! I think a grey tone-on-tone wallpaper would be very pretty! Soft and subtle is best since it will be a background 😉 It would be fun if you did a monochromatic gallery wall with lots of simple white frames and black/white/grey prints. Love the bobby pins! So fun!

Caroline says · 07.07.15

Instead of wallpaper (which would also look great), what about large panels that you can easily remove and change the fabric or wallpaper over. You could frame them, if you wanted. This way, you could change out the background for your videos and photos when you felt like it.

Casey says · 07.07.15

Anthropoligie has some really cute wallpaper prints!

Katie says · 07.07.15

That room is beautiful! I love the bright lighting and grey chair. I found some cool wallpaper options. I especially love this one:

Other options:

Another cool idea is an ombre wall like the first picture on this page:

Good luck and can’t wait to see the after picture! 🙂

Cathy McDonald says · 07.07.15

I would ask … What are your priorities? Do you want it to be a pretty wall, or do you want to advertise your “brand,” or perhaps even your family? If you decide you want it to be a pretty space, you can find decals that are lovely which would even allow you to change it somewhat easily in the future. If you decide family, photo frames are also easily updated as kids grow. Since you have declared this space as your home office, I would think you mike want to showcase your logo or “brand” in some fashion.

Sometimes local schools (high schools – FACS- or colleges) are interested in partnering for a project that will give students a practicum project. If you find such a group, you could get some help designing and labor to complete the project!!

I’m curious to see what you decide to do!

Katie Fisher says · 07.07.15

Okay, so I know you super dig neutral tones–as do I. You’ve already got a cool (visual temperature) thing going on with the gray, and you have these lovely little pops of warmth from the wooden/bamboo things on your desk. Why not play that up a little?

If you’re going for beauty-themed things, this gold foil print from is really cute:

I’ve also had a lot of fun in the past using wrapping paper as wall art. Just get a sheet of paper that ties into an accessory in your room (I’m looking at that pink and orange floral pillow), and cut to whatever size frame you want to use. I LOVE Paper Source, and I think this paper would be super cute with the rest of your décor:

Then any other art you want to add in–just keep neutral. And maybe throw in an interestingly-shaped mirror for dimension.

Keep up the good work, Kate!


Amy says · 07.08.15

Hi! If you’re looking for something a bit girly and glamorous, you could try some wallpaper with a very slight gold shimmer. I love metallic grasscloth wallpaper! I also really love the idea of picture ledges, it would be so pretty with some twinkle lights on it. Temporary wallpaper is another great choice if you like to change things up. It’s easy to put up and remove, and doesn’t damage your walls!
I’m looking forward to seeing what you pick!

Chantal Cross says · 07.08.15

You could get inspiration from scatter cushions and paint that wall one of the colours, you can often get a paint matching service that will match it perfectly. Think about colours that go well with that lovely warm very e.g. lemon, pinks, purples. Or you may wish to go down a wallpaper route, I would go for a smaller, irregular pattern with perhaps a silver element with a gorgeous big silver framed mirror. What do you think?

Emily says · 07.08.15

You could go with a textured wallpaper in a similar or the same tone as the other walls. Sea grass wallpaper provides a really nice, simple and warm sense to a room. A long half height bookcase could also work along one wall, it would give plenty of space to add functional and decorative storage/display area without dominating the space.

Another option could be to find a large piece of art to be the focal point of the wall then you can add colour and textures based on the art. It’s then super convenient to change out when you get sick of it.

Kara says · 07.08.15

Step away from the wallpaper. Repeat after me “STEP AWAY FROM THE WALL PAPER!”

Paint that wall, go gallery style with favorite prints and framed fabric swatches, just don’t wallpaper!

Amanda says · 07.08.15;_ylt=AwrB8o5yFp1VzmwA5FYunIlQ;_ylu=X3oDMTI0ajVzdDRqBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1nBG9pZANiMDk0ZjhlMmE3NjU1Mjg3Y2UwZjE4ZTA2Njg3ZDA2MQRncG9zAzE0MQRpdANiaW5n?.origin=&

I think thick, horizontal stripes in white, leaving the wall color you have as a base, would be beautiful. When I see spaces like this– I know its a bathroom, but I love the colors- I think preppy, chic, and current. When I think of your style, the same words come to mind! I agree with other posters– the wallpaper is too difficult to remove when it gets dated or you are ready for a change. Hanging your prints from Rifle Paper Co. in a similar hue to the desktop organizers you have with thick white mattes could be beautiful with the stripes.

Another way to incorporate stripes without painting or adding an accent wall would be to hang a curtain rod taller and wider than your window and add some fun preppy curtains. Hanging your rod on a larger scale can add some drama, make your windows appear larger, and still allow light to pass through.

Elizabeth says · 07.08.15

Love the new space! Instead of wallpapering the wall what about getting a large canvas and putting the wallpaper on that? You could change it out whenever you want!

KATIE says · 07.08.15

We did a VERY subtle accent wall in our master bedroom, everyone who has seen it loves it, and its super simple.
We painted the entire room a flat light grey, on the accent wall I got a stencil from cutting edge (I think) and painting the stencil on 1 wall in the SAME color as the rest of the room, but a shiny gloss paint. Its like “smoke flames” when the light catches it you can really see it, but otherwise its incredibly subtle.

DeAnna says · 07.08.15

I can see a striped wall where you use the same colors but one matte and one gloss.

Monique Belanger says · 07.08.15

I would probably put some metal art, either from a store like HomeGoods or maybe even an antique store (no need to spend a fortune). If you like the shape and the size it can always be painted to whatever you like. I really like the neutral color of the room and it obviously works for what you use it for.

Trish says · 07.08.15

Kate- check out driftwood- twilight blue grasscloth wallpaper from Totally gorgeous blue/grey color- simple yet sophisticated for your taste.

chelsea says · 07.09.15

so many options! i would do an inspiration board or an ikea-esque bookcase to store all the products i hoard 🙂


Emerald says · 07.09.15


I too just moved and I have been trying to decide what to do in the “office” which is pretty small… I love this stand you are using, where is it from?

Kelsea says · 07.09.15

A Trellis Wall Decal in silver metallic paint would be beautiful on the wall!! It would perk the room up just enough 🙂

Cait says · 07.09.15

I totally see you with a subtle, geometric shaped wallpaper with metallic accent like this:

Glynis says · 07.09.15

You should check out this post from maskcara and vintage revival , she had a similar opportunity to redo the room for her makeovers etc. and had a decorating blogger help her! It turned out great!

Megan says · 07.09.15

Thick, vertical stripes in a clear gloss would look fabulous. just the variation of matte and gloss is chic but still doesn’t scream at you.

Kate says · 07.10.15

I like that idea!

I forget says · 07.12.15

Just, whatever you do, don’t do grey. There’s too much grey in your look already. Go with something different. Maybe look at what the really successful beauty bloggers are doing and get some ideas from them?

Hannah says · 07.13.15

Hey Kate,

For the paralysis, I’d recommend reading “Nesting Place: It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful” by Myquillin Smith (of Nesting Place blog). I read her book just because I like her (with NO intention to change anything in our house), and found myself asking my husband about rearranging the living room. We changed it the very next day and LOVE it. Myquillin has incredibly practical advice about decorating. I HIGHLY recommend her.

Lisa says · 07.13.15

I am totally in love with this kate spade inspired wall treatment:

I am installing several picture rails when I get to re-decorate my home office, and have my eye on this print (kind of appropriate for a beauty spot:

Danielle Girard says · 07.16.15

Emily Henderson just did a wallpaper round-up! Lots of beautiful choices: