Summer Braids Class at Parlor Blow Dry Bar

Hair Tools, a starter kit

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I had the pleasure of meeting about 40 local women for the Summer Braids class I taught at Parlor Blow Dry Bar on Monday evening. Oh my gosh it was so fun, and the only thing I would have changed was to add more time! I demo’d about 4 different styles and then told everyone to get up and practice on themselves while I wandered around and helped.

The class was really casual and my goal was to have everyone in there leaving with some kind of braid in their hair. And while I didn’t get to stand at the door and check, I’m pretty sure most people left feeling at least a little bit more comfortable with braiding their own hair!

It was so fun to be behind the chair again, and I hope to host another one of these classes soon. Big thanks to everyone who came out, and ENORMOUS thanks to Parlor for creating the perfect environment for the evening!


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Falyn says · 07.24.15

That looked like a fun class and WOW your hair has gotten really long. I am from Nova Scotia, Canada and wish people would have classes like this! Great job! I enjoy your blog so very much!

Susan Schnitzler says · 07.24.15

What a fun class! I’m going to suggest this to my hair stylist.
Your pictures are so great! Your hair is fabulous and you look amazing, Kate!

Sarai Hansen says · 07.24.15

What a fun girls night idea! I bet little girls would love to learn how to do an ‘Elsa’ style braid in their hair! I love the braid that you have in your hair, in your photos. Do you have a tutorial for that braid that I’m missing?

Marcia says · 07.24.15

Please come to Chicago and host one!

Elise says · 07.24.15

Oh my goodness! Yes, please come teach a class in Chicago/Milwaukee!!! Your hair looked fabulous, as always. 😉 Truly love reading and viewing your photos and posts!

Hannah says · 07.24.15

Kate, you look so in your element in these pictures! You can really see how much you love doing hair. By the way, I love your hair this length. It’s looks great on you!

Missy says · 07.24.15

Kate, any advice for a girl with thin hair? Whenever I try a braid it is so thin and sad!

Hannah Dawson says · 07.24.15

I was out of town and didn’t get to come, but I hope to make it if you have another one. I need all the hair help I can get!

Sheena Clifton says · 07.24.15

So, if I wanted to totes still your hair cut, how would I explain it to my hair stylist? My hair is equally as long, pretty thick but just needs a new cut and some life without sacrificing the length.

Also, you’re fantastic and I love, love, love the blog.

Erin @ Her Heartland Soul says · 07.24.15

Beautiful braids! I wish I had your hair talent!

Holly Housewife says · 07.25.15

Beautiful braids!
You should do a few videos on how to braid on others. Would love to learn some braid tricks to use on my sisters and future daughter 😉

Evelina says · 07.25.15

I so wish I could have been there. Looks like you had a great turn out!

Mandy says · 07.27.15

Your hair style here is my favorite!!! Can you do a tutorial including the style of braid and how you go the waves? LOVE!!!!

Tracy John says · 07.28.15

This was such a fun class! My daughter and I had a great time! Thank you for being such a gracious host and for taking the time to talk to us.

Adeline says · 07.29.15

This looks like so much fun! I wish I had more hair! Mine is so thin and dark that braids make it look really flat and sparse and you can see my part shining bright white haha! Any tips???

Bekki@a better way to homeschool says · 08.03.15

I am the mom of five boys with hair down to my waist. I would LOVE to find or start a class like this near me. I have been growing my hair out for a couple of years in honor of a little girl fighting cancer. I hope to donate it soon. BUT, I have fallen in love with long hair again… I could really use help learning new braids:).

By the way, I found you on #MOB and I am so glad!!