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I’m a sucker for a subscription box service but a lot of the times the cost becomes a little hard to justify once the novelty wears off. So what I’m finding more and more is subscription boxes aren’t always super practical for personal use but they make AWESOME gifts. Like, really awesome gifts.

If you ever don’t know what to get someone, get them a subscription to something. It’s always fun to receive mail, and each box has it’s own surprise!

So, I followed a rabbit trail down the deep, dark hole of the Instagram Explore page and came across Mommy Mailbox. It looked enticing, so I bought a month-month subscription that I can cancel at anytime (this is not sponsored, they don’t know who I am). But ultimately I thought it would be a good trial run to see if this makes a good gift for my mom friends!

My first box arrived and I was really curious to see what was inside. At about $30/box I was really hoping I didn’t just waste a bunch of money.

And as it turns out, I don’t feel like I did!

The Turkish beach towel was such a treat! I’ve always wanted one of these so it was really fun to see this, in colors I love, in the box! So right then and there, this box was a win for the towel alone!

I’m a big guacamole fan, so the Avocado slicer was a win as well. Is it a MUST have? Not really, but it’s a “nice to have” sort of kitchen utensil.

I have yet to try the chips, but barbecue flavor is high on my list. I’m not so much of a chip girl (I’d rather have pretzels), but the protein part of these chips looked interesting. And while that scrub looks a little bit like it belongs in my kitchen pantry, it’s actually an exfoliator to be used on the body!

Lastly, the card is cute! It’s a nice “completer” product to the box. I’m creating a dream command center room in my house where all the bill paying, package sorting, mail collecting, etc will happen instead of my kitchen counter, so I’m hoarding cards as well to store in that room so I’m ready for any occasion.

So, my first box was a success! So much so that I stayed signed up for the subscription! I’ll share my thoughts on next month’s box when I get it!


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Dawn LeVay says · 07.01.15

I would have been happy to have received that box. All good items. I like that it is a month to month subscription, not long term commitment.
I recognized you yesterday in the parking lot at Trader Joe’s in Cary. I was was going to say hello and tell you how much I enjoy your blog, but you were loading items and kids into the car, so I didn’t want to bother you or appear like a crazy fan. Your hair color looked so pretty in the sunlight. It was a nice highlight in my day to spot you.

Kate says · 07.01.15

WHAT! You should have said HEY! Thanks for your kind words! Maybe I’ll run into you again there!

Kelley T says · 07.01.15

Kate! I’ve wanted one of those Turkish beach towels for a while now too!! So cute!!

Krissy says · 07.01.15

You may think that avocado slicer is not necessary, but I have one, and I LOVE IT. Every time I have avocado I use it. Enjoy! And thanks for always being a bright spot in my day!

Courtney says · 07.01.15

That sounds like a subscription box that would make a great present.

Hope you share about your command center as I have been battling the kitchen counter drop station clutter as well and would love to see what you come up with.

Kate G says · 07.01.15

Same here! It becomes such a mess so quickly and I can’t quite figure out what to do with it. Any suggestions would be so helpful, especially if it’s sustainable!

Jenny D says · 07.01.15

So what’s a Turkish Beach Towel? It looks cute and soft…but not absorbent…please excuse my ignorance! 🙂

Evelyn Nunes says · 07.01.15

Funny that there is nothing exclusively for mommies! Im curious to see the next one!!

The subscription I have been thinking about is Try the World, sounds very interesting!!

Caroline (Virginia Sweet) says · 07.01.15

Such a cute idea to get someone this as a gift! I’ve never thought of it like that!

Alisha says · 07.01.15

Kate, can we get an update on the makeup control center? I am anxious to hear if it did indeed alleviate the issues of everything-always-on the counter. I contemplated recreating your model for many weeks and finally found the wooden storage containers to do so, but then I couldn’t commit to the expense, since…I do have a drawer immediately below all that mess that I could shove it all into. However, last week I found an acceptable Kate-like box and divider basket at ROSS. I painted it, and I like the way it looks a lot! My husband “gives it 3 days.” I won’t know until I return to school after summer vacation since I rarely get dressed up during these lazy days. Give me some HOPE, Kate!

Christy Ismay says · 07.01.15

I have never looked into these boxes. I saw one on my FB feed the other day for BellaBox and thought it sounded interesting. Any others you would recommend?

Crystal says · 07.01.15

Hi Kate-
I’m a huge fan and mommy of 2 as well, 2 girls. I’ve been following you on YouTube and instagram for a while now but never checked out your blog until today. I have to say I’m hooked! Love the idea of the mommy subscription box, I’ll have to check it out. Looking forward to seeing what is in your next one!

Tammy says · 07.01.15

I would love to see your command center! I need to tackle that problem in my house too, and I’m sure I can get lots of great ideas and inspiration from you.

Kate says · 07.01.15

This is so cute- I love the Turkish towel!
This Side of Paradise

Evelina says · 07.01.15

I am so intrigued by the avocado slicer! I think I need to try!

valerie says · 07.01.15

I just caught wind of this subscription on IG. I want to try it, but am interested in seeing your reviews for a couple more months. Since I have an avocado slicer (love mine) this one wasn’t quite as exciting. The towel looks interesting though. So, I end by saying I hope you subscribe a couple more months to firm up my decision.

Margaret says · 07.02.15

Kate what all do you subscribe to? I do Birchbox and Ipsy. But I heard another one and can’t remember the name.

Lacey says · 07.02.15

I love giving boxes for gifts. There are so many different ones! I have gifted health food, running, socks and sunglasses boxes to friends! So fun to see what the surprises are!

Lisa says · 07.02.15

Please share your command centre when it’s complete! Right now our kitchen table has become a dumping ground for mail too (and every other little that that comes into our house), but when company comes over, it gets transfered to the clutter horror that is our office. It’s a nightmare! I dream of having such an organized office. Thanks Kate! 🙂

Donna says · 07.02.15

I have a Birchbox subscription and have recently cancelled my Julep subscription. I’m wondering what you do with all the “samples” from the boxes that you don’t use?

Jaime Kaminsky says · 07.02.15

Have you ever tried Jamberry for your nails? You may enjoy them! There is even a monthly subscription box!

Holly Housewife says · 07.03.15

Love it! I am such a sucker for sub boxes as well, it was getting to the point where my husband was just like “ok this has to stop..”
What 12 monthly subs is too much???
I really like this one though!
I wonder if they’re available in Canada 😉

Stephanie @ ChalkSouthernToMe says · 07.07.15

What a great subscription box for any Mom, who doesn’t love a surprise package arriving at their door?! Xo, Stephanie